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AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generators: Monster Pro and Pro Plus with 3500Wh and 5000Wh LFP Batteries

AllPowers has launched its much-awaited heavy-duty home battery backup stations. Under the branding of AllPowers Monster Pro solar generators, the devices appear in two variants; Monster Pro and Monster Pro Plus. They are both 3500W powerful machines with 3500Wh and 5000Wh modular LFP battery packs.

Apart from expandability with the brand’s smart battery modules, the new series of Monster Pro enjoys many outstanding selling points. The 2000W MPPT solar input, 2000W AC input, seamless home UPS, 240V split phase, Wi-Fi and voice control, and OTA upgradability are a few to name.

AllPowers has unveiled the heavy-duty machines on Indiegogo. With a starting early bird price of $2999, you can pre-book a unit of the Monster Pro along with the required number of smart batteries, 200W solar panels, a smart home panel, and more. Use the link below to check out the Monsters on Indiegogo.




  • 3500Wh and 5000Wh Solar Home Battery Ecosystems.
  • Powerful 3500W-7000W Inverters with Five AC Outlets. 
  • Expandable up to 80kWh and 56kWh Capacities.  
  • 2000W Solar and 2000W AC Inputs for Fast Charging. 
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wired Battery Backup Systems.
  • 11 Charging Outlets with Multiple AC Sockets.
  • Smart Home Panel, Solar Pad, And Extra Batteries.
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled with Voice Control and OTA Upgrade. 

AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generators

The heavy-duty Monsters are indeed ideal solutions for emergency home backup power, off-grid power, and bigger outdoor events, thanks to their big-capacity battery packs and expandable profiles. Well, with Monster Pro and Monster Pro Plus, AllPowers is all set to take on bigger players like Bluetti and EcoFlow in the segment of solar-based home backup battery systems.

Both the Monster variants are expandable with their respective smart expansion battery modules. Thus, you can take the Monster Pro up to 56kWh and Pro Plus up to a huge 80kWh with multiple units of the battery modules. As it is with EcoFlow, AllPowers has designed the extra battery packs in the same style and size as the mother units.

You can recharge the Monster power stations from multiple sources, including the off-grid options of solar and wind turbines. For faster and more reliable charging from solar panels, they have got powerful 2000W MPPT inputs apart from 2000W AC inputs. You can surely combine the solar and AC charging options for additional performance.

Monster Pro Charging Outlets

Both the variants of Monster Pro integrate five 3500W AC outlets, including one 30A AC socket and four 20A units. Along with the AC sockets, the power stations have as many as 11 charging outlets overall.

Two Type-C ports, four USB-A ports, and one 12V car cigarette lighter port are the other charging points. The Monsters also come with a TFT display and rotary switch for easy control.

Smart Home Panel

Similar to its competitors from Bluetti and EcoFlow, you can pair two units of Monster Pros to achieve double the inverter power at 240V. For this, the brand designed a Smart Home Panel, which makes it an easy set-up to pair two power stations together and realize a colossal 7000W/240V home battery backup station.


Monster Pro Charging Methods

You can charge the heavy-duty backup systems from multiple sources. As said above, they include solar panels, wind turbines, an AC socket, a carport, EV chargers, and gas generators.

With a combination of its 2000W solar and 2000W AC inputs, you can get it is charged in just 1.5 hours from zero to the full. It is a great achievement as it will make you much more confident in an emergency.

If you are on the move, you can connect the heavy machines to an EV charging station to recharge them at a speed of 3000 watts. It also works with wind turbine sources, a gas generator, and more.

Compatible Solar Charger

The Monster Pros work with any solar panels to utilize nature’s power source for recharging. With a solar input of 2000 watts, you can charge the high-capacity power stations in 2.5 hours under optimal sunlight.

AllPowers has designed a 200W folding solar panel for its new power stations. It is a highly durable, waterproof solar panel made of oxford cloth and so you can use it in rough outdoor conditions with no worry.



When it comes to efficiency, the AllPowers folding solar charger offers a conversation rate of up 22% to 25%. You can pair ten units of the 200W solar charger to produce enough power required for the Monster Pros.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generators. You get two high-capacity power stations from AllPowers as cool alternatives to the biggies from the brands like Bluetti and EcoFlow. The brand expects to start shipping the heavy power stations to the backers by August 2022. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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