There is no dearth of portable solar chargers on market, but this one from Vinsic is a notable piece of solar charger, thanks to its high charging efficiency and solid design. To make your camping a cool experience you can put it into your backpack or bicycle.

The Vinsic Solar Charger comes with a 22-watt high efficiency solar cell that offers up to 23.5%-25% solar energy conversion rate. Compared to many similar solar chargers, it is really a remarkable achievement.

As much exciting is the compact design of the charger, which is made using industrial-strength PET plastic. Sewn into high-wear polyester canvas it ensures durability against rough outdoor use. We are discussing all aspects of the Vinsic Solar Charger below. Stay with us after the break.

Vinsic Solar Charger – Highlights

| 22W High Efficiency Solar Charger |
| Faster Plug and Play Solar Charger |
| Perfect for Phones, Tablets and Cameras |
| Durable Design for Rough Outdoor Use |
| Built-in Dual USBs for Simultaneous Charging |
 Vinsic Solar Charger  Vinsic Solar Charger Review

22-Watt High Efficiency Solar Charger

Lack of efficiency is one important reason that stays many people away from solar devices. This Vinsic solar charger is something special in this sense. The company claims that it would provide up to 23.5%-25% conversion efficiency. It is when regular monocrystalline panel’s conversion rate is only 15%. Customers have indeed testified this quality of the solar charger, however.

Perfect for Phones and Tablets Outdoors

Camping will never be exciting if your handsets are run out of power. Gadgets connect you to the world these days. Without them, camping will be a lackluster experience because you are no more connected to your family or friends. This solar charger is quite ideal for charging your phones, tablets, MP3 players and GPS outdoors.

Durable Design for Rough Outdoor Use

Designed primarily for outdoor use, the Vinsic Solar Charger is made with high-wear materials. Industrial-strength PET plastic is used for the solar panel and that is sewn into rough and solid polyester canvas to make sure it can resist coarse outdoor conditions. Overall, it is a perfect pick for camping, hiking and other outdoor life.

Vinsic Solar Charger Review

What Customers Think?

There is a good feedback toward the Vinsic Solar Charger. On Amazon, as of writing this, it has grabbed as many as 50 reviews, rating it at 4.4 out of 5 stars. And most reviewers have appreciated the product for its quality build as well as high efficiency in solar energy collection.

It “works great. Folds up pretty small. Charges my phone from 30% in about an hour. I use it when I run a booth at the flea market… no power,” writes down a customer named David.

Someone else, namely Brownie, has shared his experience with the solar charger on his sea kayak. He was using it while kayaking on Lake Michigan and the solar charger kept on working even though it was a little wet during the voyage.

Sum Up

There is a huge number of solar chargers on web. Not all of them are perfect fit for camping even if their makers claim they are so. A portable solar charger should be doing well at least in two aspects; high efficiency and rough design. This Vinsic Solar Charger, as we noted above, is a champion in that sense. It is one of the most reliable solar chargers for camping and hiking for that reason.