We are getting a lot of interesting portable power solutions these days. This new off-grid portable solar power kit from Lazer Volt is certainly a worthy item to look at. This Lazer Volt portable solar system comes with a kit of essential accessories that are great for camping and hiking.

Basically, Lazer Volt is a portable power source with an option for charging from compatible solar module. Yes, you can recharge it from wall outlet and car socket as well. Here with Lazer Volt off-grid portable solar power kit, you have all what are required to make it a great piece for outdoor use.

Well, the kit packs six 12V bulbs, a pair of string lights, a lap charger and, finally, but most importantly, a 60W folding solar panel. That means it is a feature-rich portable solar power kit that you can take into camping site to charge up your gadgets and light up the site in night. Keep with us to know more about the kit.

Off-grid Portable Solar Power Kit – Lazer Volt


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Coming to specs, let us first make a look into Lazer Volt power bank, the included portable power source in the off-grid portable solar power kit. Well, it is a powerful power source with a built-in 12V VDC 14 amp-hour SMF (sealed maintenance-free) battery. And for output, the power bank sports a pair of 5V USB ports, a 12V car outlet, a 12V DC 3-prong US wall outlet to connect to various gadgets, appliances and lamps and etc…

As you know, like all similar products, you have three options to charge the power bank; 110 VAC wall outlet, 12 VDC car socket or a compatible solar panel. By the way, the included solar module in the off-grid portable solar power kit is a 60W folding unit. Yes, you can fold it after use and make into a tiny unit for easy moving.


What Makes it Special

Complete Off-grid Portable Solar Power Kit

Out in the wild, what you require is a complete portable solar power solution. This kit is certainly a perfect pick for outing, camping and emergency. It is because it packs up all essential accessories like solar panel, laptop charger, string lights and lamps to give you light and power while spending time out anywhere.

Stylish and Highly Portable Design

The included Lazer Volt power bank is stylish and friendly for portable use. Sized at 7.5 x 7.3 x 7.3 in and with 13.6lbs weight, it has a cool design for all outdoor applications. Above all, it has a strong steel handle for easy moving. By the way, coming to the kit, the folding solar charger also adds to its portability.


Perfect for Camping and Household Use

Yes, the Lazer Volt off-grid portable solar power kit looks ideal for both home and outdoor use. Coming with a number of lamps and lights, you can use the system to light and power your households, camping tents and outdoor events. All portable solar panel kits on the market come with only power bank and solar panel, but the Lazer Volt’s differs as it packs up all what is required to make it a complete outdoor solution.

What you May not Like

On the flip side, the Lazer Volt solar generator is not much popular. Being a new product to Amazon, it looks to have not grabbed much customer attention. Hence, as of writing this, you don’t have many reviews to verify its quality and performance. However, the product looks to be a wonderful piece of off-grid portable solar power kit, thanks to its features and included accessories.


| Link to Buy: Lazer Volt Off-grid Portable Solar Kit |

Final Thoughts

Of course, we have a lot of portable solar power devices and kits on market. But some models unfortunately go unnoticed by customers. Whatever, this Lazer Volt off-grid portable solar power kit is, in fact, one of cool portable solar solutions you might have a look at.

Key attraction point with this product is indeed its all-in-one nature. If you look to buy a complete portable solar power solution for your next outing it could be an important choice to consider, thanks to its advanced features and accessories. By the way, if you own Lazer Volt or want to buy it, make your thoughts below.