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SolSource Solar Cooker Review: Cooking Off-the-Grid is a Breeze With the Highly Efficient Portable Solar Cooker

We recently have had a look at the best portable solar cookers. Here is our exclusive take on the SolSource Classic solar cooker from One Earth Designs. This is a highly efficient parabolic solar stove that is widely appreciated for its fast cooking time and ultra-portability.

Absolutely, cooking off-the-grid goes super simple and easy with SolSource. Stay with us for more details of the solar oven after the break. In our SolSource Solar Cooker review here, we would like to cover its features and uses in various situations.

To begin with, let us see how versatile this cooker is. It works with many camping cookware. Also, different from other solar stoves, this SolSource can grill, bake, boil and fry anything you want.

SolSource Solar Cooker Review

SolSource is a 100% solar-powered cooker. You just need to assemble it anywhere under the sun. And place the cookware in its slot. It starts to cook your dishes right away. Under a bright sun, SolSource can offer a temperature up to 400°F / 200°C. Wanna buy a unit of SolSource Classic? Follow the button below to check out its price and other details.

The best part of SolSource is certainly its unique cooking features. Of course, all other solar cookers have a lot of restrictions on how you could cook your meals. This one is exceptional. It highlights a brilliant reversible pot stand, which is capable of accommodating many camping cookware.

That means you could try out diverse dishes with different cookware. Well, we have more reasons why you should buy the SolSource Classic cooker below. Stay with us to know the important things you need to know about this amazing solar cooking stove.

Why Should You Buy?

1. Superb Off-Grid Solar Cooker

It is a time people regularly go on an outing for fun. During camping, cooking is surely one of the great fun moments. It is, of course, a big burden for regular campers to carry a charcoal grill or a gas stove. Here comes this cool SolSource Classic solar stove. It lets you prepare your meals quickly without causing any harm to nature. Moreover, it saves you the cost of fuel or charcoal.

2. Best for Survival Conditions

A SolSource solar stove is an incredible pick for a survival preparedness kit. Once trapped in an emergency situation you will definitely require gear like this. This stove can help you quickly prepare some meals and boil water with no need for fire, charcoal, or gasoline. Certainly, it can be your life savior in a worse situation.

3. Ideal for Weekend Cooking

Is there anybody who won’t enjoy cooking in the backyard on weekends? It should be a fun moment for your family to do leisure cooking on a solar stove. Well, you could just assemble and disassemble the solar stove in a matter of time. And enjoy unlimited fun in cooking your fave dishes outdoors.

4. Eco-Friendly Cooking Solution

Above all, it is a 100% eco-friendly cooking facility. It doesn’t burn fuel or biomass. Instead, it just makes use of the otherwise-wastes sunlight to cook your meals. That is how it comes out to be a nice way to reduce a little bit of your carbon footprint. Being a camper, you also serve nature without emitting any fatal gases, thanks to the solar-powered outdoor cooker.

How Does it Work?

In this SolSource solar cooker review, I’m sure you will love to see how the solar oven really works. It is actually a simple technology of heat concentration at a particular point. For that, Sol Source has got some reflective panels that are put together in a parabolic shape.

So they would attract more sunlight. And focus the heat from the sun into an angle in the middle of the parabola. This is where you would place the cookware with dishes to prepare it under the direct sunlight. The result is you get yummy foods anywhere out in the wild, thanks to sunlight.

SolSource-Solar-Cooker-How-It-WorksGraphic Source: One Earth Designs

With this technique, to your surprise, solar cookers normally use around 90% of the solar juice. It is here you will wonder to see the minimal conversation rate of a typical solar panel.

Most of the solar panels on the market consume only 15% to 20% of the solar juice for converting to electricity. Of course, the technique of solar panel is totally different from what a solar cooker does.

How to Install?

Handling SolSource Solar Stove is indeed very simple. It takes only three minutes to assemble and disassemble the setup. It has mainly two parts; the base and parabola panels. You need to start with fixing the stand and burner grill.

After screwing, you could mount the reflective panels over it. That is all to do. You could now place the cookware over the solar hearth. Cooking starts as soon as you place the cooker under the sun.


Final Thoughts

With SolSource, you are lucky enough to enjoy unlimited cooking under the sun. While going on an outing, this portable solar stove is a great addition to your survival kit. It works pretty well in sunny climates, especially when there are horizontal sun rays.

Its response to vertical rays is not much exciting, though. Overall, the SolSource solar cooker is a great companion for campers and hikers. Hope you enjoyed our SolSource solar cooker review. Give us your feedback on the product in the comments below.

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