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AllPowers 2000W Solar Generator: All to Know About the Massive 1700Wh Power Station

Following its much-touted Monster 300W solar power station, AllPowers has unveiled a new model called, Monster X. It is a high-capacity solar power station with an output of 2000 watts. Of course, the AllPowers 2000W solar generator has turned out to be the high-end model of the brand’s solar power stations.

Thanks to its high-capacity battery pack and inverter, Monster X is a new member of the growing segment of large solar power stations. With the other advanced features, the AllPowers is certainly a competitor to the Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh power station, Goal Zero Yeti 1500X, and Titan solar generator.

Though a big powerhouse, AllPowers has crafted Monster X with enhanced portability. The compact and lightweight device has got dual strong and sturdy handles. So, you can boastfully make it part of your RV, campervan, trailer, or boat to ensure access to unlimited off-grid power in the wild or in an emergency.

AllPowers 2000W Solar Generator

AllPowers Monster X is a powerful battery power generator that can power anything that you can imagine, whether it is a laptop, power tool, and fridge, or even a Tesla. Well, at a time, the device can support up to 11 devices, thanks to its multiple charging points, including four AC sockets.

Specs-wise, the AllPowers is a 1700Wh power station. It has a highly reliable 3C high-rate lithium battery pack that can ensure enough storage capacity to ideally support a variety of your electronics for a longer period. The battery has increased charging cycles up to 3000 times. Check out the product below.


As said above, AllPowers Monster X highlights a variety of charging outlets.

Most notably, they are four standard full-size AC sockets with each offering 2000W pure sine wave power continuously and 3300 watts at the peak. Besides, it integrates four regular fast-charging USB ports (two USB-A QC @ 28W max and two USB-A @12W max.) and two 60W PD USB-C ports.

Plus, there is also a 120W 12V carport.

Like all similar solar power stations, it can be recharged via three options. They are 200W DC port, 400W AC, and 200W solar input. The device has got a fast charging technology that makes it charge up to 80% via an AC socket in around 1.5 hours and 100% in roughly two hours, as per AllPowers.

With compatible solar panels, you can recharge it in nearly six hours under a bright sun.



When it comes to solar panels, you can use any solar panel from any brand to recharge it. As said above, it is made to support a solar input of 200 watts and so you can recharge it in six hours under an optimal sun. Anyway, AllPowers has a two-fold 100W mono solar charger for its Indiegogo backers.

However, AllPowers is famous for its amazing variety of solar chargers. The brand has different models in different segments like foldable chargers, solar suitcases, and DIY solar panels. So, you won’t find it hard to get a cool solar charger from the brand itself. Check out the 100W two-fold solar charger below.


It is a reliable and rugged polycrystalline solar charger. You can take it anywhere comfortably and use it to recharge your power stations. It comes up with a variety of adapters like DC 5.5 * 2.1mm DC, Anderson to support different solar power stations on the market.

Notable Features

Of course, there are several special things with the AllPowers 2000W solar generator. Certainly, every new product from AllPowers comes up with a bunch of new specialties. We have already had a look at the main specs of the device and the compatible solar charger. Below is a run-through of its unique features.

1. High-Capacity Power Generator

With a 1700Wh, 429,650mAh battery, it is capable of running most of your essential appliances. Whether it is a coffee maker, electric saw, fridge, or ice cooler, you can run it smoothly by connecting to Monster X. It has got an ideal backup capacity for an outdoor adventure or an emergency situation.

2. Charge Your Tesla Car

It is a notable feature AllPowers has been showing off with much importance. Of course, the high storage capacity of Monster X makes it power up your electric car up to 7.5 extra miles on a full charge. That means, in case of an emergency power drain, you can rely on the machine for a further drive.

3. Integrated MPPT Technology

AllPowers Monster X integrates advanced MPPT technology for fast and smart solar charging. Well, as you know, the MPPT technology uses algorithms and control circuits to look for the maximum power point, letting the system collect the maximum power from the connected solar cells.

4. Strong and Rigid Structure

Making it perfect for rough outdoors, it has got a very strong and rigid battery and structure. The maker has used an aluminum alloy structure to reinforce the battery. It also gets further protection from ABS+ plastic. In short, you have nothing to worry about its durability in use in rough outdoor conditions.

Maxoak Bluetti Vs AllPowers Monster X

In our view, one of the top brands that take on AllPowers is Maxoak, which has got a line-up of Bluetti solar power stations. Its Bluetti 1700Wh looks to be a severe threat to Monster X in terms of specs and features. Hence, we would like to pit the Bluetti against AllPower’s new Monster X solar power station.

Specs-wise, as you see, both the AllPowers and Maxoak power stations are 1700Wh power stations. Inside, they both carry 2000W pure sine wave inverters, but the AllPowers one can surge up to 3300 watts. When it comes to AC sockets, the Maxoak has a clear edge as it highlights six full-size sockets, while its AllPowers alternative has got only four units. Check out the Maxoak Bluetti below.



When it comes to other charging options too, the Maxoak is a clear winner. Apart from two 15W wireless chargers, it features five USB ports with one USB-C PD port and four USB-A ports. Also, there are two 12V barrel DC ports, a 25A RV port, and a 12V cigarette lighter charger.

There is also a big difference in the capability of the devices to support the maximum solar input. Thanks to a highly advanced MPPT charge controller, the Maxoak can support solar panels up to 700 watts, while its AllPowers replacement can only pull in solar voltage up to 200 watts.

Design-wise, the Maxoak has a boxy design, while the AllPowers is a rectangular one. However, both are cool portable power stations made with durable materials and strong handles.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on AllPowers 2000W solar generator. Like its young variant, AllPowers released the product on crowdfunding platforms. It could attract around 2 million USD from nearly three thousand backers. The company would like to start shipping it by August 2020. You can preorder it on Indiegogo at the moment, and once available for the public, it may appear on Amazon.com and more.

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