Looking to buy a new solar generator? On this blog, we posted different lists of the top-selling solar generators multiple times before. But it is a moment we should again put together a new list of solar generators, because we have a range of brand new models on market. Indeed, this listicle will help you find the best portable solar generator 2017. Moreover, it will give you an idea on all interesting solar generators worth buying.

The key development in portable solar industry early this year is the launch of Goal Zero’s lithium-based Yeti series. Plus, Renogy, Anker, Kalisaya, Inergy, Suaoki, and Humless have been doing well. What’s more, people are going more conscious about nature and renewable energy sources. Getting on a camping or preparing a survival kit, people take care to include a portable solar solution in their bundle.

As you know, a solar generator is basically a power bank with built-in solar panels. That said, it is a stand-alone unit that works just out of the box. However, we also have different models like the industry leading Goal Zero Yeti, which mount no integrated solar panels. In their case, you will need to buy extra panels and plug into the included PV input ports. Anyway, in our list of the best portable solar generator 2017, we have all models.

Best Portable Solar Generator 2017 – Top Solar Generators

Best Portable Solar Generator 2017

Below is our list of the best solar generators 2017. Mainly we focus on the new models that hit market early this year. As you know, Goal Zero’s lithium Yeti series is the notable one. Renogy’s Phoenix solar generator is also a new model, which the company looks to have designed to replace its Firefly. We also bring to you all other top-selling and popular solar generators in our list below. Stay tuned with us.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

It is the flagship model of Goal Zero’s new Yeti lithium line. Well, it replaces the current top-ender Yeti 1250 with a host of awesome features. First, as you know, it sports a powerful lithium battery that can store quite enough energy to power up a wide range of your gadgets and appliances off-the-grid. Clearly speaking, Yeti 1400 is a 1425Wh solar generator with a 10.8V 132Ah battery inside. To charge it from sun you can use a pair of 100W Boulder panels. Or connect it to you wall outlet or car charger if don’t want to go solar.

Of course, what makes Yeti 1400 lithium different from Yeti 1250 or older Yeti series is its lightweight and long-lasting lithium battery. It replaces the old variant’s lead-acid battery so that you get more charging cycles and longer life. In addition, you can replace the battery of new Yeti series if it wears out after long use. In short, overall weight of Yeti 1400 goes 45.7 lbs, which compared to Yeti 1250 is a big difference. And you have four USB ports, a 12V port and a pair of AC ports to connect your gadgets to it.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Generator

goal zero yeti lithium 400
There’s a good chance for the new Yeti 400 lithium to be the best portable solar generator 2017. Its forerunner Yeti 400 lead-acid has been one of the best selling solar generators on market. Hence, there is a possibility its lithium variant, though priced a bit higher, would attract good number of customers. Coming to specs, the new Yeti 400 doesn’t make a huge difference from its lead-acid variant. Its overall output is 428Wh and the battery inside is a 10.8V 39.6Ah unit, which means it keeps only slight variations from its old variant.

Yet, the most appealing thing with the new Yeti 400, as you know, is its built-in lithium battery. That ensures less weight, longer life and more charging cycles for the machine. Above all, you can replace the battery after long use. Well, Yeti 400 lithium has an overall weight of 17 lbs. And you have four USB ports, a pair of AC ports and a 12V port to charge your devices. You can use a 100W Boulder panel to charge it from one day sun.

3. Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator Briefcase

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase

Renogy’s brand new Phoenix solar generator briefcase does look like a copy of its former model, the Firefly. Well, it has nearly the same design, same features, and same capacity. It sports a 150W built-in pure sine wave inverter and a 16Ah Li-ion(NMC) battery that are quite enough to ensure limitless power for you off-the-grid. The coolest thing with the Phoenix is, however, its built-in pair of 10W monocrystalline solar panels.

Fine, as noted above, Phoenix solar generator becomes rather cool with its design. Though less powerful than the former Goal Zero models, it is a stand-alone unit. That is, you have all the main components of a generator in a single case, which is friendly for easy carrying from one place to the other. It features four USB ports, one AC port, one CIG/12V car port and a pair of DC ports to support a wide range of your gadgets on the move.

4. Anker PowerHouse

Anker PowerHouse with Solar Panel

Anker PowerHouse is another best portable solar generator 2017 worth buying. Simply, it is a compact power bank with a solar charging port. That said, other than solar, you can charge it from wall outlet or car charger. And if you want to go solar you can use Anker’s 21W dual USB charger or any other powerful solar panel for quick charging. Coming to specs, PowerHouse offers an output of 400Wh and it packs 120,000mAh battery.

