Have you been expecting a small solar generator from Peppermint Energy? Of course, I have been. When I reviewed its Forty2 series of flagship solar generators, I wondered why Peppermint wouldn’t design a rather cheaper, lightweight, and more camper-friendly model. Yes, here it comes finally, the brand-new Peppermint solar generator, called the Maverick. Simply, it is a 200Whr machine with maximum output of 250 watts and weight below 18 lbs.

Peppermint has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for Maverick on KickStarter. You could support it and pre-order a model for a price as low as $500, which is much affordable than the current basic model, the Forty2 Pro that costs $1250. Won’t you love to go for the Peppermint’s stylish small all-in-one solar generator for that small price? Certainly, you will be in confusion in picking between Renogy Phonix all-in-one solar generator and Maverick.

Peppermint Portable Solar Generator

Maverick Peppermint Solar Generator for Campers

Are you a regular camper? Then, you should need a power bank to charge your gadgets and appliances on the go. This Peppermint solar generator, different from its elder siblings, will be a nice solution for camping and hiking power needs. The low-end variant of Forty2 solar generator weighs at over 50 lbs, which makes it bulky for your solo trips. So, the lightweight new Maverick will be your best camping companion.

Most likely, you would be out for camping with more than one gadget like smartphone, tablet, Go Pro, GPS, and game consoles. What if one of this devices runs out of juice midway? You can’t rely much rely on a power bank, because it exhausts after a while. Being an environmentalist, you might not be preferring gas generator. A solar generator like Maverick could be an ideal solution, indeed. Well, a fully charged Maverick can run an iPhone for over 30 hours and a Go Pro for 35 hours.

Peppermint Forty2 Solar Generator

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Powerful, Lightweight and Affordable

In the price range of Maverick falls Renogy’s popular Phoenix solar generator. That delivers a maximum of 150 watts, but Maverick gives you hope as its output could max up to 250 watts, depending on sunlight. Continuously it could offer 150 watts, Peppermint says in its KickStarter camping page, which is unfortunately a bit vague and less informative.

Most likely, it will be keeping the same clam-shell design of Forty2 series and Phoenix. Peppermint has also failed to update at least one conceptual picture of the product on KickStarter. As you can see, we have used Forty2’s images in this article for reference. By the way, Peppermint says Maverick would sport solar cells of 20 watts, probably two layers of 10 watts. And certainly you could expand solar capacity like Phoenix.

Inside the Maverick solar generator will have a lithium ion battery with storage capacity of 200Whr. It could take just four hours to fully charge the built-in battery under good sunlight. And for output, you have a pair of USB ports at 5V/2.1A and one AC socket. Overall, this basic model of Peppermint solar generator will tout everything you will ideally require for an all-in-one camping solar generator.

Peppermint Maverik Solar Generator

Where to Buy From

As mentioned above, Maverick is currently seeking crowdfunding. You could pre-order the model on KickStarter for a price of $500, which as per Peppermint, is $150 cheaper than its expected retail price. So far, Maverick is doing well in KickStarter, though it has a very confusing and less informative campaign page and details. As of writing this, around ten backers have offered funds, which form around 30% of the set goal.

For different pledge amounts, Peppermint offers its other products like Milo 24 solar panel and Cell 5.0 power bank. You could also contribute bigger amounts for the project and get kits of Maverick with its flagship solar generator Forty2 Max or other products. However, disappointing thing is Peppermint has also messed up its pledge amounts and rewards, which some customers have noted it in comments.

Peppermint Solar Panel and Power Bank

Final Thoughts

Do you think this Peppermint solar generator would meet your needs? Certainly, with the available info, there is something exciting with Maverick considering it as a part of your camping gear. It could reliably power up your life off-the-grid. You could make into the wild with all your gadgets with no worry about recharging. Of course, Maverick, thanks to its lightweight design and portability, could be your best partner out in the wild. Weighing much lighter, you could easily take it anywhere with no much burden.