True to its words, Goal Zero begins to ship its new line of Yeti lithium power banks. The American firm put on display the new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar generators at CES 2017. As announced, both Yeti 400 lithium and Yeti 1400 lithium, upgrades to their lead-acid variants Yeti 400 and Yeti 1250, have hit the shelves. As of now, the models are available on its official website. They are yet to arrive on Amazon, however.

As you know, the new line of Yeti Lithium solar generators turn up with a bevy of new features. Firstly, you get the new machines with lithium ion batteries inside. Of course, it is a drastic shift from its previous models that had heavy lead-acid batteries. Well, with new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar generators, the company raises big challenge to many other players on the market, who recently joined the foray of lithium-based power banks.

Jump to lithium is absolutely a good and timely move from Goal Zero. It changes the power banks amazingly. As the most popular solar power banks on market, Yeti series goes considerably lightweight most importantly. And secondly, lithium ion battery, as you know, has more life and charging cycles. Finally, it helps Goal Zero defy all new players who have been drawing customers by showing the lithium magic wand for a while.

New Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Generators – All to Know

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Generators

Goal Zero has revamped its Yeti series with a host of exciting features. Apart from including lithium batteries, the new Yetis feature more powerful inverter. And they highlight increased surge allowance and better battery protection. Moreover, being rather lightweight, they are now more ideal for on-the-go use. Coupled with Goal Zero’s solar panels, they will certainly do magic outdoors. More amazingly, you can replace battery of both the new Goal Zero Yeti lithium solar generators, giving you an added advantage.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Solar Generator

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1400

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Simply, Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium is replacing the previous flagship Yeti 1250. Yet, it is not going to be the most powerful Yeti machine. Goal Zero has already showcased Yeti 3000 Lithium and is set for release by the fall. Anyway, Yeti 1400, as you see, is up with more power and battery capacity than Yeti 1250. Well, you get it with 1425Wh battery with storage capacity of 132Ah in place to Yeti 1250’s 1200Wh battery with 100Ah power.

Set aside power and capacity, Yeti 1400 Lithium enjoys drastic change when it comes to its size and weight as well. Quite naturally, lithium battery has helped Goal Zero considerably cut size and weight of Yeti 1400. Thus, the new Yeti 1400 weighs just half of its former’s with just 20.7 kg. Yes, you can see the difference in size also. The height of new Yeti is just 10.4 inches, while its previous model is 14.5 inches.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Generators Review

To grab output, Yeti 1400 touts four USB ports, a pair of AC ports and DC ports. Another interesting part is the advanced display to show real time usage data. You can also read run-time and recharge time estimate, input and output data and so on. And like previous model, you can also charge it from wall or car charger apart from solar. Goal Zero suggests a pair of Boulder 100 solar panels to charge it fully from sunlight in 16 hours.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Generator

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Power Bank

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Well, Yeti 400 is the second of the new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar generators. It replaces Yeti 400 with some upgrades. Though not drastic changes, you get a new handy Yeti 400 with a range of features including lithium battery. Coming to power, Yeti 400 Lithium offers 428Wh power and it sports a 39.6Ah battery. Of course, it is only a slight upgrade over the current Yeti 400’s 400Wh and 38Ah battery.

However, the new Yeti 400 Lithium features a refined look and design. Plus, its battery is replaceable once the current battery runs out. What’s is more, in terms of size, the new Yeti scales up to only 7.7kg, which compared to Yeti 400’s 13.2kg weight is brilliant. It is also rather small and handy with the size of 7.5 x 11.25 x 7.0 in. Yeti 400 has four USB ports, 12V and a pair of AC ports to charge your devices. A Boulder 15 can juice it fully from sunlight in 16 hours. You can also power it up from wall and car chargers.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium with Juice Mixer

Why Should you Buy

Why should you buy or upgrade your Goal Zero power banks? Answer is simple. The new line of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar generators tout advanced lithium batteries that last long. That means even if you put it without use for a while, it keeps charge. Of course, an outdoor solar solution goes ideal if its battery holds charge for a long time. Moreover, different from traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium has more charging cycles.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Specs

Secondly, thanks to lithium, Goal Zero Yeti new series goes rather light and handy for outdoor use. Getting into the wild, you will not prefer to carry huge load, of course. Hence, to get a lithium variant for your fave portable solar generator will definitely excite you. Above all, you get the new Yeti Lithium with replaceable batteries, making you change the battery once the current one fails.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium with Solar Panel

Final Thoughts

Goal Zero is indeed the most reliable maker of portable solar solutions. It has been on the market for around a decade with a series of wonderful machines. However, Goal Zero has been a bit late to surface some lithium-powered machines. It was when even some small-time makers verged into the market with attractive lithium power packs. Anyway, we are now lucky to see a number of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar generators on market.

We have discussed all special features of both Yeti 400 Lithium and Yeti 1400 Lithium. If you are a camper or outdoor enthusiast we are sure you will love to test new Yeti Lithium. Let us know your comments about the new Yeti series and share your experience with them in our comments section below.