Solar-powered water purification is an amazing way to fight drinking water scarcity in developing countries. United Nations has identified the need of the hour and started to distribute various portable solar powered water purification systems in communities in Bangladesh and other developing countries.

Millions of people across the world have no access to quality drinking water. Solar energy-based systems can play a big role in taking on the crisis as long as it is totally free to produce the power that is required to cleanse water from contamination.

Portable Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

For Bangladesh, UN has partnered with a Swedish firm called Watersprint. Its model of portable solar powered water purification system, designed by Kenneth M. Persson and Ola Hansson, is a perfect way to purify water, using an UV-LED technology.

Portable Solar Powered Water Purification System

Excited to know how does this solar powered water purifier works? It is, in fact, a regular water purification system that works with the power of solar. The highly energy efficient system by Watersprint makes use of an LED-based UV disinfection technology. No chemical or mercury is used in the process and it works only when water is flowing, thanks to a sensor integrated to it.

The most interesting thing with the Watersprint portable solar powered water purification system is that it features Wi-Fi, which lets the user track its function lively. Once there is an error in the system, it will send notification to let the user know of it. The built-in battery lets you store the energy for night use, by the way.

Application in Developing Countries

In Bangladesh, the project is backed by Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus. To implement a pilot program, his organization Yunus Center has ordered as many as 10 units of the Watersprint portable solar powered water purification systems. Once found successful, it would be a great movement in developing countries to let people drink quality water.

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