The next-gen One Earth Designs portable solar cooker is around the corner. Branded as SolSource Sport, the new, crowd fund-seeking project is rather lightweight compared to its predecessor. Well, One Earth Designs successfully collected fund for its original back in 2013 and revolutionized the arena of outdoor cooking with the product. Anyway, you can back  the new SolSource Sport on KickStarter here.

Interestingly, new SoSource Sport is a high-tech solar cooker for campers, hikers, beach-goers, and outdoor enthusiasts. According to One Earth Designs, the main attraction of the new solar cooker, as noted above, is its lightweight and compact design. Of course, it will make the product cool for outdoor and emergency users. Amazingly, you can collapse the sleek cooker and pack it in a backpack of 24 inches for ultimate portability.

SolSource Sport Portable Solar Cooker Overview

Portable Solar Cooker

Specs wise, SolSource Sport works exactly like its original. It focuses sunlight into an angle in help of various reflectors, thus offering 92% efficiency. Great thing is the reflectors are equipped with self-healing polymers so that they stay cool when you cook. Of course, you can place any cookware on it to prepare your meals. In fact, SolSource Sport offers 600W of cooking power. That said, it takes just 15 minutes to boil 1 ltr water.

SolSource Sport Size and Dimensions

What Makes it Special

75% Lighter Than Original SolSource

As noted above, it is the most exciting thing with the new SolSource Sport. It is around 75% lighter than its previous model. Certainly, One Earth Designs has designed it so with a purpose to make it rather friendlier for campers and hikers out there. Clearly speaking, SolSource Sport has a weight of just 10 pounds, i.e. 4.5 kg, meanwhile it size goes at 31.5 x 31.5 inches. The original SolSource weighed at around 40 pounds.

Portable Solar Cooker SolSource Sport

Collapsible, Ultra Portable Solar Cooker

Besides its lightweight build, SolSource Sport touts a design that is easily collapsible. This way, you can store the portable solar cooker anywhere and assemble it in just three minutes. Well, you can remove each reflector and pack all in a medium 24-in bag. That means, handling of new SolSource is amazingly easy and quick. Plus, after you assemble the cooker somewhere it takes only 10 minutes to grab the heat required to boil water.

One Earth Designs SolSource Sport Portable Solar Cooker

Great for Camping, Backyard Cooking Etc.

The new SolSource Sport is indeed special for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You can carry it easily and assemble it in a few minutes. Soon after you place it under sun, it gets ready to cook your meals. One Earth Designs has, of course, made it very suitable for outdoor uses. Well, it works quite nice right anywhere you get sunlight, even if it is wild, beach or backyard. Also, it acts like an avoidable gear in your survival kit.

One Earth Designs SolSource Sport

Where to Buy From

Currently, the new SolSource portable solar cooker seeks crowd-fund on KickStarter. With a goal of $20,000, the campaign has already attracted over $69,000 from around 300 backers with 20 days to go. Of course, it indicates the awesome response from the side of customers, who would like to see an upgrade to SolSource solar cooker. You can get a unit of Super Early SolSource Sport for backing the project with an amount of $149 (retail price $249). Go here to visit SolSource Sport KickStarter campaign page.

By the way, One Earth Designs expects to deliver the product by June 2017. Once ready for public market, the company would also be selling it through as it did with its earlier variant. Here is the link to One Earth Designs’ Amazon page to check the original model, priced over $450.

One Earth Designs SolSource Sport Solar Cooker for Camping and Emergency

Final Thoughts

As you see, One Earth Designs has come up with an upgrade to its portable solar cooker at the right time. Four years after, we are to get a new variant that is rather awesome with its lightweight, compact design. Amazingly, it is getting huge response on KickStarter in just a few days after its launch on the crowdfunding site. Coming to the product, it looks that we will be getting an advanced solar cooker that is more efficient, portable, and friendly for all types of users, who would love to cook outdoors without propane or fuel.