It seems Renogy is replacing its Firefly solar generator with a brand new model. It has just surfaced the new model – Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase – with almost the same features of the existing Firefly. By the way, Renogy has removed Firefly from its official website, but is still available on Meanwhile, in reply to our query, Renogy team said they didn’t have stock of Firefly in their warehouse.

Whatever, the new Renogy Phoenix is a wonderful product. Indeed, what led us into confusion was that it has come up with almost the same features of Firefly. Fine, it touts a pair of 10W built-in solar panels, a 150W pure sine wave inverter and a 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) internal battery. Coming to price, Phoenix carries a price around $600, which is $100 pricier than Firefly. Stay to know all about Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase.

Design wise, Renogy Phoenix looks nearly like Firefly. It is a bit larger and heavier, though. It has a size of 3.9 x 16.1 x 13.8 inches and weight of 12.8 pounds. And besides the built-in solar panel, you can expand it with another 100W panels. Overall, it is a really cool portable solar generator to charge a wide range of your gizmos and appliances as you roam around. After the break, we have more details about the new Renogy generator.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase – All to Know

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase

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Specs wise, Renogy Phoenix is a compact, lightweight all-in-one solar generator. It sports a pair of 10W mono-crystalline solar cells. Great news is that you can expand its capacity up to 120 watts including the existing 20 watts. That means you can buy one of Renogy’s own 100W solar panels and make it a rather powerful portable generator. Apart from solar, it also supports charging from wall outlet or 12V lighter car charger.

Inside the Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase has a replaceable 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery unit. Well, if the battery wears out in future you can change it and add more life. By the way, the case that lodges all these stuffs is very durable and rugged. It further touts a high-quality LCD display to show live status of battery.

Most importantly, the Renogy solar generator uses MPPT charging technology. And you have it with 150W pure sine wave inverter to ensure better results. Coming to ports, it has a pair of 12V ports at 3A max, four 5V USB ports at 2.4A max and one 12V 12.5A cigarette lighter charger. Above all, a multi-mode 3W LED lamp is another key attraction with this cool camping solar generator.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase Outside View

What Makes it Special

Cool All-in-One Portable Solar Generator

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase is yet another cool member to all-in-one generator market. Sure, we don’t have large number of all-in-one solar generators out there for many reasons. One key reason is, of course, their limited power production capability. Though an all-in-one solar generator is friendly for portable use, solar power capacity you can include in the system is very limited. But Renogy Phoenix stylishly breaks that limit with an option to add extra panels if you require more output.

Powerful, Replaceable Li-ion Battery Pack

Well, the brand new Renogy solar generator comes with a powerful battery, which is also replaceable. Life of battery is actually limited with some charging cycles. But earlier we had most of the leading solar generators including Goal Zero Yeti series without an option for battery replacement after expiry of the existing units. Now new models of generators fortunately turn out with replaceable batteries. Even the new gen Goal Zero Yeti Lithium series has this option as main attraction.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase Review

Durable, Handy for Portable Uses

Portable solar generators must be durable and friendly for use in rough outdoor conditions. Renogy has surely made its new solar generator in a high quality and durable case. It also got a heavy duty handle to let you easily carry the device from one place to the other. Overall, Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase with its lightweight and handy design is an excellent companion for campers, hikers and emergency use as well.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator

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What you May not Like

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase is not for heavy duty use. It is just a small, lightweight camping gear to charge your handsets and other small gadgets in the wild. You can’t run big home appliances or power tools with it. So before buying it, make sure it fits for all your needs.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase Features

Final Thoughts

Succinctly, the new Renogy all-in-one solar generator is a better replacement for its own Firefly generator. We are not sure if the company is to discontinue Firefly and go with the Phoenix only. In an analysis, we actually see nothing special with Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase that makes it unique from Firefly. However, it is a fact that portable solar market requires a wide range of all-in-one solar generators. Therefore, Phoenix will also get a space in the fast exploring portable solar power market.