A folding solar phone charger is a simple way to recharge your phone from sunlight. Usually, it comes with no complex setting. Just unfold the panels and plug in your gadget – phone, tablet or digital camera – to the USB port. That is all. Amazingly, you can find it charging your gizmo. Here let us get familiar with a pair of folding solar phone chargers from Sokoo.

Sokoo sells two folding solar chargers in 22 watts and 15 watts. Each model is available in two tones – black and camouflage. Well, both the solar chargers are easy-to-use and plug-n-play systems. All you need to do is to unfold the solar charger and place it in sunlight. Simply, it will start delivering sun energy. And you can use it to power up your gadgets via its dual USB ports.

As noted above, technology behind a folding solar phone charger is simple. It is all about one or more panels of solar, which are neatly sewn into quality polymer canvas. You have its wiring and USB socket inside the safe inner sides of the canvas. Just out of the box, it makes energy from sunshine. Whatever, below we would like to check all interesting features of the Sokoo portable solar charger line. Stay with us after the break.

Folding Solar Phone Charger – Sokoo 22W & 15W Chargers

folding solar phone charger

In common, Sokoo folding solar chargers have indeed some notable features. First of all, they are up with high efficiency solar cells that come in three layers. And are waterproof and reinforced as well. That means you can fold up the layers after use and make to a tiny unit to fit in your bag. Above all, thanks to their waterproof and durable build, you can take them anywhere outdoors.

Sokoo 22 Watts Folding Solar Phone Charger

As you can see, it is the top-end variant with 22 watts. It has high quality SunPower solar cells that are neatly laminated with industrial-strength PET polymer to ensure durability. It features dual USB ports with a smart charging technology that guarantees safety for your gadgets and faster charging speeds.

sokoo folding solar phone charger 22 watts camouflage

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Each USB port offers up to 2.4A max 5V DC. The power that comes through the port is well monitored to safe your gadgets from overcharging thanks to a smart IC. So depending on sun intensity, your gadgets get energy. The 22W folding solar phone charger will take around three hours to fully charge a phone under bright sun.

sokoo folding solar phone charger 22 watts black

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High portability is certainly what makes this solar charger a product worth its price. Sized at 12.20 X 6.69 in (once folded), it is quite ideal for campers and hikers. Thanks to built-in copper-alloy eye-holes, you can simply rug it up to your backpack as you make a move. Its weight goes just 17.5 oz and once unfolded it is as thin as 1.6 in. It is available in two shades; black and camouflage, by the way.

Sokoo 15 Watts Folding Solar Phone Charger

It is the 15W variant of Sokoo folding solar phone charger line. In fact, it has little difference with its 22W sibling. Indeed, you have got everything exactly similar except that it is a little bit smaller and lesser powerful. However, as an off-grid folding solar charger, it can certainly charge your essential gizmos under sun.

sokoo folding solar phone charger 15 watts camouflage

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Well, it also features waterproof and reinforced materials. The SunPower solar cells come laminated inside highly durable PET polymer. And again, you have the same smart IC to let your gadgets grab sun energy with better stability. And you have got a dual USB socket with each port offering 5V/2A maximum.

sokoo folding solar phone charger 15 watts black

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However, design wise, it is rather smaller. It has an unfolded size of 12.20 x 19.29 inches and once folded it goes at 12.20 x 6.69 inches. Its weight is just 13.7 oz. This model also touts copper-alloy eye-holes so that you can carry it over your backpack on the move.

What Customers Think

Customer response to the Sokoo folding solar phone charger series is awesome, of course. As of writing this, both the variants have attracted a lot of customer reviews with their rating at over 4 out of 5 stars. Customers are happy to get this solar charger for camping and other outdoor needs. Many have shared good experiences with the device as it could help them keep portable power anywhere.

sokoo folding solar phone charger black

Final Thoughts

Out there, they are indeed a big variety of competitors for this folding solar phone charger. It has actually little sense to compare and analyze every model before you choose one. In fact, all models of folding solar chargers are up with exactly similar features and, moreover, you don’t have any complex technology behind them.

However, if you are a person that trust in customer reviews, this Sokoo solar charger is a brilliant choice. It has received great customer response maybe because this series has some specialties like SunPower solar cells, multiple color options and high durability.