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AcoPower Omni Solar Charging Stations: All-in-One Solar Chargers For Power Stations, Batteries and Devices

AcoPower has unveiled an innovative all-in-one solar charging station in 120W and 240W power variants.

They are regular folding solar chargers, but with the output options for charging a variety of your devices directly under the sun. Those devices can be solar power stations, RV batteries, personal devices, etc.

Branded as the AcoPower Omni Solar Charging Stations, the unique products appear in two capacities; 120W and 240W.

The two-fold and four-fold solar charging stations come with four kinds of output options and as many as eight charging outlets. Moreover, they integrate 800mAh built-in batteries to juice up your small devices in an emergency.

AcoPower has launched the product on Kickstarter. With an early bird pricing of around $250 and $400 for the 120W and 240W variants, you can pre-order the models on Kickstarter. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers by May 2022.

AcoPower Omni Solar Charging Stations

AcoPower-Omni-Solar-Charging-Station-120W -240W-Solar-Panels


  • All-In-One Folding Solar Charging Stations.
  • Avaialble in 120W and 240W Options.
  • 800mAh Built-in Battery for Emergency Charging.
  • Four Kinds of Output Options for Various Applications.
  • Extremely Higher 23% Conversion Rate.
  • Shade-Proof and Highly Durable Solar Chargers.
  • Built-in Storage Pocket for Your Devices.
  • Portable, Foldable, and Lightweight Cases.

AcoPower Omni Solar Charging Stations

AcoPower has introduced the Omni series as a revolutionary all-in-one portable charging innovation.

As the chargers are engineered with different charging outlets and charging technologies, you can use them to power up a variety of your devices, batteries, and power stations just under the sun.

To achieve that goal, AcoPower has perfectly integrated a built-in 20A charge controller and a voltage stabilizer with the products. Hence, you can directly plug your power stations, car and RV batteries, laptops, and other USB and DC devices into them.

To be more specific, the AcoPower Omni charging stations incorporate four charging options with overall eight charging outlets. The first one is the regular solar option with a 17.6V Anderson port and 17.6V/10A DC outlet, which you can use to charge solar-based power stations from all brands.



The next option is a voltage stabilizer with three outputs for powering your handsets like phones and cameras. The output ports included are two USB-A ports and a 60W USB-C PD port.

The next is a USB-A port from the built-in 800mAh battery pack, which you can use to charge your handsets in an emergency.

Finally, there is the charge controller option with two outlets to juice up the lead-acid and lithium batteries in your RVs, boats, and vehicles. The ports included are a 12V/20A Anderson port and a USB-A, 2.1A socket.

Both the 120W and 240W solar chargers come with higher efficiency of 23% conversion rate and a power voltage of 17.6V. When it comes to the size, the unfolded sizes of the chargers are respectively 1238 x 542 x 22.5 mm and 2326 x 542 x 22.5 mm.

AcoPower Omni Vs Jackery SolarSaga Vs Bluetti PV Solar Panels

Though looking like the Jackery SolarSaga solar panels, the AcoPower Omni solar charging stations are quite different when it comes to charging options. As you see, both the Jackery and Bluetti products are only traditional folding solar chargers with regular charging outlets for their respective power stations.

It is here AcoPower has come up with innovative all-in-one charging solutions.

Well, you get the new AcoPower Omini series with more amazing options for charging. As said above, they stand out with built-in charge controllers, voltage stabilizers, and above all, built-in small battery packs for emergencies.

So, along with using to charge your power stations, they are also capable of charging your lithium battery packs and many other electrical devices directly under the sun.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the AcoPower Omni solar charging stations. The brand has displayed the products on Kickstarter for your support. If you are excited about the products, you can pre-book your models on the platform and become the early takers of the coolest all-in-one solar chargers. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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