We came across many portable solar generators earlier on this blog. Here we would like to introduce you to a pair of compact solar generators from AcoPower. Interestingly, what makes these two generators unique are their handy and ultra-lightweight design. If you are looking for the best solar generator for camping,  these two picks are indeed worth buying. We have more details about the products below. Stay with us.

Well, both the solar generators are cool suitcase-style boxes that you can easily move from one place to other. Unfortunately, the AcoPower machines don’t accompany solar panels. You need to buy extra panels to charge them from sunlight. A solar panel up to 50 watts will work nice with the machines. Otherwise, you can charge them from your car charger or wall outlet if you don’t want to go solar.

Amazingly, you have everything except solar cell in an AcoPower solar generator. First, you have the devices with a powerful inverter, battery and other components inside. Also, in the kit, you have a unit of 3W LED light with 4.9m cable. Plus, the kit includes other accessories like cable, connectors, and wires. Out of the box, you can connect it to a solar unit and charge battery to make it a stunning companion for your outings.

Best Solar Generator for Camping from AcoPower

Best Solar Generator for Camping

Below we explore both AcoPower products in detail. Of course, we have several similar products on market currently. However, we try to let you know what makes these two products unique and outstanding. Anyway, being an outdoor enthusiast, you will certainly love to know more about these portable machines.

AcoPower 111Wh Compact Solar Generator

Acopower 111Wh Compact Solar Generator

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Clearly, it is the low-end variant of AcoPower solar generators. As its title says, it is a 111Wh power pack with a Li-ion battery of 10Ah at 11.1V. That means, you can completely rely on the power pack to charge up all your USB-based gadgets on the move. Meanwhile, the lightweight, handy power pack comes with a unit of 3W LED light, a carrying bag, and an AC wall charger. Yes, apart from solar, you can charge it from wall or car chargers.

ACOPOWER Solar Generator Portable Power Generator 111Wh

Coming solar, it doesn’t include a unit of solar panel as noted above. However, you can use any solar panel up to 50 watts to charge it from sunlight. AcoPower itself offers a range of solar panels that work with its power pack series. Output ports of the machine include a 100V AC unit (to power up 100W appliances), a 5V USB port and a 12V DC port. That said, it supports not only handhelds, but also large appliances, lamps, and lanterns.

ACOPOWER Solar Generator Portable Power, Compact 111Wh

Finally, it becomes the best solar generator for camping because of its lightweight profile. Fine, it weighs just around 4 lbs and it measures at just 8.28 x 6.73 x 2.2 inches. Of course, its lightweight design makes it largely transportable. You can carry the strong-built solar power pack on its carrying handle right anywhere. And all you need to do is to spread out the solar panel in the wild to juice it up from sunlight.

AcoPower 133Wh Compact Solar Generator

Acopower 133Wh Compact Solar Generator

| Link to Buy: AcoPower 133Ah Solar Generator |

Here comes the second variant of AcoPower solar generator. Because of more capacity, it is another best solar generator for camping and other outdoor uses. Different from above one, it offers total output of 133Wh and internal battery is a 12Ah unit. In fact, it is exactly like its younger sibling, except it is a bit more powerful.

It also works with solar panels up to 50W, but you can store a bit more more energy for off-grid use. Coming to ports, you have the same settings i.e. a 110V AC socket, a USB port, and a DC port. Also, the same accessories including a 3W LED bulb come in the kit. Overall, it also works as a great companion for your outdoor life.

Acopower 133Wh Compact Solar Generator

Because of a rather powerful battery inside, this machine is somewhat weightier at 4.4 lbs. And its size goes at 8.5 x 6.1 x 2.4 inches. By the way, in terms of appearance, the solar generator looks a bit different from former model. When the 111Wh model looks more rough and durable, this one is rather simple in look, but durable enough for rough outdoor uses. It also has the same color scheme, by the way.

Acopower 133Wh Compact Solar Generator Review

Final Thoughts

Both the AcoPower solar generators are new to Amazon and other retail sites. Hence, we don’t have access to enough customer reviews to check how satisfactory these products are. Anyway, getting through product info, we feel these machines are cool solutions for outdoor life. You can absolutely find the best solar generator for camping from the models. They are both mildly powerful power backpacks that are ideal for a camper and hiker, who wants to keep his/her handsets not run out of power midway.

However, these machines are certainly not powerful enough to charge large appliances. Yes, you have a 110V AC port with each, but the maximum you can comfortably go with it is to power up a laptop. Though AcoPower says it would charge mini fridges and ovens, it is visible you wouldn’t have enough backup after. Anyway, for an outdoor enthusiast, one of the machines would be a great pick as the best solar generator for camping.