There is an increasing demand for portable solar power products, says Paul Hubers, founder and director, SunGrid Group. The way solar energy is consumed has changed a lot with the arrival of a line of portable solar products, he added.

In response to the market needs, his company has decided to expand its product range. All other developers and manufacturers of portable solar products have been doing the same recently.

portable solar power

Availability of a variety of plug-and-play solar generators has made things easy for customers in consuming solar energy as much as possible. Earlier installation of solar panels was cumbersome and expensive too.

Scope for portable solar power is moving up. There are several places where traditional diesel generators can’t be used, because of their discharge of noise and pollution. Moreover, in work sites to camping and emergency situations, the most reliable and nature-friendly source for power is indeed solar.

“Its many other benefits and uses include outdoor recreational and  camping activities requiring heavier power, small guest houses, the local building industry and small business, to name but a few,” Mr. Hubers has added.

Portable Solar Power Applications

Recently several firms have made into the portable solar industry. Mainly campers go for portable solar power products, because they are best fit for their requirements. No other option is left in front of a camper to power up his/her phone or laptop in the wild.

Portable solar devices will come quite helpful in emergencies as well. That is why there is a quick boom in portable solar power industry after the Hurricane Sandy. Solar is the most reliable, and sometimes, the only source of power in case of an emergency.

Mainly portable solar devices include solar generators, solar chargers and solar panels. Heavy duty solar generators can even operate a mini fridge. And a solar charger is usually a less powerful option for handheld devices.