Portable solar chargers and power banks have been around for years. But here is a small, compact, portable solar charger cum power bank by infintyPV. Branded as HeLi-on, the solar charger is made with a rollable, partly transparent organic solar cell.

Built in a slick and light design, InfinityPV HeLi-on solar charger is ideal for camping. The tiny 4.4-inch gizmo packs up three key components; a solar panel, a battery pack and efficient electronics. You can roll up the panel from the device and spread it in sun to grab solar energy.

InfinityPV has listed the project on KickStarter to raise funds. You can grab a unit of HeLi-on as reward on supporting the project with at least $90. With thirty more days to go for the campaign, HeLi-on has attracted a lot of backers and fund on KickStarter.

InfinityPV HeLi-on Solar Charger

InfinityPV HeLi-on Solar Charger – What’s Inside

InfinityPV has built its solar panel with a highly efficient polymer solar cell that is printed on thin plastic foil; that is why, it is foldable and rollable. It, in fact, the part of the much-awaited third generation of solar panel technology, referred to as organic cells.

The carbon-based technology increases sunlight absorption. So conversion is high. It makes the InfinityPV HeLi-on solar charger power up a smartphone in a couple of hours under direct sun. Moreover, being organic means the whole solar panel is made out of non-toxic and renewable materials only.

The battery inside the HeLi-on solar charger is a lithium-ion unit that offers 2,600 milliamp power a hour. In short, the solar charger is made to work under any weather condition. Its advanced, efficient electronics are designed in a way that you can grab solar energy very smartly even under cloudy sun.

Camping enthusiasts will be lucky enough to get a unit of InfinityPV HeLi-on solar charger. Its small, pocket-friendly size makes it incredibly portable. In terms of size, it measures just 11.3 x 3.6 x 2.8 cm and it scales up to 105 grams only. Besides, it is advertised by its manufacturer as the world’s most compact solar charger. So it might be a best companion for people in wild.

Via: InfinityPV.com