In a KickStarter initiative, Innogen, a Pleasanton-based start-up has introduced a cool portable hybrid power system. Branded as X200 Power-Hub, it amazingly integrates all key off-grid power generation options, hand-crank, solar and wind turbine. Primarily, it is a hand-crank power system, but is compatible to solar and wind turbine charging as well.

By the way, sporting a 13,600mAh lithium-ion battery, X200 Power-Hub acts like a power bank also. If you are not in a situation to use its off-grid power options, just get it juiced from either your car socket or wall outlet and go your way. Absolutely, a fully charged X200 Power-Hub is an awesome companion of you anywhere as you have enough juice to power up your gadgets like phone, tablet and etc…

Anyway, the team behind the portable hybrid power system is currently seeking crowd funding to bring their project into life. The KickStarter campaign is on the go with a goal of $87,000 and as of now it has collected around $6,000 from 26 backers. If you love the product, it is a chance to be a supporter of this green energy venture. You have 23 days left to back it up and bring into life yet another cool off-grid power solution.

Portable Hybrid Power System X200 Power-Hub – All to Know


Specs wise, Innogen X200 Power-Hub is basically a power bank with a built-in, easy-to-turn hand-crank. As per its maker, you can rotate the 100 Watt hand crank at a very comfortable 60 RPM, making it quite smooth for all types of users – kids to the elderly. For connecting solar and wind turbine, you have it with a DC port of 16V – 20V. Also you can charge it from wall outlet or car socket.

Under the hood, as noted above, it sports a 14.8V 13600mAh lithium-ion battery pack, which is built of highly efficient 4S4P units from Panasonic. Meanwhile, included inverter is a 300 Watt one. And for output, you have different options for different gadgets like an AC outlet, four USB ports, a pair of 12V DC ports and, in addition, a DC terminal to charge external batteries.


Coming to its look, Innogen has designed the portable hybrid power system in a very cool way and with great portability. See, it is designed with a strong carrying handle on top and a solid base. Plus, its hand crank also looks strong enough. What’s more, the lovely thing is that it comes up in a variety of colors – dual tones, indeed. After all, its size goes at 11.2 x 7.8 x 9.1 inches and it weighs at 11.6lbs.


What Makes it Special

Perfect Portable Hybrid Power System for Off-Grid Life

Hybrid portable power solutions turn your outdoor life rather safe. Certainly, going for an outing with multiple off-grid energy solutions is more enjoyable. Yes, most solar chargers and power banks feature built-in facilities for wall or car charging. However, this cool X200 Power-Hub makes your off-grid life exciting as you have hand-crank, solar and wind turbine in one device, in addition to car and wall outlet charging facilities.

Simple, Plug and Play Portable Power Solution

It is all very simple to handle the X200 Power-Hub. You have everything in one tiny device. Just place it on your table and rotate the crank to produce energy. See, 15-minute cranking can produce quite enough energy to jump start your car. Otherwise, you just need to put the solar panel in sunlight or place a wind turbine in a windy location. All is done. You will be getting enough off-grid power to boost variety of your gadgets.


Highly Portable, Ideal for Hikers and Campers

With just around 12 lbs, carrying the portable hybrid power system is quite easy for hikers and campers. Perfectly, its design is very much friendly for portable use. As you know, it is up with a very solid carrying handle and the entire product is built of durable materials to let you take it anywhere with no worries.


Price and Availability

Innogen X200 Power-Hub is currently available for pre-orders on KickStarter. You can get a unit from the initial inventory by backing the project for a sum around $300. For big bakers, team behind the portable hybrid power system offers other good rewards. Get to the KickStarter page of the Innogen X200 Power-Hub here.


Final Thoughts

Put it simply, the ideal thing with the X200 Power-Hub portable hybrid power system is its mix of various off-grid power solutions. It is high time we should give focus for green energy sources, considering the looming energy crisis. Make sure you consume green energy at least for your off-grid power needs. Well, Innogen has well-recognized need of the hour and scope of a tiny product that merges all leading off-grid power options.

For camping and outing, the finest way to keep your gadgets charged is to go for any off-grid solution. Usually we have portable power systems with solar option only. Added with hand-crank and wind turbine (you need to buy separately), X200 Power-Hub can change the way you have been enjoying life outdoors. Irrespective of climate and time, you will have at least one option left for off-grid power all the time around.