Solar is indeed the coolest way to power up your gadgets and appliances off-the-gird. Do it yourself solar panel kits mean ready-to-use off-grid solar solutions, usually with no battery. Of course, all key solar companies sell different solar panel kits, mainly classified on their output. Indeed, below we check out ten best-selling solar kits that are perfect for various applications like emergency power backup, boats, RVs, sheds, and cabins.

A solar panel kit typically packs up solar panel, charge controller and power inverter other than the essential accessories like cables, wires, and mounting brackets. That said you should buy a battery separately or plug in the kit to an existing storage unit in your RV, boat, home or apartment. Anyway, we have picked up ten do it yourself solar panel kits here after a detailed research. So, we are sure you will enjoy this listicle.

Installation of solar kits is not a big chore. Anybody with little knowledge about electrical wiring can simply put together do it yourself solar panel kits. And certainly, all makers sell their solar kits with required documents and guides. You just need to follow them to quickly set up an incredible off-grid solar power charging solution. Stay tuned with us after image break to get a complete idea on popular solar panel kits.

Do It Yourself Solar Panel Kits – 10 Best Selling Solar Kits

Do It Yourself Solar Panel Kits

Well, if you are an enthusiast of outdoor life, a nice solar panel kit can do a lot of things for you. There is no other reliable power solution in the wild than solar. Hence, you should pick one of below solar kits to change the way you have been living off-the-grid. By the way, to your knowledge, this list includes only large power solutions, not small and handy ones. That means, they are ideal for fixing over RVs, boats, cabins and etc.

1. WindyNation 400W Solar Kit with 1500W Inverter

windynation 400 watt solar kit with 1500W inverter

We start the listicle with WindyNation’s 400-watt solar panel kit, which comes in two options – without battery and with batteries. As you see in the image above, this kit mainly packs four pieces of 100-watt polycrystalline solar panels. Along with it are a 30A solar charger controller and a 1500-watt VertaMax inverter. Of course, it also contains all essential accessories like solar cable, MC4 connectors and mounting hardware.

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Rather interestingly, you get two variants of the WindyNation 400W solar kit with different battery options. First one is up with three BattaMax 100Ah AGM deep cycles battery units, thus totaling 300Ah. Yet another kit comes with four units of the same battery. They carry price tags respectively at around $1500 and $1700. Overall, if you are looking to set up a 400-watt DIY off-grid solar solution this could indeed be a nice pick.

2. Grape Solar 400-watt Off-grid Solar Panel Kit

grape solar 400-watt off-grid solar panel kit

Here comes the second 400-watt solar kit in our list of do it yourself solar panel kits. This Grape Solar kit also features polycrystalline panels; yes four panels of 100-watt capacity. The included solar charge controller is a 35A unit from Xantrex. Interestingly, the power inverter is also from Xantrex, which is a 2000-watt pure sine unit. It sports a pair of AC outlets and USB port to charge you directly from the inverter.

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As you see, this Grape Solar kit doesn’t contain a storage unit. You can connect it to a 12V deep cycle battery to set up your off-grid solar solution. Of course, the kit is ideal for mounting over your RV, boat, remote cabin or shed and working with their battery units. By the way, featuring rather powerful inverter and charge controller, this kit is a bit pricier than the former WindyNation kit.

3. Eco-worthy 1000-watt Off-grid Solar Panel Kit

eco-worthy 1000 watt off grid solar panel kit

Eco-Worthy is a big player in off-grid solar panel industry. Certainly, it is one of the top-selling large solar panel kits from Eco-Worthy. It is a 1000W mono-crystalline 24V kit with no inverter and battery included. Depending on sunshine, it can deliver an output up to 4.5KWh. Well, the kit includes six pieces of 160W mono solar panels and a 45A charge controller. It is enough to completely power up your apartment and a big outdoor event.

| Link to Buy: Eco-Worthy 1000W Solar Panel Kit |

The solar panel kit has all necessary accessories. See, it features 4 pairs of Y MC4 solar connectors, Z brackets, solar cable with connectors etc. And the included solar panel touts waterproof IP65-rated junction box, built-in with by-pass diodes to help reduce power shortage by shade. Above all, the panels come fixed over corrosion-free aluminum frames for rough outdoor use.

4. Go Power 200-watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit

go power 200 watt flexible solar panel kit

We are mostly familiar with framed solar panels. This Go Power solar kit, however, comes with a new flexible solar panel. Well, as you see in the image, the solar panels included in the kit can be curved to some extent, clearly up to 30 degrees. That said, you can easily fix it over the roof of long haul trucks, tents, RVs, boats etc. Along with the kit comes a 30A PWM charge controller, meaning you can use up to 500W of solar energy.

| Link to Buy: Go Power 200W Flexible Solar Kit |

One key advantage of flexible solar panel is it is around 80 percent lighter than traditional framed panel. Plus, as noted above, you can mount it over a curved surface easily. That means it works quite ideal for setting up a portable off-grid solar solution. You can carry it hassle-free and mount over diverse surfaces to ensure plenty of sunlight. Of course, it doesn’t pack up a battery and power inverter that you would buy separately.

