A Saudi-Palestinian company, Knowledge-Base, has made a wonderful solar powered umbrella called ‘Kafya’ – smart – to help Haj pilgrims in the Kingdom under hot summer sun.

The umbrella comes with built-in solar panels on top and a battery in the handle, letting Muslim pilgrims enjoy extra advantage of portable power as they perform Haj in Mecca.

Though designed for 2016 Haj in mind, the company doesn’t want to limit it for the pilgrims only. It plans to market the amazing product across the world and seeking investors to distribute the umbrella in world market.

Solar Powered Umbrella

Kafya Solar Powered Umbrella – Features

The solar powered umbrella, as you can see in the picture, is designed with built-in solar cells on the top to absorb sunlight. The curved handle has the battery inside to store the produced energy. Capacity of the battery and solar cells is not yet available.

Two important features of the solar powered umbrella are the built-in fan and flashlight. The fan on the roof of the umbrella works on solar energy and gives you breeze as great relief in hot climates. And the flashlight shows you the way in nighttime.

Moreover, the umbrella touts a built-in GPS system that keeps you connected with your friends or family in a crowded event like Haj. On its handle, you have three different USB outlets to charge variety of your gadgets like phone, tablet and laptop.

Solar Powered Umbrella - Knowledge Base

Kafya Solar Powered Umbrella – Team Behind

Saudi Arabian scientist Kamel Badawi and his Palestinian partner Manal Dandis are the people behind the idea of the solar powered umbrella. Being a long time volunteer for Haj, the biggest Muslim pilgrimage, Badawi has been dreaming of a project like this for a while.

However, Badawi is hopeful to sell this umbrella across the world. He doesn’t want to make it an exclusive Haj product only. According to Badawi, Haj pilgrims were using umbrellas for long time only to protect from sun and he got the idea of making it a multipurpose one.

“This means we always have electricity to not only charge mobile-phones, but computers as well. You can charge any device that can be connected via USB. The GPS system will help families stay together by helping each individual who has an umbrella easily identify where he or she is.” Badawi said.

Kafya Solar Powered Umbrella – Possibilities

If proven reliable, the solar powered umbrella would be a great idea for applications in various conditions including camping and emergency. On summer days, it is always tedious to go out and most people prefer to sit back in their house or camping tent.

But a product like this would be a great companion of adventurous people all the time. They can make their ways during an outing or an event even on sunny hours. Along with giving protection from sun, it gives you breeze, flashlight in night and, moreover, some solar energy to make sure you devices won’t run out of power.

Make your comments about the more possibilities of a solar powered umbrella in your life.

Via: Tribune