Wouldn’t you love a portable solar speaker that plays 30 minutes on 10-minute charging? This crowdfund-seeking SolarBox is a lightweight, waterproof solar powered portable speaker. It could play high fidelity audio outdoors. Well, you could enjoy your next outing with more fun, thanks to its excellent audio and durability. Already, over 500 people have backed up the project on Indiegogo to reach its goal over 300%.

Don’t worry about your speaker outdoors. Keep listening to your fave tunes right anywhere. SolarBox is IPX-5 waterproof so it could stand out any wet conditions. Take it into the beach and enjoy music in the shower or even in rain. Amazingly, you could connect your calls to it via Bluetooth, and built-in LED light will show your paths in the wild. Wow! A fully charged SolarBox will play your music for 60 hours.

SolarBox Portable Solar Speaker

SolarBox – Ideal Solar Powered Portable Speaker

Well, what do you think makes a portable solar speaker ideal? Simply, it should be lightweight, powerful, rugged, and waterproof. SolarBox, of course, becomes the best in the segment as far as all the above features are considered. The team has installed a very rough monocrystalline solar cell on it, and the body is also very solid so it could survive even big falls and other impacts.

You can’t predict what conditions there would be before moving into the wild. It could be heavily raining or foggy. Whatever is the situation, SolarBox works nicely anywhere if there is sun in the sky. You can go into an instant party as sun turns up. At campsite or on hiking trail, you could play unlimited music. Even while taking shower, or moving on bike, you could place the solar powered portable speaker nearby.

SolarBox Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Long Battery Life – Enjoy 60-Hour Music

Want to enjoy music for all day long? SolarBox is designed with powerful lithium polymer battery, which is lightweight and long-lasting. Charge just once and enjoy unlimited music for 60 hours. Incredibly, as mentioned above, you can make it play for half an hour by placing it under sun for just 10 minutes. That is, it charges the battery very faster and you could thus make it a wonderful choice for outdoor use. Let the music flow endless as you explore the wilderness.

SolarBox Solar Speaker

Light up your Ways – LED Light with Three Modes

As a camping gear, SolarBox is again rich with its built-in LED. It has three modes, i.e. light, SOS beacon and wolf protection light. Of course, it would be a big reason for you to buy this solar powered portable speaker. Along with unlimited music, you could ensure better lighting and emergency support. You no longer need to carry an extra torch while hiking or camping as it lights up your way ahead.

Highly Powerful and Cool Connectivity

Being an audiophile, you would be excited to see how powerful SolarBox is. It has a frequency between 100 Hz-18,000 Hz, and amazingly, its sound distortion is very low at 0.1%. That would indeed ensure highly balanced and precise musical experience outside. You could simply connect your music source to SolarBox, by the way. You have one touch Bluetooth connectivity or Aux input to stream tunes from your phone, tablet, or PC.

portable solar speaker solarbox

Where to Buy From

Do you think you require a unit of SolarBox now? Well, you could pre-order it from Indiegogo. Its value starts at $49.99, and you have variety of initial offers and deals there. SolarBox team expects to start shipping the product be September this year. Sooner, the solar powered portable solar would be hitting public market for a competitive price, of course. Hope you will love to support the brilliant project.

SolarBox Portable Solar Speaker Overview

Final Thoughts

It is time you can rock your outdoor parties with music. Get this cool solar powered portable speaker and make your ways ahead in style. You can easily rug up SolarBox to your backpack or bicycle with a hook or carabiner. It is all. It charges from sun and music continues you all the way along. You could also buy a solar charger for your phone to keep its juice during the trip. And connect it with the solar speaker for continuous music out in the wild.