A 23-year-old Lebanese student has designed a cool beach mattress with built-in solar panel to power up your handhelds while sunbathing. This eco-friendly mat also features a thermal fridge to let beach-goers store their drinks.

The 5W solar panel with a USB port helps users keep their phones and tablets never drained out of juice.

Antoine Sayah, the designer, has branded the product as “Beachill” and it has received good response from across the world. He could sell around 60 pieces from a casual publicity on social media. The bed is made of waterproof fabric and so it guarantees portability as well as compatibility.

beachill mattress

The lightweight Beachill mattress is priced at $150 and it features an internal pocket to let users store their small belongings like book. Thanks to these features, the cool beach mattress has grabbed much attention from beach-goers all across the world.

Antoine is really excited about this in his words to Reuters.

“When I started developing the project (Beachill mattress), I thought only people in Lebanon will see it and that will be it. Then I was surprised by the high demand coming from all around the world; I got phone calls from Brazil, Toronto, all Europe, especially France, America, from all continents, Africa and even from Congo. I wasn’t expecting this,” Antoine said.