Here comes a different solar generator inverter. It is from Paxcess, a new player in portable solar industry. This product, however, looks a wonderful one with a host of features. Paxcess solar generator doesn’t come with a solar panel, but you can use any 100W panel to charge it as long as it is built with a solar charge controller.

Basically, Paxcess solar generator inverter is a power backup solution. It sports an internal battery, inverter and other things to let you charge your gadgets indoors or outdoors. And you can juice it up from wall or car charger. However, getting into an outing with it, you need an off-grid power solution. That is solar here.

Paxcess solar generator inverter is a bit different in its look. Unlike Goal Zero Yeti, Anker PowerHouse or other popular models, it doesn’t have a modern design. It comes in a large black plastic case with a huge handle, making it look kind of run-of-the-mill. However, it is lightweight and handy for moving, thanks to its handle.

Solar Generator Inverter by Paxcess

Solar Generator Inverter

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Specs wise, the solar generator inverter has all typical features. First of all, let us check out its internal battery. Paxcess has installed a 40800mAh lithium ion battery. It sports a 100W pure sine wave inverter so that you can use it to juice up a wide range of your gadgets like phones, tablets, laps, cameras and etc… Its maker doesn’t sell a solar panel, but you can buy any model that offers 10A (Max) / 14V~40V of energy.

By the way, the solar generator features multiple output ports. You have it with dual AC power ports to run all your big household appliances. Meanwhile, on the other side, it has a pair of USB ports and three DC ports of 9-12.6V/15A. It also sports a cigarette lighter socket. Overall, it Paxcess solar generator inverter is rich in terms of output ports. In the end, it measures at 6.5 x 6.9 x 3.1 in and weighs at 3.3 pounds.

Paxcess Solar Generator Inverter all to know about

What Makes it Special

Excellent Camping Gear – Energy and Light Anywhere

To begin with, Paxcess solar generator inverter is well-built for camping needs. Basically, as put it above, it is a portable power solution with an integrated solar charge controller. That means you can charge its onboard battery from sunlight and power up your gadgets. It rather turns out to be an ideal camping gear as it sports an ultra-bright LED light panel that acts like both illumination and warning lights.

Paxcess Solar Generator Inverter Review

Lightweight and Easy to Move Around in your Trips

This solar generator is not something heavy and hefty in size. With just 6.5 x 6.9 x 3.1 inches, you can take it anywhere with no burden. You have got it with a large plastic handle that makes it rather comfortable to carry in your hand. It is also very less in weight so that it becomes rather cool in terms of portability.

Secure and Safe for Camping and Emergency Needs

As a camping or emergency off-grid power solution, it works well with solar. That is you need to buy a solar unit for separate price to charge it from sun. However, it leaves an option to charge from wall socket or car charger too. By the way, the Paxcess solar generator inverter boasts technologies to prevent damages from overcharging as well as discharging. It also touts over current and over power proof to ensure security.

Paxcess Solar Generator Inverter

What you May not Like

Being a solar generator, you will be disappointed to see it without a solar panel. Yes, its maker doesn’t offer you a solar panel or you can’t buy it in a kit. You need to spend an extra of around $400 to buy a 100W panel. Moreover, Paxcess solar generator inverter is not a widely popular model as it is relatively new to market.

Solar Generator Inverter by Paxcess

What Customers Think

Coming to customer feedback, it has no notable count of reviews on Amazon as of writing this. The reason, as you can see, is it is new on As of now, it has got only one customer review that has rated the product at 4 out of 5 stars. Perhaps, you can check back the product later to see what people think of it.

Solar Generator Inverter Review

Final Thoughts

Paxcess solar generator inverter is, in fact, a perfect companion for campers and hikers. It is a cool pick for all outdoorsmen to charge their array of gadgets from sunlight. Of course, you should buy a solar panel extra to make it a full solar generator. But when you have one, it works quite fine. You can easily take it anywhere with no much burden. And make use of solar energy out there to charge up your gadgets in style.