African mobile communication company Vodacom has joined hands with the US-based World Panel to sell its R199 portable mobile solar charger in Africa.

The device branded as SunStream is designed to help customers juice up their handsets with solar energy via direct USB charging.

World Panel solar charger SunStream is a small, pocket-friendly plug and play solar charger. It can very effectively power up mobile phones with solar energy, produced under direct sunlight.

As per World Panel, its solar charger can ensure “near the same speed as a wall plug.”

world panel solar charger

According to World Panel founder and CEO John Anderson, he was pushed to build the solar charger on the requests of residents in the continent, while he visited the region with a solar prototype for households a while ago.

Suraya Hamdulay of Vodacon has also expressed delight in associating with World Panel as a retail partner of SunStream. He said he would be excited to see how the device would be “charging lives and delivering energy independence across the African continent.”

Vodacom, which operates in South Africa and other African countries Tanzania and Mozambique, is expected to bring the product to the market sooner.

SunStream – World Panel Solar Charger

World Panel’s solar charger has grabbed US patent early this year and, as of now, it has patents in several countries including Indian, China and Europe.

A portable solar charger is quite a nice idea for people in Africa to ensure juice for their handsets all the time. A big raise in number of mobile phones is expected in the reign in coming years. However, less availability of electricity is the biggest concern of the residents.

With a portable solar charger, people can empower themselves. Communication is indeed going to be a major catalyst of development of the continent. Hence, solar solutions like the World Panel solar charger look to be a great idea to go with in the African continent.

Via: World Panel