Solar backpack is indeed a cool partner of a camper and hiker. You could go anywhere with a solar backpack on your shoulders. You don’t feel an extra burden because you always go out into the wild with a bag of any kind. It makes little sense to take a large solar generator for individual outdoor trips. Of course, that would be a burden. With a solar backpack, you simply get two birds with one stone; solar power and a backpack.

Best Solar Backpack

Best Solar Backpack: 10 Smart Solar Backpacks

A solar backpack is like any regular bag. It has room for storing and carrying your travel stuffs. But the way it differs is in its usage of a solar panel on the back. Commonly, we have two types of solar backpacks, one with fixed solar modules, and one with removable solar panels. The function of both the models are, of course, the same. They harvest solar energy as you walk along and store that in its built-in power bank or use it directly to charge your devices under sunlight.

Are you looking for the best solar backpack on market? Certainly, we have a wide range of solar backpacks on the shelves so far. Here we would like to have a look at the coolest 10 solar backpack models on market today. Hope this list will obviously help you find the best pick and enjoy your next outing with more fun and unlimited energy. Stay with us to have a look at our list of the best solar backpacks below.

1. Enerplex Packr Commuter Solar Backpack

EnerPlex, a leading brand in portable solar market, sells a variety of solar backpacks. Well, we have picked its famous Packr Commuter as the first pick in our list today. Indeed, it is a very popular model and amazingly affordable too. Specs wise, it comes up with a 3-watt solar panel that could deliver 5V, 500mAh power under direct sunlight.

Indeed, that is quite enough to charge your phones, tabs, and other small gadgets. You could use the link below to order a variant of EnerPlex Packr Commuter.

EnerPlex claims it has made use of a patented CIGS technology to design its solar cell. As per the company, it offers better power to weight ratio so that you get quite amazing output from a very thin and flexible solar panel. By the way, coming to other factors, this backpack could contain 30L of your belongings.

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Moreover, it highlights several pockets and compartments for a variety of your devices including laptop. You could charge your different electronics via its micro USB, mini USB, and Apple connector chargers.

2. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

SolarGoPack is another leading player in solar-based hiking backpack market. This stylish solar backpack from the firm features a 7-watt solar panel and a 10k mAh waterproof li-polymer battery inside. Indeed, it looks a cool backpack for day-to-day use and outdoor activities.

You could wear the solar backpack on your shoulders and travel to anywhere with no worry of your devices getting drained out midway. You could buy a unit of the bag from the link below. It is available in multiple colors like army green, light green, and red.

As a backpack, the SolarGoPack product is, of course, quite awesome. It is built with high-quality, durable, and rugged fabric so it could survive any tough outdoor conditions. Moreover, you have it with a host of sockets and compartments, where you could store your camping gear, and other essential travel belongings.

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Overall, getting into the wild you could largely depend on this SolarGoPack solar backpack to make your outings safe and enjoyable. You have power everywhere, anytime.

3. Ghostek Solar Backpack NRGsolar Series

Looking for a more spacious backpack with a solar panel? This Ghostek NRGsolar Series is an outstanding bag you could go with. It could hold a lot of your travel gear, thanks to several sockets and compartments. In fact, it is a 40L backpack with a removable solar panel.

The included battery pack has a capacity of 16000mAh and it sports five USB ports that let you charge multiple gadgets at the same time. Further, its waterproof capability makes it good for outdoor use. Buy a unit of the great solar bag using the below link.

This is indeed an ideal backpack for all type of users out there. It is so lightweight and spacious that you could use it to carry your laptop and other things to office or work sites. Truly, it more than just an exclusive solar backpack for campers or hikers. The solar panel on its back offers a capacity of 8.8 watts.

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Being a removable panel, you could use it separately as well to charge your gadgets and power banks. What’s more, it is stylish design will become a point of conversation among your friends and colleagues.

4. Voltaic Off-grid Solar Backpack

Voltaic Systems has been selling a range of high-end portable solar gadgets for a while. Fine, this off-grid solar backpack looks to be one of the coolest picks you can grab from market today. It is a 25L versatile solar bag with a 4-watt removable solar array.

Well, you could use the solar module alone on another backpack, bicycle, camp tent, or etc. Inside the bag, you have a 12000mAh battery pack with a pair of USB ports. So you could charge multiple devices at the same time.

Though not something outstanding in terms of design, it is a highly durable solar bag. First, Voltaic has made use of high quality ETFE layering over the panel in place of PET. As per the company, it would help the panel withstand abuses and last three times longer than competitions.

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The overall bag is made with recycled PET fabric, by the way. In short, this Voltaic solar backpack is spacious enough to hold lots of your gear and travel belongings. Plus, you have sufficient sockets and compartments to securely keep your gadgets and laptop. We have more cool solar backpacks after the ad break.


5. Voltaic Array Solar Laptop Charger

Here comes another versatile solar backpack from Voltaic. It highlights a larger built-in solar panel that offers 10 watts at peak. With a storage space of 25L, Voltaic Array solar backpack is the best pick for someone, who has to always carry a laptop with full charge.

Well, its solar panels are waterproof and the bag is durable and lightweight. It is made of recycled PET soda bottles. Its solar panel is an array of three layers of mono cells. This  bag comes in two colors; black and silver.

You have it with a large power bank, by the way. That is a removable V72 battery pack of 20000mAh/72Wh that could power a wide range of devices. Well, it features USBs, and various DC ports (12V, 16V, and 19V). Surely, you could use this power bank separately as it supports wall and car charging.

