Planning to buy a 2000 watt hours solar generator? Of course, you don’t have many picks in that segment on market. Peppermint Energy’s Forty2Max solar generator, the top-end model of its Forty2 series, is absolutely a nice pick worth your look. Indeed, an all-in-one generator with 2000 W-hr battery will make your outing lively.

Peppermint sells three variants of Forty2 solar generators. Indeed, the are all highly powerful, heavy duty solar generators. Apart from Forty2Max, you have Forty2 Pro and Forty2 Pro+ with 500 W-hr and 1000 W-hr battery units. Except that, you have everything else the same with all Forty2 solar generators, including total AC power capacity (1800 watts) and solar power (180 watts).

Interestingly, Forty2Max solar generator combines all its elements in a portable case. Well, it weighs at just 75 lbs. And it has a solid handle to take it anywhere. What all you need to do is to open it and spread the panels under sun. Instantly, it starts to produce energy and store in the built-in battery. After use, you can close it, transport it hassle-free and store it in a smaller room.

Forty2Max Solar Generator – All to Know About

2000 Watt Solar Generator

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Coming to specs, Forty2Max is a full-fledged all-in-one solar generator. As you know, it has everything required for a portable solar generator built into a durable case. Well, it has 180W mono-crystalline PV cells on the lids. As you open it up, you get the panels up to the sky. And inside the case, it mounts a lithium ion battery of 2000 W-hr. Plus, it touts an inverter that delivers 900 watts continuous power and 1800 watt surge power.

As output ports, Forty2Max solar generator features a pair of AC and as many USB ports. That means you can power up both small home appliances and handsets from it. Moreover, it boasts a battery indicator light. And the solar generator case is well-built with rugged ABS plastic to ensure long life. Overall, it measures at 34.2 x 30 x 6 inches and weighs at 75 lbs. Apart from solar, you can also charge it from wall outlet, by the way.

Forty2Max Portable Solar Generator

What Makes it Special

Plug-n-Play All-in-One Portable Solar Generator

Forty2Max solar generator is indeed a powerful plug-n-play machine. It comes ready-to-use out of box. Well, you don’t need to make any settings to collect solar energy anywhere. Just out of the box, you can unfold it and place under sunlight to grab energy. In the end, you get quite enough power in its large battery so that you can run a variety of your gizmos and appliances even if there is no grid power.

Durable and Friendly for Outdoor and Camping Use

As you know, Peppermint has designed Forty2 series for off-grid and mobile use. Hence, it is well made to get by all types of possible rough uses outdoors. First of all, it comes with a strong handle and so you can take it anywhere without hassle. Moreover, it has an exterior with durable ABS plastic so that it endures all bumps and bruises as you travel around by taking it as your companion.

2000 Watt Solar Generator Kit

Multiple Variants with Different Storage Capacities

As we have put it above, Forty2 solar generator comes in three versions. The model we are talking about here is the top-end one that sports a 2000 W-hr battery inside. Meanwhile, it has got a 500 W-hr and 1000 W-hr variants as noted above. All the machines, however, come with the same output. But you get more storage volume in higher end models. In short, what you have are multiple variants for different prices.

What you May not Like

First of all, Forty2Max solar generator is a bit pricier. You need to spend around $4,000 to buy the top-end variant of Forty2. Secondly, it has limited number of output ports. You get only a pair of AC sockets and USB ports. Usually, a solar generator of its kind has around 5 USBs and other options like DC ports. Above all, it is a bit heavy and is not much easy for handling. You better not prefer it for regular camping use.

2000 Watt Solar Generator Forty2Max Solar Generator

What Customers Think

Customer feedback to Forty2Max solar generator is indeed good. As of writing this, six customers have posted their reviews on Amazon. Of course, all the comments are talking about it in positive tone, giving it a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Interestingly, being a relatively new all-in-one generator, it looks quite nice for this product.

Forty2Max Solar Generator

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Final Thoughts

Weighing at 75 lbs, it is absolutely a bit heavy solar generator. Yet, as an off-grid all-in-one solar generator for heavy-duty use, it must be a bit hefty. By the way, key attraction with Forty2Max solar generator is, of course, its powerful Li-ion battery. With a good volume of charging cycles, it looks a wonderful pick for all your off-grid uses. Added with a powerful solar panel, it can surely offer you enough power to boost up a wide range of your gadgets and appliances from the natural energy source.