5. Eco-Worthy 1200-watt Off-grid Solar Panel Kit

eco-worthy 1200 watt off grid solar panel kit

The 5th item in our list of do it yourself solar panel kits comes from Eco-Worthy. It is a rather powerful variant of Eco-Worthy’s solar panel kits. Well, it offers total output of 1200 watts and can charge up 24V batteries like the former one. That means, it is ideal for residential as well as commercial mounting. Depending on sunlight, this kit can offer a daily output up to 6KWh, thanks to the included high-efficiency silicon solar panels.

| Link to Buy: Eco-Worthy 1200W Solar Panel Kit

This Eco-Worthy kit packs up 8 units of 160W mono-crystalline panels, which feature IP65-rated junction boxes for increased performance. By the way, included charge controller is an advanced 1200W MPPT Grid-Tie micro power inverter that can protect your solar system from overload, over voltage, low voltage etc. Sure, you need batteries to make it a full solar charging system or you can connect the kit to your existing home storage units.

6. HQST 400W Solar Panel Kit

HQST 400W solar panel kit with 40A Charge Controller

It is one of cool do it yourself solar panel kits out there. The 400-watt kit mainly includes four 100W 12V mono-crystalline solar panels and a 40A MPPT charge controller. Plus, like all other solar kits, it packs up the essential accessories like adapter cables, Z mounting brackets etc. Well, it can deliver 500Wh per day depending on the availability of sunlight. That said, it easily charges up a 50Ah battery in just around 3 hours.

| Link to Buy: HQST 400W Solar Panel Kit |

The HQST solar panel kit is perfect for running different applications like water pumps, off-grid appliances and gadgets, and lighting systems. You can easily mount it over trailers, boats, RVs and cabins to ensure unlimited off-grid energy. Preinstalled holes on the panels let you place it virtually anywhere with the included brackets.

7. Komaes 400-watt Solar Panel Starter Kit

komaes 400 watt solar panel starter kit

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Here is another nice 400W mono-crystalline solar panel kit. With good conversion efficiency, it can deliver an output of 2000 watt hours per day, depending on sunlight. As you see, it comes with four 100W solar panels. Further, it packs a Komaes 20A PWM solar charge controller, a pair of MC4 connectors, brackets, and screws for mounting. Of course, you can use the kit for both residential and commercial off-grid power needs.

8. Go Power 960-watt Solar Panel Charging Kit

go power 960 watts solar charging kit

Above we talked about a Go Power flexible solar kit of 200W capacity. But this one is a large solar charging kit in our list of do it yourself solar panel kits. Well, the Go Power Solar-AE kit brings you massive 960-watt solar energy, which is good enough to meet your huge power needs off-the-grid. Indeed, you can boost up power-hungry applications like fridges, ovens etc. Also, it is a perfect pick for your big RVs, boats, and cabins.

| Link to Buy: Go Power 960-watt Solar Charging Kit |

The Go Power solar kit has six units of 160W mono solar panels to attain the large output. Further, it packs up Outback’s 80A FlexMax 80 solar charge controller and its own Mate 2 remote monitor and controller. You can charge 12V, 24V and 48V batteries with the Go Power solar panel kit, which is priced over $3,000.

9. Nature Power 170-watt Solar Panel Kit

nature power 170 watt solar panel kit

| Link to Buy: Nature Power 170-watt Solar Panel Kit |

It is an ideal solar charging kit for small devices. It offers an overall output of 170 watts or 9.72 amps per hour depending sunlight. The included panels are highly efficient mono-crystalline units. And moreover, it has a 28A solar charge controller and a 600-watt inverter, which sports a pair of outlets to plug in your small gadgets. You get 11-feet cable, mounting accessories, and battery clamps with the plug-n-play solar kit. All you want in addition is a unit of 12V battery to store the energy from the solar kit.

10. Renogy 400W Solar Panel Starter Kit

Renogy 400W Solar Panel Starter Kit

Final pick in our list of do it yourself solar panel kits comes from Renogy, a big player in off-grid solar industry. It is a kit of four 100W mono-crystalline solar panels and a 40A MPPT Rover solar charge controller, which lets you expand the system up to 800W (24V). Thus, it becomes a good companion for your off-grid power needs. You can easily mount it over your RVs, boats and cabins with the included mounting accessories.

| Link to Buy: Renogy  400-watt Solar Panel Kit |

The panels tout by-pass diode-sporting junction boxes that reduce quick power drop by shade. Also it makes the system capable to work nice under low-light conditions. By the way, the included charge controller boasts a smart tracking algorithm to increase productivity. Overall, this Renogy kit is one of the best do it yourself solar panel kits. As of writing, it has grabbed around 60 customer reviews on Amazon with good rating.