If you are looking for a portable power station for long off-grid power, River mobile power station is an ideal solution. What makes this product from EcoFlowTech outstanding is nothing, but its capacity to store power for one year. Amazingly, you can charge it from solar energy as well, other than wall socket and car charger. Well, connected with a solar panel during your outing, you can stay connected to the world all the time.

Inside the River mobile power station comes a highly powerful 116,000mAh/412Wh Li-ion battery and its total output is 500 watts. That said, a fully charged unit of River power bank can juice a normal smartphone around 30 times. And thanks to its higher output, it also runs a variety of small appliances including a mini fridge and oven. Besides, small size of the power bank, weighing at just 11 pounds, makes it perfect for outdoor use.

River Mobile Power Station

River Mobile Power Station: Smart Solar Power Station

Currently, EcoFlowTech is accepting pre-orders for the product on Indiegogo. Yes, this product is coming to reality thanks to the massive funding by backers on the crowdfund site. Well, as of writing this, the campaign has raised around $847,200, which is over 2800% of its preset flexible goal. Of course, it refers to the huge popularity this small solar mobile power station has received from the backers.

What Makes it Special

River Mobile Power Station Solar Power Station

Fast Recharge from Solar, Wall Socket, and Car Charger

First, River mobile power station, as noted above, works with three charging options; solar, wall socket and car charger jack. Being a solar blog, we would like to recommend this product for campers and hikers, who would rather prefer to charge it from sunlight. Well, to turn River to a solar generator, EcoFlowTech offers a 50-watt folding solar charger with the power bank. Plus, thanks to the built-in versatile power input ports, charging of the machine through all the three sources works quite faster.

Large Portable Battery with Lightweight Design

As put it above, it is another outstanding strength of the River mobile power station. It comes with a powerful battery inside. Clearly, you have a mega 116,000mAh battery that is 412Wh powerful with an output is 500W. Being a Lion battery, it is lightweight, making the overall power bank friendly for outdoor and off-grid use.

River Mobile Power Station Smartest Solar Portable Power Station OverView

Wonderful Backup Power, Off-grid Power Source

Yes, River can store power for one year. It is, of course, a rare feature of the device compared to most of its rivaling products on market. Indeed, this attribute increases scope of River as a nice companion for outdoor applications. And coming with solar panel, it doubles as an ideal solar generator for off-grid and emergency uses. Overall, it weighs just 11 lbs, by the way.

Multiple Ports with Simultaneous Output Support

Coming to output ports, River is certainly the richest of all models we have come across recently. It comes with a pair of USB QuickCharge, as many regular USB and USB Type C ports. Moreover, it touts a pair of AC sockets, two DC ports and one 12V car port. That means, you can charge 11 gadgets at the same time from River.

River Mobile Power Station - All to Know About

What you May not Like

Considering it as a solar power bank, it is not an ideal one, of course. Yes, it highlights solar charging option, but you need to carry a separate panel. It bundles a 50W unit, which is not powerful enough for a device that has a strong back-up. To recharge it from sun rather faster, better you buy a more powerful panel too.

River Mobile Power Station Smartest Solar Portable Station

Where to Buy From

River mobile power station is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo. To buy a unit there, you need to spend $500 and for 50W solar charger it costs $250. EcoFlowTech expects to ship River and the solar panel by August this year. Of course, after a while, River will be hitting public market with an attractive price. Update: River mobile power station is currently on Amazon. You can check price and buy one from the below button.

River Mobile Power Station Smartest Solar Portable Power Station

Final Thoughts

Interestingly, portable solar power market is rapidly growing. Every time we get new items. River mobile power station is a n ideal example for a highly successful portable power product. As you see, its maker has designed it as a perfect portable power bank basically. But with solar charging option and exclusive solar panels, it is yet another cool portable solar power bank on market. Hopefully, River will hit public market soon and compete with other players in the industry like Anker PowerHouse and Goal Zero Yeti , thus giving campers and hikers one more brilliant choice out there.