Are you looking for an ideal solar backup generator? Well, Monerator’s Gusto 10 and Gusto 20 are two brilliant portable solar power stations worth buying. These beautiful yellow-themed suitcase-style generators deliver 128Wh and 265Wh respectively. Going on a camping, you will certainly love to carry these machines to make your outdoor life exciting. In case of emergency also, you can rely much on these highly portable gadgets.

Interestingly, Monerator Gusto series is available in four models. First, you get it as just Gusto 10 and Gusto 20 power banks each. Second, they come in kits as well, featuring a unit of 10W solar panel with each. Well, prices range from $200 to $400. That said, you get different options to pick from as per your budget and needs. If you already have a solar panel, go for just a Gusto power bank only, instead of a rather pricier Gusto solar kit.

Portable Solar Power Stations – Monerator Gusto 10 and 20

Portable Solar Power Stations

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Specs wise, there is indeed nothing new with the Gusto portable solar power stations. They are just like any other solar power stations and solar kits. You can charge the power banks from solar, AC outlet or car charger. Notable thing, however, is they are for two customers. The Gusto 10, as you see, is low-end, while Gusto 20 is its top-end. We have all specs and other details of each Gusto power stations below.

Monerator Gusto 10 Solar Generators

Of course, the Gusto solar generators are different in terms of output and battery only. Clearly, Gusto 10 is a 128Wh machine with 40Ah LiFePo4 battery, when Gusto 20 is a 256Wh generator with 80Ah battery. Besides, you have everything else exactly the same including case, ports and size. Well, both the machines tout three USB ports, four DC ports and one cigarette light charger. Meanwhile, coming to weight, the top-end model is 7.1 pounds, while younger sibling is just 4.9 pounds.

What Makes it Special

Monerator Gusto Solar Generator with Solar Panel

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Multiple Variants with Different Power, Storage Options

The first great thing with the Gusto portable solar power stations is their availability in multiple variants. As noted it above, you get Gusto 10 and Gusto 20 in two power and storage options. That means, you can find a perfect pick as per your requirements and budget. Well, if you need only a less powerful hiking power station go for Gusto 10 and save some bucks. And if you want a rather powerful one Gusto 20 works nice for you.

Monerator Gusto Solar Generator Features

Stylish, Durable, and Highly Portable

You get both the solar generators in a very handy and portable design. The durable suitcase-style case has a strong handle so that you can take it anywhere in the wild. A notable thing is Monerator has used the same case for both the variants of Gusto. With a size of 9.8 x 5.3 x 11.2 in, the yellow-colored case is compact and solid. By the way, depending on the size of battery, Gusto 20 is a bit heavier than Gusto 10.

Monerator Gusto 20 Solar Generator

Perfect for Emergency, RV and Camping

The Gusto solar generators are indeed perfect companions for campers, RVers and those who look to prepare a survival kit. With its small and compact design, you can easily deal with the products right anywhere. At the same time, their output and storage capacity make the solar generators brilliant for all types of off-grid power needs. And if you go for Gusto solar kits, you get the solar panel in the bundle. Otherwise, you can use the portable solar power stations with other solar panels if you have any.

Monerator Gusto 10 Solar Generator

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What you May not Like

Compared to similar products on market, the Gusto solar generators lack an AC socket. However, they support AC power to charge your laptops, mini fridge etc. You should use an AC cigarette light charger adapter to avail AC charging. Moreover, the included solar panels in the bundles are less powerful ones. Both the Gusto solar generators offer 10W panels, which are not enough to charge the machines from sunlight in a few hours.

Monerator Gusto 10 with Solar Panel

Customer Reviews and Rating

Overall rating of the Gusto portable solar power stations is 4.5 out of 5 stars on as of now. Most customers have shared positive comments. A customer has clearly noted that Gusto solar generators could multi-task as an off-grid power solution. Though the customer bought it for survival kit, it was much helpful for him in other occasions as well. Like he used to light up his backyard for a long time at night with it.

Monerator Gusto Solar Generator

Final Thoughts

In short, the Gusto portable solar power stations are ideal outdoor companions. Getting into the wild, you are now confident with enough back-up power all the way along. And if you get the juice run out midway, you can go solar and power up the machines from sunlight. Another interesting thing is their high portability as well as compact design. Well, with the Gusto 10 and 20 solar generators, you have nothing to worry to make your next outdoor exploration to right anywhere.