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Having a larger power pack, we recommend this solar backpack for those who have to carry laptops, cameras, and other larger gadgets. You could also store multiple devices in the bag, thanks to its sockets and compartments.

6. Eceen Hydration 7W Solar Backpack

Eceen is a top seller of solar backpacks. All products of the Chinese maker are very stylish and affordable. This model stands out with a 1.8L hydration pack. That is, you could sip water from its built-in reservoir as you walk along the hiking trail. Coming to solar, it features a 7W removable solar panel.

See, it doesn’t include a battery pack. You could charge your gadgets directly from sunlight in the wild. Don’t worry Eceen has integrated a cool voltage stability controller so it doesn’t damage your phone, tablet, or camera in overcharge.

Like all other Eceen solar backpacks, this model also comes up in various colors. You could order your favorite color from the ink below. As a hiking backpack, it is indeed a wonderful product. It is made of high quality weatherproof PVC fabric that ensures better durability.

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Weighing less 3lbs, you could ideally pick this backpack to carry your belongings. And with no burden, you could make your adventurous trips with unlimited access to solar energy to make sure your devices don’t run out of juice midway.

7. Eceen External Frame Hiking Backpack

It is another popular solar backpack from Eceen. As its name suggests, it features a removable external frame solar panel of 7 watts. The high quality SunPower mono solar cells guarantee good solar efficiency. You could store that in the included 10000mAh power bank that has dual USB ports so you could charge multiple devices at the same time.

Coming to the backpack, it is actually a large 42L unit that could store a lot of your camping gear and other travel belongings. Moreover, it is very easy to wear on shoulders during your outdoor trips.

Well, the solar backpack highlights a unique trampoline suspension, which makes sure that fresh air passes through and your back and backpack. What’s more, its hip belt and shoulder strap integrate perforated EVM foam that adds to its comfort levels.

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By the way, like the above Eceen backpack, it also features a 2L hydration bladder. Thus, you could make your outings in luxury with enough power and drinking water.

8. Powerfly Eco 7W Solar Backpack

Here comes another cool and stylish solar backpack. Powerfly Eco features a 7W removable solar panel with a generous 10000mAh power bank. You could store solar energy in the waterproof power bank and top it up as you walk or hike. And later recharge your USB-based gadgets from it.

In fact, the backpack is a 20L unit with a 2L hydration bladder. Therefore, you could carry sufficient gear and enough drinking water while going on a hiking. Buy a unit of Powerfly day-pack using the link below.

Of course, the day-pack is designed for adventures. It has all required sockets and compartments to store your gizmos and other travel belongings. As said above, you could remove the panel from bag and use separately.

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It has a zipped safety mesh behind, where you could store your gadgets and rug the panel up to your bicycle or another backpack. Overall, this is a very cool solar backpack that you could highly rely on for outings.

9. Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack

It is another cool solar backpack from Voltaic. This highly efficient backpack is more affordable than the two above models. It is simply because it comes up with a 3.5-watt solar panel and a 4000mAh power bank only.

The attached panel is of industry leading SunPower cells and that can charge most of the smartphones in around three hours under bright sunlight. Indeed, during your outdoor adventures, the panel will juice up the power bank, which you could later use to recharge your camping gadgets.

It is also a durable solar backpack. Made of recycled PET fabric, the day-pack ensures good quality. Coming to solar panel, Voltaic has used ETFE layering over it to ensure more life and to protect from shocks and abuses. The backpack is very compact and ultra-lightweight and it could store 20L of your travel stuffs.

| Check Price and Buy @ Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack

You could safely store your 15-inch laptop in its padded laptop sleeve. Overall, it is yet another good quality solar backpack you could buy to charge your gadgets on the move.

10. Solar Bear Solar Laptop Backpack

Solar Bear Backpack is yet another well-equipped solar backpack that offers unlimited power to your handsets and laptop on the move. It is up with three small solar units attached to the backside.

Further, it features a lot of storage slots, including a bigger room to carry your travel belongings and a padded slot for your lap. Special sockets are also there for your cell phone, camera and other handhelds.

This nylon bag is brilliant for outdoor trips. Though not much stylish, it has everything to make it perfect for your camping trips and daily use. It measures at 19.5 x 15 x 8.5 in. And it comes with a removable rain cover.

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Moreover, it highlights a comfortable chest and waist strap so that you could easily wear the backpack. Overall, this is certainly yet another outstanding piece of solar backpack you could find on market to make your outdoor life rather exciting and powerful.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best solar backpacks. Surely, it is a time people largely buy solar based products. Solar backpack is the best option you could go for to endlessly charge your gadgets on the move. Getting into the wild for a camping or hiking, there you won’t have any power outlet to charge your essential electronics. Buying a solar backpack, you get two things at once; a carrying bag and a charging solar panel. Make your comments on our list below if you have something to say. EnergyPortable Solar PowerSolar Backpackssolar backpacks,solar backpacks amazon,solar backpacks australia,solar backpacks for hiking,solar backpacks for india,solar backpacks for laptops,solar backpacks for sale,solar backpacks images,solar backpacks photos,solar backpacks reviewsSolar backpack is indeed a cool partner of a camper and hiker. You could go anywhere with a solar backpack on your shoulders. You don't feel an extra burden because you always go out into the wild with a bag of any kind. It makes little sense to take...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |