Camping is no more exciting without a reliable source for power. Still, it makes little sense to go on a camping with a traditional power bank. Surely, you couldn’t find a wall plug anywhere out in the wild. Then, the coolest way you could enjoy your outdoor life is to find a perfect portable solar power kit. Have you ever wondered of the best portable solar power kits camping? Don’t worry about getting the best one. Go ahead with your outing plans. You could certainly find the best solar power kit for off-grid and camping needs below.

Portable Solar Power Kits Camping

8 Best Portable Solar Power Kits Camping

You would be making into the wild with a range of appliances and gadgets. Maybe, you would be carrying an oven, a mini fridge, music system, or a CPAP machine. At least, you would go out with a mobile phone, GPS, or camera. Whatever devices you have, you need power from an endless source. No doubt, solar is the best way to meet the need. Have a look at the below portable solar power kits camping. You could surely find an item that could run or charge your favorite camping gadgets. And make sure you enjoy the life outdoors in style.

1. Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Kit

We would like to start with Goal Zero’s compact and lightweight power pack, the Sherpa 50. You could charge your laptop and tablet from sunlight anywhere you go. For that, you get it with a unit of Goal Zero’s Nomad 13 that would take five to ten hours to fully charge Sherpa 50. Amazingly, Nomad 13 also works alone. That said, you could charge your phones and other USB devices directly from it under sunlight.

Anyway, Sherpa 50 with Nomad 13 solar charger is an easy-to-carry solar solution. You could move anywhere with it by ensuring power all the time around. But to charge AC appliances, you must buy Sherpa Inverter for extra price. By the way, Sherpa 50 offers 50Wh power and it packs up 5,200mAh lithium battery. If you want to store more power for your camping needs, you could go for its higher variant, Sherpa 100.

2. Nature Power 5000mAh Solar Power Kit

What about a Nature Power solar pack? It is the next item in our list of portable solar power kits camping. You would certainly love this lightweight and highly portable machine. However, what you get is not as powerful as the above Goal Zero one. Fine, you have two components mainly; a 6-watt folding solar panel and a 5000mAh power bank, branded as Power Bank 5. Overall, you could run all your small gadgets anywhere under sun.

Getting ready for a hiking or camping? Indeed, this could be one of the best solutions to make your outdoor life exciting. Thanks to a pair of USBs, you could run all your handhelds like cell phone, tablet, GPS, camera etc. By the way, with the included solar charger, you could fully charge the power bank in as  many as 12 hours. That said, you could rely on this system to make sure you get enough power right anywhere out in the wild.

Update: Nature Power has informed us that this product has been discontinued. So hurry up to buy one before the stock with Amazon runs out.  The company, however, offers a variety of other camping solutions. Check out its page.

3. Fenix Intl Readyset 15W Solar Power System

It is the outcome of a highly successful KickStarter campaign. Back in 2012, its maker Fenix Intl grabbed a huge sum of $112,362 from over 500 backers to bring into life this cool solar power kit. Though designed for remote African villages basically, ReadySet is, of course, one of the best portable solar power kits camping in USA. It is simply because what you get is a highly rugged and easy-to-use solar kit that would work quite fine for hikers, campers, tailgaters, and finally all those who are preparing a survival kit.

What are the specs of ReadySet? First, it becomes a cool solar kit with its 54WHr battery that could charge an iPhone around 10 times. That said, once you fully charge it from sunlight, you could go on a camping with no worry about charging your phone. The included solar panel is a 15W rugged unit that could charge the battery in a few hours under bright sun. Meanwhile, the built-in 3W LED light is another attraction as it could work 15 hours continuously on full charge. So there is nothing to worry about lighting in the wild as you have this kit.

4. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit

Why should you buy Yeti 400 Lithium kit? Simply, it is the most popular one in the segment. Being an Amazon affiliate, I can tell with surety that Yeti 400 Lithium is a top seller of all portable solar power kits camping for a while. So, you could certainly go for this solar kit, because it successfully meets all important criteria you would typically look into while buying anything new. First, it comes from a leading brand, Goal Zero. Then, you have it with awesome customer reviews and rating, though Goal Zero products are a bit expensive.

