PowerFilm Solar, an Ames-based industrial manufacturer of thin film, flexible solar panels, is all set to expand its niche of portable, lightweight solar panels for every-day outdoor use. The company is to add two more variants to solar chargers to its USB output-enabled LightSaver line by the end of this year and early next year.

Currently, one PowerFilm solar charger, LightSaver is available on market. Priced at $99.99, it is a solar mobile charger with USB outlet. The LightSaver, weighing at 5 ounces, has a cool design that contains a lightweight lithium battery and a rollable solar module. It takes 5 to 6 hours to equal 3.5 hours of wall charging time.

PowerFilm Solar projects to add two more models to the LightSaver line; LightSaver Pocket and LightSaver Maxx. The former, to be priced at around $50, is the lightest of the series. It will weigh at 3.5 ounces and take 8 to 10 hours under sun to equal 3.5 hours of wall charging. It is expected for release late December 2015.

The LightSaver Maxx, the biggest unit of the series (weight 22 ounces), is to take only 6 hours to equal 2.5 hours of wall charge time. With multiple USB ports, the Maxx will support small and big devices as well. You will have 12V and 60W ports for different devices. This PowerFilm solar charger is set for 2016 spring release.

PowerFilm Solar Charger LightSaver


In fact, the upcoming PowerFilm solar chargers were announced at the 2015 Outdoor Retail Market, Salt Lake City, Utah back in August. The company founder and CEO, Frank Jeffrey said its new LightSaver solar chargers would show the customers how the solar technology being involved in the USA.

“We are probably one of the last of the U.S.-owned flexible solar panel companies,” Jeffrey said as per an Ames Tribune report. “Everything is coming from Asia now.”

He was actually mentioning about his company’s bad condition in effect of  the economic crisis of 2008. Solar firms in USA were going bankrupt very frequently, because they were unable to meet manufacture cost as they would have to sell products for small prices to catch market, he said.

However, his company could survive the situation after the decision to roll out portable solar panels for everyday uses of outdoor and camping enthusiasts. It is welcome that PowerFilm Solar has realized the raising potential of portable solar power devices.

Solar energy is the best solution for someone to rely on in case of an emergency and off grid life, whether it is a pleasure trip like camping. Upcoming PowerFilm solar chargers are expected to attract more customers to the market. Indeed, rollable design makes PowerFilm solar chargers amazingly portable.