There is a wide range of camping solar lights on market. Well, any solar powered light that is good for moving becomes an ideal camping light. It includes a number of camping solar torch lights, flashlights, beacon lights and outdoor lights and etc… We here have a list of 10 top selling solar lights that any camper and hiker would like to have a look at. Of course, solar is the most reliable way for lighting out in the wild.

Significantly, better lighting is one of the most essential things for campers. On the move, you won’t sure see a power source as reliable as solar. Of course, you can carry a portable lantern or torchlight with rechargeable battery, but its energy source has a  limit. By the way, if you would like to go solar you are lucky enough to see an amazing variety of camping solar lights out there.

Technically, camping solar lights have no complex settings. As you know, it mainly has three parts; solar cell, battery and LED lights. Indeed, the same setting goes for all varieties of solar lamps like torch light, flashlight, outdoor lamp and etc… Well, you just need to place it in sun in daytime, charge its battery and light up in night. However, some models feature separate solar panels so that you can securely keep its lamp while charging.

Camping Solar Lights – 10 Cool Solar Lamps

Camping Solar Lights

Well, we have a list of ten best selling solar lamps and lights below. If you are a regular camper or hiker we are sure you will need one of the below items. Also does a person, who would like to prepare emergency survival kit. In both cases, light is the most essential thing. And below have a look at ten cool solar camping lights.

1. Mabor Solar Light 12 Super Bright LEDs

Mabor Solar Light 12 Super Bright LEDs

| Link to Buy: Mabor Solar Light Super Light Lamp |

We start with a cool solar lamp from Mabor. It is a highly portable light with a 6V 2-watt poly-crystalline solar cell and 3.7V, 2000mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. The 12-LED solar lamp offers amazing brightness. Well, it gives you high lumen that is equal to what a 20W incandescent lamp emits. Hence, it works nice for home, camping and other outdoor lighting needs. It also packs a remote to control the light.

Another key thing to remember is you can hang the lamp anywhere. So its handling goes hassle-free. By the way, with the included solar panel, it takes around 10 hours to fully juice up its battery from sun. Meanwhile, a fully charged battery can power the lamp for 9 to 20 hours. Moreover, it has three stages of brightness so you can use it in different situations.

2. Waka Waka Solar LED Light

Waka Waka Solar LED Light

| Link to Buy: Waka Wak Solar Solar LED Lamp |

The second entry in our list of camping solar lights comes from Waka Waka. Well, it is an award-winning social enterprise that develops wonderful solar products to power up millions of people, who lives without the luxury of grid power. Whatever, this cool Waka Waka solar lamp features a bright LED lamp that emits 5 to 25 lumen and SOS beacon. It charges up in 5 to 10 hours under bright sun.

Notably, the Waka Waka solar lamp has an awesome flexible design. It goes very well on multiple surfaces like tabletop, curved surfaces and hanging from the roof. Moreover, Waka Waka has built it with 100% recycled PC-ABS and it also boasts high impact resistance, thus making it ideal for outdoor uses.

3. Hybrid Solar LED Flashlight with Battery Backup

Hybrid Solar LED Flashlight with Battery Backup

| Link to Buy: Hybrid Solar LED Flashlight |

It is a basic solar torchlight from China with around 40 lumen brightness. It has a small solar cell on it. Well, that charges its long lasting battery. Once fully charged, it works for a long time. Interestingly, it doesn’t need to be under direct sun for charging. However, many customers who have bought it are not quite happy with its brightness and quality. The two pack solar torchlight comes for just around $12, however.

4. Goal Zero Solo V2 Solar Flashlight

Goal Zero Solo V2 Flashlight

| Link to Buy: Goal Zero Solo Solar Flashlight |

It is the second solar torchlight in our list of camping solar lights today. Amazingly, this model is from Goal Zero, one of the best players in portable solar power market. Goal Zero has a big price for this model when compared to its rivaling models. However, Goal Zero torchlight ensures quality. It offers 20 lumen brightness and you have got a small solar cell over it. This weatherproof solar torchlight weighs at just 3.2 ounces.

5. Eceen Solar Flashlight

Eceen Solar Flashlight

| Link to Buy: Eceen Solar Flashlight |

This Eceen solar flashlight is indeed one of the best models in its class. It comes up with a 5V built-in solar cell. Inside the torch, you have a 600mAh rechargeable battery. The LED light is a 1W unit that emits 150 lumens. On a single recharge, the solar torch will work long. Furthermore, it is compact and durable, making it perfect for rough outdoor use. By the way, you can also charge the torch with USB cable apart from solar.

6. Hybridlight Journey Solar Flashlight

Hybridlight Waterproof Solar Flashlight

| Link to Buy: Hybridlight Journey Solar Flashlight |

It is the final pick of solar torchlight in our list of camping solar lights. Like the above Eceen model, it is also a top-tier solar torchlight. It offers super bright LEDs that emit 160 lumens. Its built-in solar cell works even under incandescent lighting. Or you can also charge it through USB cable. The Hybridlight Journey solar torch is extremely durable and waterproof also, making it perfect for outdoor and emergency uses.

7. Suaoki Collapsible Clover Style 18 Camping Light

Suaoki Collapsible Clover Style 18 Camping Light

| Link to Buy: Suaoki Collapsible Solar Camping Light |

It is a unique clover-style collapsible LED solar camping lantern. The innovative design makes it fit for various scenarios. Amazingly, the clover leaf-like panels have solar cells on top and LEDs underneath. Well, you can fix the three lampshades independently to direct light to any angle. Also, you can hang the lamp overhead.

By the way, the Suaoki solar lantern has 18 LED beads with superb brightness. It has three lighting modes; low, high or SOS beacon. Apart from solar, you can also charge it from USB in just four hours. Anyway, as a solar LED lantern, it is super cool pick for different uses like camping, fishing, porch readings and so on.

8. Lume Collapsible LED 18 Camping Light

Lume Collapsible LED 18 Camping Light

| Link to Buy: Lume Collapsible Solar Camping Light |

It is yet another stylish clover-style solar lantern in our list of 10 best camping solar lights. Coming to design and feature, it indeed looks exactly like the above model. It is equipped with super bright white LEDs and you have three setting brightness. At low, it emits 50 lumens, at high 100 lumens and finally an emergency beacon. Similar to the above model, you can charge it via USB in four hours other than its built-in solar option.

8. Avvio 45 LED Solar Outdoor Lamp

Avvio 45 LED Solar Outdoor Lamp

| Link to Buy: Avvio Two-Pack Solar Outdoor Lamp |

Fine, it is a totally different solar lamp. It is actually for fixing outside your home or apartment. Apart from solar, it features a motion activated PIR security sensor that detects objects moving within 20 feet of the light. Meanwhile, it touts 45 LED beams that will give good light outside your home. You get it with a pair of built-in batteries and solar cells. Made for outdoor use, it is waterproof, heatproof and so will last for a long time.

10. Litom Super Bright Solar Lights 54 LED Lamp

Litom Super Bright Solar Lights 54 LED Lamp

| Link to Buy: Litom Solar Lights 54 LED Lamp |

It is the final pick in our list of camping solar lights today. Like the above model, it is more a garden or outdoor light with night motion sensor. It is equipped with 54 super bright LEDs that offer a good brightness up to 526 lumens. That said it is far better than many of such garden or camping solar lanterns. Yet another key thing is it boasts a unique wide angle design with 3 LEDs on two sides to realize a broad range of luminosity.