Humless portable solar generator kits are highly reliable off-grid power storage solutions for all kind of users. For a camper, it makes no sense to go for exploration without a good source for energy. Well, we have a lot of portable solar solutions on market these days. But this pair of Humless portable solar generator kits will surely make your next outing rather exciting and lively. Of course, you can ensure reliable power anytime, anywhere.

We are talking about two variants of Humless solar generator kits here. Clearly, they are popular models in the segment on market today. In fact, they are almost same in terms of solar power and output with both offering 1500 watts. But like PepperMint’s Forty2 solar generator series, they differ when it comes to storage capacity. The top-end model is up with a 1300 W-hr storage, while its younger sibling touts 640 watt hours.

Interesting thing is both Humless portable solar generator kits offer 1500 watts. Absolutely, that makes them fit for both camping and home needs. Well, you can use the machines to power your outdoor activities as well as small apartments, cabins and RVs off-the-grid. And having two storage options, you can pick one model that meets your needs and budget the best. Stay with us to know more about the Humless solar generators.

Humless Portable Solar Generator Kits: All to Know About

Humless Portable Solar Generator

Let us check key specs of the solar generators here. Certainly, as put it above, both Humless solar generators are exactly same with all its main features. To begin with, you have the devices up with a pair of 130W folding solar panels. Each unit has a size of 20 x 27 x 2.8 in and weight of 26.6 lbs. You can just spread out the panels under sunlight and charge the machine. And after use, fold it down and carry anywhere hassle-free.

Humless Portable Solar Generator 1300 watt huors

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Coming to storage, Humless portable solar generator kits tout advanced lithium batteries. Humless claims the lithium battery in the generators boast specific composition that has been used to power up electric cars and buses since 1970. By the way, it is here these two variants of solar generators differ. You have the above one with a 1300 W-hr battery, while the below model sports a 640 W-hr unit with both offering 2500+ cycles.

Humless Portable Solar Generator 640 watt hours

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What Makes it Special

Highly Powerful Portable Solar Generators

Certainly, both the Humless portable solar generators are powerful off-grid solutions. On the move, most of the time you will require a high-power and reliable power solution. Though a bit heavier, these machines are good enough to power up a wide range of your gadgets and appliances. Outdoors, you can charge phones, tablets, GPS, cameras, portable ovens and etc… Indoors, it works nice with essential home appliances.

Easy-to-Use Setup with Foldable Solar Panels

Yet another point of attraction with Humless portable solar generator kits is they both come up with foldable solar panels. You get a pair of solar panels of 130 watts each. They are not sized quite bigger. And being foldable panels, you can close them up after use and carry like a suitcase wherever you go. By the way, with all the components in the kit coming ready-to-use, you can set up the solar generator quite instantly.

Humless Portable Solar Generator solar panel

Multiple Variants with Different Storage Capacities

Of course, it is the most awesome thing with the Humless solar generators. Humless sells two variants based on the power storage. Hence, if you have short budget and require only a lesser powerful machine, you have an option. By the way, Humless also sells both the included power packs separately. You can either use the existing panels or charge them from wall socket or car outlets if you don’t want to go solar.

What You May not Like

First of all, Humless portable solar generator is not an all-in-one system. It comes in two parts. You should plug in it with the included cables. And you need to carry it in two compartments. For these reasons, it doesn’t look a good choice for campers and hikers. Also, the generators don’t have many customer reviews on retail sites like as they look new to the site.

Humless Portable Solar Generator closeup

What Customers Think

Coming to customer reviews, as put it above, Humless solar generators are new to Amazon. It is yet to attract many customer reviews. However, being popular models for a while, you can check out other platforms and communities for discussions on the products. Overall, it has good reviews, indeed. If you are looking for an off-grid solar kit, Humless is certainly a good choice.

Final Thoughts

In short, Humless portable solar generator kits are nice companions for all types of users, who want reliable off-grid power solutions. Thanks to its high efficient solar panels and advanced batteries, you can surely rely on the machinesboth for outdoor use or emergency situations. More amazingly, you have two variants under different price ranges. So even if you are short of budget, you can buy a variant of Humless solar generator and make your off-grid life rather exciting and memorable.