Tired of a small solar kit? Is it crippling your wish for good volume of solar energy in the wild? Well, it is high time you should upgrade it with one of large solar panel kits. So, you could largely increase energy output and power up big appliances like microwave oven, TV, fridge, blender, and PCs. Along with it, you could significantly cut your utility bill on grid power. And relish in satisfaction that you cut your carbon footprint as much as you could to save the world from the looming climate change threats.

Large Solar Panel Kits

Large Solar Panel Kits: 5 Heavy-duty Solar Kits

A large solar panel kit is ideal only for stationary mounting over your cabin, home, or apartment. It could thus produce enough power from sunlight, so you could save a good amount on your grid bill. Would you love to have a look at a list of top five large solar panel kits here? As you see, we don’t have a lot of brands selling big and complete solar panel kits, but we include all available models below.

1. Go Power Solar Extreme 480-watt Solar Kit

go power solar extreme 480-watt solar kit

| Link to Buy: Go Power Solar Extreme 480W Solar Kit |

This includes virtually everything that you would need to set up a large solar and inverter system. Would you want to run whole your household appliances on sun energy? This Renogy kit could be a better choice, then. Powered by three units of 160-watt mono solar panels, it could offer a good amount of green energy with no noise and smoke. Isn’t it enough a reason to choose it for going solar in your RV, boat, home, or cabin?

Amazingly, you couldn’t find any solar kit as apt as this to boost up your 400amp hour battery. As put it above, it has everything required for a heavy-duty off-grid solar kit except batteries. The included inverter is a 3000W pure sine wave unit. And there are a 30A PWM charge controller, voltmeter, and several cords and cables. Just out of the box, you could use the kit to set up a full-fledged off-grid solar solution.

2. Eco-worthy 1300-watt Off-grid Solar Kit

eco-worthy 1300-watt off-grid solar kit

| Link to Buy: Eco-worthy 1300-watt Off-grid Solar Kit |

You have this 24V Eco-Worthy kit as the second in our list of large solar panel kits. As you see in the pic, it is not going to be a replacement to the above Go Power model in terms of completeness as an off-grid solar kit. In fact, this kit misses out many components including a power inverter, voltmeter etc. But it has more solar power. Incredibly, it packs eight units of 160W mono solar panels to total an output of 1300 watts. Once you place it in your home or cabin, you get an ideal daily output of around 6KWh, depending on sunlight, though.

Worried about mounting these many solar panels? Really, this Eco-Worthy kit is more apt for home and cabin, than RV, caravan, and boat. Sure, mounting the panels over your home or cabin roof is very easy, because the kit comes with all required Z brackets. Further, you get sufficient pairs of Y MC4 connectors and extension cables and cords. Moreover, the included 40A 24V MPPT solar charge controller comes with all safety features to protect your battery packs and loads from the unstable flow of solar energy.

3. Go Power Solar Elite Charging System (320 watts)

go power solar elite charging system (320 watts)

| Link to Buy: Go Power Solar Elite Charging System |

Go Power has different variants of large solar panel kits. If you want to save $1000 and go comfortable with a bit less powerful kit, you could pick this model instead of the first one. Of course, there are some noticeable differences in specs. It packs only a pair of 160W mono solar panels, thus totaling a volume of 320 watts, but you could expand it with one more 160W panel for separate price. Moreover, the included power inverter is of 2000W capacity and so you take a bit more time to charge your 400Ah battery pack from sun.

You have a variety of other large solar panel kits from Go Power. All of them are good for mounting over your RV, caravan, and cabin. Thus, you could charge batteries with sunlight and enjoy unlimited fun on-the-go and during your off-grid life. In case of an emergency as well, you could more depend on a large solar panel kit, because its output in a short period of time is several times better than most of the small solar panel kits.

4. Grape Solar 2300W Grid-Tied Solar System Kit

Grape Solar 2300-Watt Grid-Tied Solar System Kit

| Link to Buy: Grape Solar 2300W Grid-Tied Solar System Kit |

Do you need a more powerful residential off-grid solar system? This Grape Solar kit is going to save you grid utility bill for 210kWh to 420kWh of electricity a month. What all you have is a series of 10 Grape Solar 230-watt Poly-Si solar panels (overall 2300W), which are good for roof mounting with the included brackets and screws. Along with comes is a PV Powered PVP-2000 power inverter with 10-year warranty. Once set up on your roof and connected to the grid, it could provide you unlimited solar energy with no noise and smoke.

5. Grape Solar 400W Off-grid Solar Kit

grape solar 400w off-grid solar kit

| Link to Buy: Grape Solar 400W Off-grid Solar Kit |

If you are on a budget, this final one could be your ideal choice, indeed. It is the cheapest and, of course, the least powerful one in our list of large solar panel kits. This Grape Solar unit is a 400-watt system with all basic components to put together an off-grid solar system right anywhere. Do you have a water pump or outdoor lights in your garden? You no longer need to spend grid power to run such appliances if you have this kit.

Powered by four units of 100W poly solar panels, you could harness sunlight to contribute much to your monthly power needs. The bundle includes a unit of 2000W Xantrex power inverter that sports a pair of USB ports so that you could connect your small gadgets for instant charging. The included charge controller also comes from Xantrex, which is a 35Amp unit.