It makes little sense to buy a Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium alone if you are a fan of solar energy. Are you a kind of person that has concerns about the nature while using grid power or a gas generator? Then, you must go for a unit of Goal Zero Yeti 400 along with a suitable solar charger only. Thus, you could produce your own energy in the wild without causing any harm to the nature. Here we would like to invite your notice to the best Goal Zero Yeti lithium 400 kit with various Goal Zero solar chargers.

Alone Yeti 400 lithium, like all other Goal Zero power stations, is a portable power bank. Well, you could charge it up from wall socket or car charger. But it becomes a perfect camping power station only when doubled with a solar charger, which could charge it anywhere there is sun. By the way, Goal Zero sells brand new Yeti 400 lithium in various kits by including different of its compatible solar panels. Below we have taken three amazing options that you would love to have a look at.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 400 Kit with Three Solar Chargers

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium with Nomad 28 Plus

For a light power user, Yeti 400 Lithium with Nomad 28 Plus is indeed a nice kit to go for. You could keep your gizmos charged throughout the day from sun with this 28-watt panel. What you get is a unit of foldable solar panel with mono solar cells, which could make your power station a complete Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 400 kit. Of course, it is good enough to charge the 428Wh power station, and more amazingly, you could fold it down to a small unit after use. What’s more, you could use it to directly charge your devices in the wild.

The new Yeti 400 lithium is indeed an outstanding portable power station. Besides its light lithium battery, you get it with more output and storage capacity. Clearly, it offers 428Wh of total power that could charge as many as seven devices at a time. Well, at 10.8V, it offers 39.6Ah capacity and at 3.6V, it is a whopping 119Ah. It has a continuous 300W, 1200W surge pure-sine wave inverter, USB ports and DC chargers. Stay tuned to have a look at two more Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 400 kit options below.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium with Boulder 50

Boulder 50 is more powerful. As you see, it is a 50W flat panel made of strong tempered glass and aluminum frame. So, unlike Nomad 28 Plus, it is not foldable, thus making it not much good for portable use. However, it gives you more output so that charging Yeti 400 is faster. What makes it interesting is the integrated kickstand that lets you optimally place it in direction to sun. Along with the brand new Goal Zero Yeti 400, it is available for a price of around $750. Alone Boulder 50 is priced at $120.

For sure, in charging the generator, it could be one of the best picks if you are comfortable with its flat design. Besides camping or other outdoor use, you could place it in your home, apartment, or cabin to contribute a bit of green energy to the grid power. Moreover, along with Yeti 400 lithium, it would become a perfect partner for emergency. You and your family could indeed survive a couple of days with the power from the Goal Zero Yeti lithium 400 kit with Boulder 50 on occasion of a critical situation.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium with Boulder 100 Briefcase

Why not trying out Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium with Boulder 100 Briefcase? It is the brand new model of Boulder series with a briefcase design so that you could fold down the panels after use. More amazingly, you could buy Goal Zero Yeti lithium 400 kit with Boulder 100 for just around $850. That is, for a small change in price, what you get is a two-time more powerful 100W solar panel. Therefore, you could charge Yeti 400 more faster from sunlight and make your camping or outdoor life rather exciting.

Boulder 100 is, in fact, composed of a pair of Boulder 50 panels. You get required hinges and lock so that you could securely fold it down to briefcase after use. You could install it temporarily or permanently anywhere where you get good sunlight. But like Boulder 50, you have it with strong kickstands so that placing it won’t be a task at all. Along with the panel comes a protective canvas bag so you could carry it easily. Anyway, Goal Zero Yeti lithium 400 kit with Boulder 100 Briefcase would be a great choice for both outdoors and emergency.