Here comes a superb all-in-one solar charger from the creators of KaliPAK solar generator. Well, the team Kalisaya has surfaced its brand new portable solar power project branded as KaliPAD. Certainly, as you can see, it is a nice portable solar charger along with a power bank to give you solar energy anywhere in the wild. The project seeks crowd support for realization. You can go at KickStarter here to back it up.

Kalisaya KaliPAD is basically an all-in-one solar charger, thanks to its included power bank. As a solar charger, you have it with an integrated 8.2W high efficient solar module. It is well built into a case that can securely keep your iPad, notebook, tablet or phone. And you can store it in very less room in your backpack.

Along with the solar charger comes a powerful 5,800mAh power bank, branded as KaliPAK SP. Sure, it makes you charge the power bank all the time you spend outside in an open café, park or during hiking and juice up your gadget from it later. Moreover, KaliPAD touts an option to let you directly charge your gizmo from sun.

All-In-One Solar Charger – Kalisaya KaliPAD Solar Charger


Specs wise, KaliPAD is simply an 8.2W solar charger. Interestingly, you can position the all-in-one solar charger in two angles to grab maximum sunlight. At 25° angle, it can fully grasp mid-day sunshine and at 45° angle, it goes perfect for early morning and late evening charging. Both angles ensure ventilated positioning so that even on sunny days your devices stay cool inside its inner compartments.

Coming to KaliPAK SP power bank, it is an ultra-thin 9.7mm gadget. Kalisaya claims thta KaliPAD would take only 4 to 5 hours to fully charge it. Meanwhile, a fully charged KaliPAK power bank can power up your iPhone in one hour and Galaxy S7 in two hours. Indeed, that makes it a cool portable power solution for off-grid life.


KaliPAD’s built-in USB socket sports a single port at 5.1V and an LED charging indicator. You can connect either your KaliPAK power bank or your gadget directly to the port. Below the USB socket has a compartment for the power bank to rest. Overall, KaliPAD all-in-one solar charger has a size of 30 X 26 X 2.75 cm and it weighs at 850 grams. And it comes in multi colors; green field, golden brown, crimson red and mustard sun.

What Makes it Special

Wonderful All-In-One Solar Charger

First of all, it is simply an all-in-one solution. That means you have everything inside a small kit. The KaliPAD, as you know, is a solar charger with integrated power bank and, at the same time, it touts an option for plug and play charging. Overall, things go quite nice when you go on a hiking or camping. Just take KaliPAD and position it anywhere in sunlight to start producing solar energy that can keep your devices charged all the time.


More Than a Portable Solar Charger

Yes, it is yet another amazing thing with the KaliPAD all-in-one solar charger. It is not just a solar charger like its rivaling models. The most notable thing is the included KaliNote, an exclusive personal analog writing and sketching pad. Just write or draw anything on the pad that can identify the writings and save the data for years.

Cool Design and Friendly for Situations

Being a portable power solution, KaliPAD is certainly an ideal product. To begin with, you get it with a design that lets you position it in two comfortable angles. Thus, you are lucky to grab as much as sunshine from dawn to dusk. Sure, it is a great thing that makes it fit for both campers and office goers as off-grid power solution.


High Quality Build and Multi Colors

KaliPAD is built with strong synthetic durable leather-like material so that you get it very smooth. And thanks to its handy and small size, you can store it in your backpack easily. Moreover, its colorful design is another addition to its speciality. Coming in multi colors, you can take the all-in-one solar charger anywhere with pride.


Price and Availability

KaliPAD is currently seeking public support for fund on KickStarter. It is available for pre-booking on the crowd funding site with different offers. You can visit KaliPAD KickStarter campaign here, contribute your share and book your unit. As of writing this, around 200 people have backed the project to let it earn about $15,000 out of its goal of $50,000.


Final Thoughts

In general, Kalisaya KaliPAD all-in-one solar charger, it is a complete solution for your off-grid solar power use. Getting into wild, everyone requires a power solution as all carry a lot of gadgets these days. The difference KaliPAD makes from its rivaling products is a host of features including multi colors, KaliNOTE, all-in-one solar power solution and etc… If you love the project it is the time to support it and get one of the first units.