Portable solar power industry is growing rapidly. There is no limit for creativity in designing new products. It is here comes Dawan Global with an awesome wireless solar charger with dual induction charging coils. Branded as Solis XR, the product also features dual USB ports to let you juice up gadgets with no induction facility.

The power pack cum wireless solar charger presently seeks crowd fund on KickStarter. Dawan Global expects to realize the amazing solar charger by early next year. You could back Solis XR on KickStarter here. By the way, as of writing this, the project has collected around $500 from 10 backers out of its $15,000 goal. And you have one month left to support the project and ensure a unit with an offer.

Simply, the wireless solar charger is the realization of long-cherished dream of campers. It lets you skip the tangled wires from your backpack as you make for an outing. If you have got a phone with induction-based charging it comes out to be a wonderful piece in your survival kit. Just spread out the solar panels and place your phone on one of its induction bases to get access to unlimited sun energy.

Wireless Solar Charger: Solis XR Portable Solar Charger


Specs wise, the Solis XR wireless solar charger is definitely a worthy product. First of all, it sports a pair of 1.5 watts solar panels that you fold over the middle power pack after use. And inside the durable power pack comes a 10,000mAh polymer battery. And over the battery pack, you have the induction coils.

In addition, you have a tiny LCD display on top of the power pack to show battery status. As you know, it has a pair of 2.1A universal USB ports on the side and an outlet for charging it from wall. The product overall weighs at 10 lbs and its dimensions go at 3.5 X 6 X 0.7 inches and 12 X 6 X 0.7 inches when expanded.


What Makes it Special

First Wireless Solar Charger

Yes, we have come across variety of solar chargers, but Solis XR is really special as a wireless solar charger. Considering it as a camping solution, it really looks a unique stuff. You can go out with no worry about tangled wires. Certianly, that gives you more freedom in your outings. Plus, it also comes out to be a nice solution for daily life. Wherever you are whether an official trip or work place, no more worry about the woes of wires.


Handy and Ideal Camping Solution

The Solis XR wireless solar charger is very handy and durable. Weighing at just 10 lbs and with small size, you can carry it anywhere. Indeed, it is quite handy that you can fold the panels over the power pack to turn it to a tiny pocket-sized gadget. When you find your phone or tablet running out of juice, just unfold and place it in sunlight. If you don’t have an induction-based phone, just connect it with USB cable for recharging.


Highly Efficient and Innovative

Dawan Global has designed its wireless solar charger with a number of advanced features. It claims that it has included high quality components to set up the solar charger. Well, it has concentrated on making use of fine quality battery, highly efficient solar cells, lightweight design and finally the exclusive “cut the cords” feature. Of course, Solis XR is to change the way we have been using a portable solar charger for camping and outings.


Price and Availability

The Solis XR wireless solar charger is currently available for pre-order on KickStarter. You have different offers for the product with a starting price of $60. The team Dawan Global plans to start shipping the product by early next year. Go here to KickStarter to pre-order a unit of Solis XR solar charger.


Final Thoughts

This dazzling wireless solar charger is indeed made for everyone. With its unique wireless charging feature, it is certainly an awesome solution for campers and hikers. Moreover, it is a wonderful choice for every lifestyle. Getting outdoors, you no longer need to worry about your phone or tablet getting ran out of juice. You can either store some energy in Solis XR from your wall outlet or easily get it charged from sun to ensure you have enough power all the time around.