Worried about ensuring enough juice for your gizmos on-the-go? I’m sure you can’t go on a camping or hiking without at least one modern gadget today. At any rate, you will be carrying a phone that stays you connected to the world as you explore the wilderness. What do you think of the emerging array of portable solar power packs? Of course, they could guarantee sufficient juice to all your camping gadgets right anywhere.

Take all your gadgets to campsite. Instantly share your camping moments with your friends on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy all with no worry of running out of your phone, Go Pro, DSLR, or GPS. Portable solar power packs put your gizmos plugged into the sun, the eternal source of energy. Well, we would like to introduce you to a list of five cool solar power packs that are handy for carrying, and powerful to juice up your gadgets.

Portable Solar Power Packs

Portable Solar Power Packs: 5 Cool Solar Power Packs

These are actually power packs with solar charging options. Sure, the anecdote of generators for these devices is a bit misleading as long as they don’t produce energy without solar panels. That said, you could also charge portable solar power packs from wall outlet or car charger. Coming to output, most of them are AC chargers, USB chargers and DC chargers at the same time, thanks to their built-in AC socket, USB ports and DC outlets respectively. Anyway, check out all items in our list of solar power packs below.

1. Talentcell 155Wh Solar Power Generator

Having a look at the pic above, what do you feel about the TalentCell power pack? I’m sure you might love its handy design at the first sight. Of course, you could easily take this device all along in your trips by hanging it on its strong, built-in handle. See, it weighs just around 1.5 kg, but you have virtually everting to make it the best companion for your outings. Clearly, as you see in the pic, you can charge one AC appliance, three USB gadgets and as many 12V DC devices at the same time. In total, it offers 42000mAh at 3.7V/155Wh.

I think you better try TalentCell’s own 24W folding solar panel to charge the power bank. Or you could use any other panel that offers 13-24V up to 2.1A Max. Indeed, being a solar blog and lover of nature, I could only recommend solar charging for this machine, though you could charge it via both AC outlet or DC charger in your car. But being an environmentalist, you could better go for solar, which also gives you rather freedom in outings as you have unlimited energy out there ever since the sun is in the sky.

2. AcoPower 220Wh Portable Solar Generator

Would you want to try a bit more powerful solar power pack? This AcoPower unit is one of the best options to go with, then. Don’t get it confused with similar model from Suaoki and other brands. I wonder why different brands are selling exactly same models of portable solar power packs. Whatever, this AcoPower unit features a good AC and DC inverter that is capable to power up all your camping gadgets. Well, total capacity it offers is 220Wh and the built-in battery is a 60000mAh li-polymer unit, which makes it as light as 2.5 kg.

Along with this power pack, get a unit of AcoPower’s 50-watt folding solar panel, because you could fold it down to a small unit after use for easy moving. You could also use other AcoPower solar panels ranging from 30W to 70W, or any third-party panel. By the way, the power pack has versatile output ports. They include an AC socket for your appliances, a pair of USB ports and as many DC ports. Don’t worry about the safety of your connected devices, because it touts charge regulator for stable charging.

3. Paxcess 150Wh Portable Solar Generator

Here is another cool solar power pack. Interestingly, its design is also common and many brands sell similar models. Sincerely, I’ve come across around five similar products under different brands on Amazon. Whatever, for this listicle, I would like to pick this model from a brand called Paxcess, which enjoys good reviews. Well, if you need a power pack with dual AC outlets, this suitcase-style model is up for you. It comes up with a pair of 110V AC sockets that offer modified sine wave output up to 100W.

To make it a solar generator, get a unit of Renogy’s 100W solar panel, which would juice up its 40800mAh battery steady faster. If you are on a budget, you could choose a rather affordable, less powerful solar panel like AllPower’s 50 bendable solar panel, which curves up to 30 degrees so you could place it neatly over uneven surfaces like RV roof. Overall, this Paxcess solar power pack along with solar panel is a nice off-grid power solution for camping, RVing, and emergency.

4. Jackery PowerPro Explorer 500Wh Power Pack

Jackery is an ex-Applers’ initiative and is based out in Silicon Valley. So, you get unique items unlike the ones from cheap Chinese makers. Hope you haven’t missed our recent post on Jackery Power Pro generator. Yes, with the recommended solar panel it costs around $1000, but if you own a solar panel already, this 500Wh Jackery Power Pro Explorer would be one of the best portable solar power packs to have a look at.

Of the all portable solar packs we discussed above, this Jackery product, as you see, stands out with its high-power capacity. See, it offers 500-watt hours, i.e. a 140000mAh battery that could ideally charge a smartphone around 50 times. You could also run big appliances like coffee maker, mini fridge etc. to make your outings with family a memorable experience. Being a survival gear also, this Jackery product would become an ideal option as it could store good volume of solar energy.

5. Audew 200Wh Solar Power Pack

If you don’t like the above items, this Audew 200Wh solar pack would be your choice, indeed. It is a 60000mAh / 220Wh high capacity device with dual AC pure sine wave output up to 250W. Wouldn’t you love this brilliant product for a price around $200? Along with Suaoki 60W folding solar panel, it could be a great companion for outdoor s. If you own a panel already, you could go rather cheaper in finding a lovely off-grid power pack.

We would like to conclude our list of the best portable solar power packs with this device. It doesn’t mean you should end your research to find the best solar power pack. On Amazon, you could see a wide range of similar products. So, ensure you choose the best power pack as long as it is mostly meant for emergency situation out in the wild. If you come across a more exciting product, tell us about it in the comments below.

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