What are in the kit? As you know, the main item is Goal Zero’s brand new Yeti 400 Lithium, the new upgrade to its lead-acid Yeti 400. This 428Wh machine has wonderfully replaced its older version with a lightweight design, more charging cycles, and a replaceable lithium battery. Along with it comes Goal Zero’s new 50W Boulder 50 Briefcase, which as its name suggests, is foldable to briefcase form. Is 50W not enough? You can also buy the same briefcase-style model with 100W capacity, the Boulder 100 Briefcase from the above buy button link.

5. Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Kit

What about an all-in-one solar kit? Renogy’s famous Phoenix is a great portable power solution for campers. Well, it becomes one of the best portable solar power kits camping with its cute standalone design. As you see, you have everything including solar cells integrated to a handy, portable suitcase-style box. Fine, just unlock the latches and open the top lid. What you have inside is a pair of 10W solar cells. Do you think 10W for a 16Ah Li-ion machine is not enough? Then, you could indeed expand it up with additional PV panels up to 120 watts.

Phoenix is a 150W machine with outputs for variety of your devices. You could run an AC appliance, two DC devices, and four USB-enabled gadgets with it. Also, it touts one cigarette light charger, making it one of the most reliable off-grid power solutions. You can make your way into the wild with no worry at all as you could run most of your camping electronics. By the way, its handy design makes it portable for hassle-free moving.

6. PortableSolarPower.Biz 12W Pocket Solar Charger

What about a solar charger alone? You get an 8-layered high efficiency folding solar panel that could directly charge your gadgets from sunlight. Yes, it doesn’t come with a storage facility like other items in our list of the portable solar power kits camping. Well, you could just unfold the panels and spread in sunlight to utilize sun energy to run your devices. If you want to store power for latter use you should buy a power pack separately. Overall, what you get is a rugged and highly portable solar charger with good solar conversion rate.

Specs wise, it is a 12W 2Amp USB solar charger. As its name suggests, it is a pocket-friendly solar charger. After you finish charging, you could unfold it and make into a tiny unit. Another attraction is it has an updated USB charging circuit that is compatible to all Apple products. So, you could charge any of your handhelds in the wild with no worry at all. By the way, its maker says it has put a budget price for the solar charger in order to serve to more people, and not because it has been selling a low quality product.

7. AcoPower 105W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

It is a typical solar charge system in our list of portable solar power kits camping. Different from most of the above items, it features a folding solar charger and charge controller. That said, you don’t have a battery pack with it. You could use the 105W solar charger to boost power packs, 12V lead acid, and lithium ion batteries. Interestingly, you could also connect phones and other USB devices to the system for direct charging.

Still, it is a highly portable system. It weighs just 8 lbs. And you get the ultra compact folding panel with a size of 22.05 x 17.32 in once folded, and 50.39 x 22.05 in once unfolded. Hence, you could take it anywhere with no much burden. More amazingly, the system is water-resistant and made of PET polymer for long life. AcoPower also sells 50W and 70W variants of the solar power kits, which also you could buy from the above link.

8. Yolk Solar Paper + Portable Solar Charger

Yolk’s Solar Paper has been an awesome concept. Touted as the world’s thinnest solar charger, it attracted massive crowdfunds on KickStarter back in 2015. It is now available for sale in variety of power options; 5W, 7.5, 10W, and 15W. Virtually, Yolk Solar Paper offers you an opportunity to “plug into the sun” to charge your handheld gadgets right anywhere. You have built-in USB ports to connect your iPhone, Android, or any other devices. Being such a lightweight and small product, don’t worry about taking it anywhere you go.

On the buy button above, you could get three variants of Solar Paper on Amazon. Hopefully, you would love to get such a thinner and paper-like solar charger while going on your next camping trip. The best way is to buy a power bank along with it so you could store some power for latter use. By the way, we think you have enjoyed our list of 8 lovely portable solar power kits camping. Make your comments below before leaving our page. SwanFolding Solar ChargersPortable Solar ChargersPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerPortable Solar Power Kits CampingCamping is no more exciting without a reliable source for power. Still, it makes little sense to go on a camping with a traditional power bank. Surely, you couldn't find a wall plug anywhere out in the wild. Then, the coolest way you could enjoy your outdoor life is...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks