After Solartab, Inergy Solar also comes up with a cool portable solar USB charger that features Qualcomm’s much-touted Quick Charge USB ports. Branded as Raptor Pro, the solar charger highlights Qualcomm’s Quick Charge output and input ports, ultimately letting you juice up your gadgets amazingly faster.

Well, Inergy is currently seeking public support to realize its second great portable solar power gadget after Kodiak. Like Kodiak one year back, Inergy has put it on Indiegogo, where you can now pre-order the portable solar USB charger with some offer. So far it has grabbed 10% of its $40,000 goal from 30 backers.

Unlike Solartab, Raptor Pro looks more durable and rough for outdoors. Moreover, being made for camping and hiking, it is 100% waterproof too. Design wise, it certainly stands out with its clam-shell foldable build. And once folded down you have a strong integrated handle to take it along simply.

Portable Solar USB Charger – Inergy Raptor Pro Charger


Specs wise, the new Inergy Raptor Pro portable solar USB charger is very exciting. It sports a pair of 1.5 watt SunPower solar cells, totaling an output of 3 watts overall. Well, as per its maker, it can recharge the onboard 6,000mAh battery in one day’s sunshine.

Notable thing with Raptor Pro, in the meantime, is its integration of a pair of Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 USB ports for rapid charging. Thus, it can charge your gadgets quickly – over 75% better than traditional charging. Plus, it touts a Quick Charge-enabled micro USB input port so that you can juice up it from wall in an hour.

Another noteworthy thing with the portable solar USB charger is a built-in LED bar that offers 350 lumens brightness. Yes, you can light up your camping tent for around 6 hours with a completely charged Raptor Pro. And coming to portability, it weighs just 10 ounces; making it really a worthy pick for campers.


What Makes it Special

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 USB Ports

The most highlighted feature of Raptor Pro is its pair of USB ports for quick charging. Well, the USB ports are Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 units that let you charge your gadgets faster. It is actually not the first time we come across a solar charger that sports these innovative USB ports. Earlier, we covered Solartab portable USB charger that is built with more advanced Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB ports.

Lightweight, Waterproof, Highly Portable

As it is specially designed for outdoor use, the portable solar USB charger is built very strong and durable. Yes, it is compact, lightweight and waterproof too. With no worry you can take it anywhere. Fine, irrespective of climate changes, you can charge the device from sun and use to juice up your handhelds. Sure, thanks to its clam-shell design, it is very much portable too. After use, just fold it down and place in your backpack.


Wide Compatibility and LED Light Bar

Of course, Raptor Pro is meant to charge variety of your handheld gadgets. It works with all USB-enabled gizmos. It has a decent energy storage capable to power up a smart phone 2 times, a hand-held GPS system 4 times and a DSLR battery around two times. Furthermore, you have got a base-camp LED bar integrated to the unit with 350 lumens brightness. Hence, you can ensure better lighting for hours in your camping tent.


Out of 10 Units One Goes Into Charity Pool

The team Inergy Solar has an incentive program with the sale of Raptor Pro solar chargers on Indiegogo. With an esteemed goal to avail portable solar energy in Africa and other places, the company offers 1 unit of Raptor to charity when there is an order for 10 units in its crowd-funding campaign. To find charities, Inergy wants backers to vote for their preferred organizations. Indeed, it is a great move as long as the reach of grid power is very limited in many remote areas of the world.

Price and Availability

As you know, the Inergy portable USB charger is at presently available for pre-order on Indiegogo. Once up in public market, it would be carrying an MSRP of $84.99. Well, Inergy looks to ship it by May 2017. Meantime, you have different offers for the device on Indiegogo and we are given a perk token for our READERS to buy 4 units of Raptor Pro for a cut-off price of $176. You can go here to grab the exclusive offer now.


Final Thoughts

Portable solar power industry is fast evolving with more innovative products. After Solartab, we get Inergy Raptor Pro with cutting-edge features of faster charging as well as amazing portability. Of course, we have three remarkable features with the Raptor Pro to make it a highly reliable portable solar USB charger in future. Simply, they are Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 enabled USB ports, high-efficient Sun Power solar cells and its light-weight, clam-shell design. Thanks to its clam-shell design, you can store it even in your pocket.

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