With 10 more days to end its crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, Inergy Solar’s new new Kodiak portable solar generator has achieved more than 400% of its goal.

Since its listing for crowd funding on 17th November, 2015, it has been getting an awesome response on the site, thanks to its appealing features.

The Pocatello-­based Inergy Solar has put a flexible goal of $50,000 while listing the Kodiak on Indiegogo. As of writing this post, it has achieved $212,863 (426% of the goal) from as many as 148 backers.

Inergy Solar projects to deliver the generator to the backers by February 2016, after mass production of the units. Follow the link Kodiak portable solar generator to order your unit just now.

“The Kodiak is the world’s lightest weight, most compact, expandable, and modular solar system, offering unmatched off grid portability for power anywhere, at any time,” says the CEO of Inergy, Sean Luangrath.



Kodiak Portable Solar Generator – An Overview

Kodiak is an off grid home solar solution in a box. Unlike the existing heavy duty solar generators on market, it is box-style, lightweight and very compact, making it convenient for both indoor and outdoor applications. The solar solution comes with the company’s own Predator 50 solar panels to generate unlimited solar energy.

However, you have the Kodiak portable solar generator with car and wall outlet charging options as well. The battery inside the solar generator is an 1100W Lithium-Ion unit and that is powered by a 1500 Pure Sine wave AC inverter in support of solar panels, car or wall plugs.

Yet another attraction of Kodiak is the number of output sockets it has. Different from other solar generators, it has a wide range of options to let you grab the stored energy for use. To be precise, it features 8 110VAC ports and as many USB ports, which can cover almost all your regularly used handsets and appliances.


Kodiak Portable Solar Generator – Where to Buy?

Inergy Solar currently sells Kodiak solar generator through Indiegogo as part of its crowd funding campaign. It is available in three packages, based on the number of solar panels bundled in.

The low-priced version comes with a single unit of Kodiak portable solar generator and one Predator 50 solar panel and it costs $1260.

The second variant is up with one generator and three solar panels that are available at $1517. And the full-fledged variant – 1 Kodiak and 5 Predators 50 (the maximum panels it can support) arrives for the premium price of $1767.

Inergy will deliver it in February 2016 for free to all over USA and it looks to list the product on Amazon by then.