A solar generator is ideal  for emergency. It serves as a great alternative energy source in emergency as long as there is sun in the sky. That said, even if your living surroundings undergo a storm or quake, solar generator continues to produce energy. Of course, it is what makes a solar generator the most reliable power solution. Well, if you look for the best emergency solar kit, Nature Power’s 1800W heavy-duty machine is a brilliant pick.

In fact, we don’t have many large, powerful solar generators on market. This one, along with being portable, is a massive product with an overall output of 1800 watts. Of course, with it, you can store enough energy to run wide range of your household devices and appliances. Moreover, on occasion of an emergency, it could surely be your life saver. You could cook essential meals and charge your communication devices.

Best Emergency Solar Kit from Nature Power

Best Emergency Solar Kit by Nature Power

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The solar kit includes all what is required to set up an off-grid power system. First, you get an 1800W PowerPak with six 120V AC outlets. It also features USB ports and 12V DC ports. The thing is it doesn’t tout storage facility like typical solar generators. Battery units of the best emergency solar kit come separately. Well, with this top-end kit, you get a pair of 80Ah batteries, as you see in the picture. Finally, the solar kit packs up three units of 90-watt mono-crystalline solar panels for portable power.

What Makes it Special

Highly Powerful Portable Solar Solution

Nature PowerPak 1800-Watt Portable Solar Generator Cart

You may wonder to know that Nature Power has designed this kit as a portable unit. It offers a luggage style hand cart in the kit to let you easily carry PowerPak anywhere. That said, what you get is a highly powerful solar emergency kit with portability. Normally, we have all portable solar generators as standalone units and with output up to 1000 watts only, but this huge solar generator goes portable with the below trolley.

1800-watt PowerPak Portable Power Pack

Nature PowerPak 1800-Watt Portable Solar Generator Power Pack

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Interestingly, Nature Power sells included 1800W PowerPak separately as well. It is, in fact, a complete power pack that supports both solar and wind turbine. Well, you can connect it with either solar or wind turbine to charge your batteries. Specs wise, as put it above, PowerPak sports six AC outlets, a 12 DC port and a pair of USB ports. Further, it sports an LCD display to show various charging data. It also boasts a 1.5W solar battery maintainer that helps secure the connected batteries when they are not in use. By the way, once attached to the included cart, you can easily move this 76-pound machine anywhere. Alone, it has a price around $1300.

Powered by Nature Power

Nature PowerPak 1800-Watt Portable Solar Generator Battery Box

Yet another attractive thing with the best emergency solar kit is it comes from Nature Power, a fast growing player in renewable and portable power industry. It has lately launched wide range of portable solar products at competitive prices compared to leading American brands like Goal Zero and Renogy. However, we are yet to get good volume of customer feedback on its products. This solar kit for emergency and off-grid use is indeed a good concept. And if it is worth its price, it could be a best seller in the segment in near future.

What you May not Like

Nature PowerPak 1800-Watt Portable Solar Generator

To begin with, this kit is not for those who are in search for a standalone solar generator. It comes up in three parts – solar panels, power pack and batteries. And its overall weight goes around 150 pounds, meaning that it is not ideal for outing and camping. Moreover, it is yet to attract more customer reviews on Amazon.com and other sites. It is relatively new to the retail sites and so it is too early to make a judgement on the product.

Where to Buy From

Nature PowerPak 1800-Watt Portable Solar Generator Diagram

Nature Power sells the best emergency solar kit on Amazon.com currently. Its top-end kit with two batteries comes for a price around $3300. By the way, Nature Power also sells other variants of the kit. A single battery unit is rather affordable. The company also sells PowerPak and solar panels of the kit separately on Amazon for prices respectively $1,299.99 and $752.98 as of now. Check all Nature Power products on Amazon here.

Nature Power 90W Solar Panel

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Final Thoughts

In short, we would like to recommend this solar kit for emergency other than camping or hiking. Well, it also doubles as a secondary power source in your home. In case of blackout, you can turn on it to charge all basic lights and other appliances in your home, cabin and work sites. At the same time, if an emergency situation hits your locality, you can take it to charge your life itself and survive on it. This is how it becomes the best emergency solar kit. Its solar output is enough to charge the included batteries in some hours. And what you get is a highly reliable power backup to face any emergency in life.