We are familiar with a number of Voltaic solar backpacks. Branded as Off-Grid, Converter, Array and Generator, the Brooklyn-based portable solar firm has been selling a variety of models. As of now, Voltaic has introduced two new generation solar backpacks, Off-Grid and Array.

Surely, they are new editions of their current models. Both the current Off-Grid and Array solar backpacks were not in stock for a while. These new models will be replacing them. By the way, Voltaic has put both the new models for crowd funding on KickStarter with a target to raise $24,000.

Of course, as of writing this, the Voltaic crowd-funding campaign is going quite fine. It has already passed the goal with around 30 more days to go. Well, it has attracted over $31,000 from around 140 backers. Surely, it indicates that people are really excited to see the brand new Voltaic solar backpacks.

Voltaic Solar Backpacks – Array and Off-Grid


Specs wise, the new Array and Off-Grid are two different products, meant at different customers. Array touts 10 Watts solar panel and power pack of 19,800mAh battery. Off-Grid, in the meanwhile, comes with 6 Watts solar panel and 4,000mAh battery pack. It simply means the new Voltaic solar backpacks are for customers with different power needs. Array is powerful to charge a lap, while Off-Grid is ideal for tablets and phones.

The top-tier model Array, in fact, packs up Voltaic’s V72 Universal Laptop Battery as power bank. As noted above, it contains a 19,800mAh battery that is powerful enough to charge a laptop by selecting one of adjustable voltages at 12V, 16V or 19V. It also got USB ports to connect your phones, tablets, DLSR and etc… The bag is available with two color solar panels – charcoal and silver.


Coming to Off-Grid, it bundles Voltaic V15 Universal USB Battery that sports 4,000mAh battery with 5V/1A USB output. However, Voltaic has left an option to upgrade its battery with a larger V44 power bank that carries a 12,000mAh with dual USB ports. Similar to Array, it also got solar panels in two colors – charcoal and silver.

By the way, regarding bag size, both Array and Off-Grid have exactly same attributes. Well, you have the bags with 25L room for your travelling stuffs. And they feature side pockets for tripod and expandable bottom straps. Similarly, you have padded laptop and tablet sleeves and smart phone pockets with both the models.


What Makes Them Special

Perfect Solar Panels for Outings

First of all, both Voltaic solar backpacks mount camping-friendly solar panels. Being solar bags basically, it is indeed the most-wanted feature. Simply, they are rugged, waterproof and lightweight, meaning that you can take the backpacks anywhere with no worry. Once you are in wild, bad weather and rough conditions may trouble you. But you get two cool bags with built-in solar panels that are capable to endure all such adversities.


Large Solar Energy Storage Options

Both the solar bags bundle up large energy storage packs. All the three power banks related with Array and Off-Grid have been doing well on market for a while. With the solar bags, they can do well in storing solar energy in daytime and charging up your gadgets later. As you know, Voltaic Array, thanks to the large battery pack, is one of the rare solar backpacks that can charge a laptop completely from sun energy.

Spacious, Feature-rich Backpacks

Other than their solar panel and storage capacities, both the Voltaic backpacks are spacious enough to store all what you want for a hiking. Voltaic has, in fact, recommended both the new backpacks for photographers, hikers and campers. With 25L room for storage, you get quite large bags, and yet another attraction point is the bags feature plenty of sockets and pockets for various devices to rest. In addition, you have a side pocket for tripod, expandable bottom straps and a protected top pocket.


Price and Availability

Currently, the new Voltaic solar backpacks are available for pre-order on KickStarter. MSRP of Array and Off-Grid respectively goes at $199 and $379. But you can pre-order the cool backpacks with offers on KickStarter now, starting at $119 and $219. A sharing pack that contains both Array and Off-Grid is priced at just $400. Voltaic offers to ship the backpacks by December 2016. Visit Voltaic’s KickStarter page here.


Final Thoughts

It is sure the new Voltaic solar backpacks will rock. Portable solar power industry is fast growing with several makers coming up with super cool gadgets. Voltaic Systems, a leading player in portable power industry, is also joining the foray by introducing upgrades to its Array and Off-Grid solar backpacks. In fact, the earlier versions of both Array and Off-Grid were not in stock for a while.

The new Voltaic solar backpacks are surely feature-rich for hiking uses. As recommended by Voltaic, they look amazing products for photographers, campers and hikers. Making into the wild for any purpose, no one can survive well without a reliable power option. These new line of Voltaic solar bags look well-designed to meet the requirement of all outdoorsmen.