Having a hard time in finding a solar generator that is lightweight and powerful? You have a reason to smile. Inergy, a leading innovator of portable power solutions, is coming up with its Kodiak Solar Generator that offers lightweight, off grid design. It is up for mass release in February 2016, but you can book your order now.

The Kodiak solar generator is envisioned as the world’s most lightweight solar generator with powerful performance, thanks to maximum output of 3,000 Watts. It is both for home and off grid use. You can use it to power up your devices indoors and outdoors alike. Besides solar, you can power it up from wall and car plugs also.

Inergy is currently seeking supporters for the dream project, by listing it on Indiegogo.com, where the product has been grabbing incredible responses from portable power enthusiasts. With nearly 10 days left for the campaign to end it has acquired around 20M from as many as 140 backers.


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How Kodiak Solar Generator Works?

By having a look at the above picture, we hope you got a clear idea on how it would work. It contains two parts; a Kodiak generator and Predator 50 solar panels. The box-style Kodiak has all the components of a solar generator integrated, except solar panels. In this regard, it works exactly like Goal Zero’s Yeti series.

Specs wise, the Kodiak packs up a 1500 Pure Sine wave AC inverter to alternate AC and DC currents. It sports an 1100W Lithium-Ion battery inside the box to store the power collected by solar or other inputs options.


As you can see, the system has a wide number of output sockets. They include 8 110VAC plugs and as many USB outlets. Plus, it sports 4 12VDC universal car sockets. Maybe, you might not have come across any other solar generator with that many output ports.

The bundle packs up Predator 50 solar panel. You can expand output since Kodiak is able to accommodate up to 5 Predator 50 panels. Each panel is up with electrical connections that are fixed to both sides of the frame; hence you can just link the panels together and connect them with the generator with no extra cables.

What Makes it Special

Lightweight Solar Generator

Inergy shows off Kodiak Solar Generator as the world’s most light-weighted solar generator. It weighs only 20 lbs, which is quite less when compared to its counterparts by other makers like Goal Zero. A single Predator 50 solar panel adds only 4 lbs to the unit’s weight so even if you decide to utilize all its power, the Kodiak weighs only less than 50 lbs. That makes the powerful solar generator very handy for camping and emergency.


Expandable Battery and Solar Panels

Both battery and solar panels of the Kodiak generator can be expanded. In terms of battery, you can attach external deep cycle batteries to the external battery connection. It is great that all the connected batteries get charged at the same rate as the built-in battery.

Regarding solar panels, you can hook up to 5 Predator 50 units to the generator. It is a cool way to increase output of the system. Well, by expanding it with extra batteries and solar panels, you make it a more integrated, full-fledged portable solar unit for both off gird and home applications.

Compact, Durable for Camping, Emergency

A portable solar generator is usually meant for camping and emergency. So it might tout a compact, durable design. The Kodiak solar generator looks to be doing justice in this regard. The system, according to its makers, can resist shocks and dust. The solar panel is also waterproof so that you can place it anywhere with no worry.


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Available Packages – Where to Buy From?

As part of its fundraising campaign, Inergy sells Kodiak solar generator on a discounted price on Indiegogo. The company plans to list the generator on Amazon.com by February 2016.

At 30% cut-off, you have three packages to pick from. The base model that comes with a single unit of Kodiak and Predator 50 is priced at $1260. The second one, priced at $1517, packs up a single Kodiak and three Predator 50 units. The full-fledged version is available with five Predator 5 solar panels at $1767. Inergy is to ship the product in February 2016 and shipping is free for across USA

1 Kodiak Generator + 1 Predator 50 – $1260
1 Kodiak Generator + 3 Predator 50 – $1517
1 Kodiak Generator + 5 Predator 50 – $1767

Follow the link Kodiak Solar Generator to book your order right now. By the way, watch out the Kodiak campaign video below.

Final Words

The potential of portable solar energy is immense. It is lovely to see more and more amazing products hitting the arena. This Inergy Kodiak solar generator indeed looks to be a worthy buy for someone who wants to regularly make into wild and wants to stay prepared for emergencies.

In case of emergency, it can safeguard you and family with limitless power. And during a camping, you will never be stranded with a portable solar generator like this. You can keep a line of your regularly used handsets and appliances charged always. If you have something to say make them in comments below.

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