Anker PowerHouse is indeed a very portable device. It weighs just around 5kg and it has as size of 5.71 x 7.87 x 6.5 inches. And it features different output ports (AC, DC, and USBs) to charge a variety of your gadgets on the move. Well, as an off-grid power solution, it works quite nice because you can take it right anywhere. Solar input option lets you charge it from virtually anywhere with a good solar panel.

5. Inergy Kodiak Portable Solar Generator

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator Review

Inergy Kodiak solar generator is a brilliant product. It is an ultra-light weight 1100-watt power bank. Inside the machine, it sports a 1500-watt lithium-ion battery and a 1500W pure sine wave inverter. Well, Inergy suggests its Predator 50 solar panels to use with the power bank. However, you can use any other panel to go solar with it. Otherwise, you can charge it from wall outlet or car charger.

To your surprise, different from all other above solar generators, Kodiak features as many as seven AC output ports. That makes you connect it with many number of your AC appliances at the same time. Plus, it mounts a four USB ports and a pair of VDC 12V ports. Its total size is just 14 x 7 x 8 inches, making it quite handy and compact for portable use. You have a strong carrying handle to take it anywhere you go.

6. Kalisaya Kalipak Solar Generators

Kalisaya kaliPAK Solar generator series (1)

Well, looking for the best portable solar generator 2017 we should have a look at the line of Kalisaya Kalipak solar generators. Kalipak is available in three variants; Kalipak 201, Kalipak 401 and Kalipak 601, respectively offering an output of 192W, 384W and 558W. Well, Kalisaya sells the models with solar panel, 20W and 40W for different models. However, you can charge the solar generators from wall outlet or car charger as well.

7. Goal Zero Yeti Old Series – Lead Acid Solar Generators


Goal Zero recently launched a line of new Yeti lithium series. However, the American company continues to sell its older Yeti series – Yeti 1250, Yeti 400, and Yeti 150 – on Amazon and on its official website as well. Once contacted by us, Goal Zero customer executive said they would sell the older variants for the time being. The great thing with the old series of Yeti is the price. Compared to the new lithium series, they are priced quite cheaper. Probably, Goal Zero will be selling them until the stocks end.

Whatever, we should mention old Yeti series while preparing a list of the best portable solar generator 2017. All the models of the generation have been quite popular for a long time on market. And Goal Zero came up with lithium variants after long request from customers to make its foray into the lithium market.

8. Suaoki 400Wh/120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator

Suaoki 400Wh120,000mAh Portable Solar Generator

The next one in our list of best portable solar generator 2017 comes from Suaoki. As you see, it has a different design when compared to all the above models. First, it is not an all-one-solar solution. Basically, it is a power bank with a 400Wh/120,000mAh capacity. And it offers an output of 300W pure sine wave power. You should buy a solar panel in addition if you want to power it up from sunlight. Otherwise, like all above models, you can charge it from wall outlet or charger. In the end, you have all important output ports with the Suaoki solar power bank so that you can connect a variety of your devices to charge from it.

9. Humless Portable Solar-Ready Generator for Camping

Humless Portable Solar Generator 640 watt hours

Recently, we talked about Humless series of portable solar generators on this blog. We have picked the young sibling of the line, a 640W-hour solar power bank for this list of the best portable solar generator 2017. It is up with a pair of 130-watt Humless folding solar panels. Well, added with the panels, this machine is certainly a great choice for your camping and other outdoor applications.

With an advanced lithium ion battery inside, it guarantees you long life and better performance to charge nearly all your camping gadgets. Interesting thing with the Humless solar generator is its compact and solid build. You can use it for rough outdoor use. Moreover, you also have a rather powerful top-end variant for the solar generator. It comes with a capacity of 1300 W-hr and has a price tag around $2600.

10. Forty2Max Portable Solar Generator

Forty2Max Solar Generator

Here comes the final pick worth buying as the best portable solar generator 2017. This PepperMint Energy product is certainly the second stand-alone solar generator in our list after Renogy Phoenix. Also, it is one of the most powerful stand-along solar generators on market. It comes with a 2000 W-hr lithium battery and 1800W surge power. The built-in solar panels, which fold up as you close the lids, are capable to collect 180 watts of sun energy.

What’s more, you have everything with the Forty2Max solar generator to become a heavy-duty portable power solution. It features a pair of USB ports and as many AC sockets. Its size is at 34.2 x 30 x 6 inches and weight goes at 75 lbs. Like all the above models, you can charge it from wall outlet other than solar. More amazingly, PepperMint sells two more less powerful variants of the machine, named Forty2 Pro and Forty Pro+.