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Inergy Apex Solar Generator: Everything to Know About Inergy Solar’s Upgrade to Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

Are you looking to buy a portable solar power station? Along with a line of brilliant solar generators, we have a new model on the market. It is Inergy Apex solar generator. Of course, it is the upgrade to Inergy Solar’s much-touted Kodiak solar generator. We have a detailed look into its features here.

Evidently, like its predecessor, Apex is very lightweight and ultra-portable. At the same time, it is so much powerful that it could take on the major players like Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium.

But Inergy has given it a fresh branding, Apex. That said, you would get a cool solar power station to explore the apexes and the wild with more confidence. Let us explore it in detail below.

Inergy Apex Solar Generator – All to Know About

Inergy Apex is simply a 1100Wh power station with the solar charging compatibility. It packs up a 1500W pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 3000 watts. Most amazingly, it has got six units of 110-120 AC sockets exactly like its predecessor, Inergy Kodiak solar generator.

Coming to the look and feel, it exists the Kodiak’s rectangular design. Plus, its 25-lbs profile makes it over 30 percent lighter than most of the rivaling products. At the same time, you get quite enough power and storage capacity to make it one of the nice solar power stations.

Besides the AC sockets, Inergy Apex solar generator sports an RV plug and a range of other charging outlets. They include two units of 12V DC sockets and as many base camp light ports. Further, you get the machine with four USB ports including two USB-C PD and as many USB-A QC ports.

By the way, as per Inergy, Apex highlights the fastest-charging system. It equips an advanced MPPT charge controller to ensure faster and efficient charging. Hence, with different solar panels from its maker Inergy, you could recharge it fully in six to 12 hours under optimal sunlight.

Above all, Inergy Apex solar generator packs up a long-lasting battery inside. It is rated to get 2000 charging cycles with a potential life of 10 years. Plus, the device features an option to let you expand the capacity with extra battery packs. You get built-in battery connector points on the machine.

Compatible Solar Panels

Inergy offers a matching 100W mono and poly solar panel each for the Apex solar generator. Called Solar Storm, the polycrystalline variant is encased in good quality tempered glass and framed in solid aluminum materials. You could chain up to 5 panels to recharge Apex in as little as two hours.

Meanwhile, its monocrystalline variant, called Solar Linx, is rather expensive, but you get increased solar efficiency. Again, you could chain together up to 5 units of the panel to recharge Apex in as fast as three hours. Well, single units of both the panels would take over 15 hours to recharge Apex

By the way, Inergy offers the device in multiple kits with a different number of both the panels.

Thus, we have an Inergy Linx Bronze kit, Silver kit, and Gold kit respectively with one, three, and five units of Linx mono panels. Also, we have Inergy Storm Bronze Kit, Silver kit, and Gold kit with one, three, and five units of the Storm poly panels.

Why Should You Buy

Next, let us check out the unique features of the Inergy Apex solar generator. There are indeed several reasons why you should go for this machine. Stay tuned to have a look at them and see whether it is the right choice for you in the crowd of portable solar power generators out there.

1. Powerful Machine with Great Output

Of course, Inergy Apex solar generator is a powerful beast. With an output of 1100Wh (90A hours @ 12.6 volts), it is going to be a great way to power up your household and emergency appliances and gadgets. The included inverter is a 1500W pure sine wave one with a surge power of 3000 watts.

2. Ultra-Portable and Lightweight

Certainly, like its predecessor Kodiak, Apex is also known for its lightweight and portable design. With a weight of 25-lb and size of 14 x 7 x 8 in, you could carry it anywhere easily. The rectangular-shaped device has got a carrying strap and a handle so that it would be rather nice for portable use.

3. Faster Solar Charging

Thanks to the built-in advanced MPPT charge controller, Apex is known for its faster solar charging. As per Inergy, Apex is one of the fastest charging solar power stations on the market. That would certainly help you out in the wilderness and an emergency situation.

4. Multiple Charging Options

Above all, Inergy Apex solar generator is very much notable with its range of charging ports. First of all, as said above, it has got six units of AC sockets to support all your emergency AC appliances. Apart from that, it has got an RV plug and a number of other DC and USB ports.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

Though a highly reliable portable solar power solution, Inergy is not a popular brand as Goal Zero, Jackery, Renogy, and others. The brand offers only this product as of now. Its Kodiak solar power generator, though a much-hyped model, looks to have not received a lot of takers as it was expected to do. However, you get a wonderful solar power station worth its price.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Inergy Apex solar generator. It is a really powerful solar generator with a host of advanced features. You could buy it in various bundles with a different number of matching solar panels. That is how it comes out to be an ideal solar generator to power your life off-the-grid or in an emergency. Share your thoughts about the Apex power station in the comments below.

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