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AllPowers Solar Generators: Everything to Know About AllPowers Solar Power Stations

If you are in search of a stylish and reliable solar generator, AllPowers is a brand that you can ponder over seriously. Being in the industry for nearly a decade, AllPowers is a major vendor of lithium power stations. Here, we have our take on the best AllPowers solar generator variants and the suitable solar chargers.

Like Goal Zero and other premium brands, AllPowers has its products marked with a unique design. That is, apart from the performance thing, its products – at least the recent ones – feature an exclusive design that is stylish and durable. Fine, the bottom metal cases help add much charm and durability to the devices.

The recently launched AllPowers 1700Wh – Monster X is an ideal example of how the brand has amazingly succeeded in integrating its unique profile into its machines. As a result, in its crowdfunding campaign, the product can attract more than 17,000% off its preset goal on Indiegogo from over 3000 backers.

Anyway, here is our take on all the best AllPowers solar power stations for you to have a look at.

AllPowers Solar Generator Systems

AllPowers offers a variety of incredible solar power stations in around 30 countries. Its product line ranges from a basic 150W to a high-end 2000W one, as of writing this. In the US, the brand avails some of its most attractive products. With its collection of amazing power stations, AllPowers absolutely challenges the top players like Suaoki, Goal Zero, Rockpals, Jackery, and more.

AllPowers has realized two of its products through crowdfunding projects. Both projects have received an immense response from backers, throwing light on the acceptability of its products on the market. Indeed, we would like to include all the best AllPowers solar generator models on our list. Stay tuned.

AllPowers 154Wh Portable Power Station

We would like to start the list with the base variant of the AllPowers power stations. This 154Wh device is a brilliant entry-level portable power station compared to the ones from most other brands. Well, it notably highlights a wireless charging option and dual AC sockets, which are rarely seen with the base variants.

Coming to the specs, you have it equipped with a 154Wh/41600mAh lithium battery inside. Meanwhile, the inverter included is a modified sine wave unit that is rated at 150W. More interestingly, it incorporates dual full-size 110V AC sockets, so it can support two appliances under 150W comfortably.

The other charging ports of the compact device include dual USB 5V2.4A (max) ports and one USB Type-C 5V 3A port. A wireless charger of 5V 2.1A with a frequency of 110-205 kHz is an important attraction. For powering it up, the AllPowers has got an AC inlet of 110V 50Hz and a solar charging port of 18V 2A (max.).

By the way, the AllPowers power station is very handy in size. With a weight of 1.32 kg and a size of 20 x 17 x 4.8cm, it is possibly one of the smallest solar power stations on the market today. You can carry it easily on your trips and enjoy access to unlimited off-grid power coupled with a reliable solar charger.

Why Should You Buy

  • 154Wh 41600mAh Portable Generator.
  • 150W Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • Dual Full-Size 110V AC Sockets.
  • Dual USB Ports and One USB Type-C Port.
  • Integrated 5V 2.1A QI Wireless Charger.
  • Extremely Lightweight and Ultra-Portable.

AllPowers 288Wh Portable Solar Generator

It is the next variant of the AllPowers solar power stations. As you see, it features a rectangular form factor like Suaoki S270 and Rockpals 250W power station. But with an output of 288Wh, it is more powerful than both of its rivaling products. Here is our detailed look at the AllPowers solar generator.

Coming to the detailed specs, it is a good capacity power station with a 78000mAh battery, which is a high-density lithium unit that gifts it a more compact and lightweight power station. Well, this battery is enough to make it juice up an iPhone around 40 times and an iPad for around 10 times.

By the way, the AllPowers has got two full-size universal 110V-220V AC sockets and as many two-pronged units. Of course, these four AC sockets give the device a clear edge over most of its competitors because nearly all of them commonly have two AC sockets or a mix of one universal and one two-pronged socket.

Each of the AC sockets can output a continuous 350W and a surge of 500 watts. The pure sine wave power inverter will help your sensitive electronics work quite safely and securely. Moreover, the device integrates four 5V 2.1A USB ports, one Type-C port, a DC outlet, and a 12V cigarette lighter port.

Plus, the included Battery Management System (BMS) also adds to the increased safety of your electronics and battery. The power station, at the same time, is very handy and compact. It weighs just 9.9 lbs and has got a size of 11.2 x 5.9 x 5.5 in. Use the button above to check out its latest price.

Why Should You Buy

  • 288Wh 78000mAh Portable Power Generator.
  • 350W Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 600W Surge.
  • Two Full-Size AC Socket and Two 2-Pronged Units.
  • Four USB Ports and One Type-C Port.
  • One DC Outlet and One Cigarette Lighter Charger.
  • Amazingly Lightweight and Ultra-Portable.

AllPowers Monster Portable Power Station

Here comes the next power variant of the AllPowers solar generator solutions. Codenamed Monster, it was unveiled in a successful crowdfunding campaign. The 372Wh power station, largely touted by AllPowers as the smartest and fastest solar power station, could attract about $250,000 from around 600 backers.

When it comes to the specs and design, AllPowers Monster looks to be a competitor to Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium, Suaoki G500, and Jackery 500. Clearly speaking, what it packs up is a 372Wh/100500mAh lithium battery pack alongside a 300W pure sine wave inverter. Check out its latest price on the link below.

AllPowers Monster sports two full-size 110V AC sockets with each port able to deliver 300W continuously and 500W at the peak. Further, it has three regular 5V 3A (max.) USB ports, one Type-C PD port, one 12V DC outlet, and a cigarette charger. A Qi wireless charger of 5V 2.1A is also another attraction.

Coming to the powering options, you can charge it from multiple sources, including solar. For AC charging, it features an AC 110V/60Hz 2A port and it comes with a power brick. For charging from your car, it has got a 12V-22V/3.2A port and there is an Anderson Power Pole port of 12V-22V/3.2A (max.) for solar charging.

What’s more, the AllPowers highlights built-in Bluetooth connectivity. That is how you can connect it with your phone – whether iOS or Android – via an included AiPower app. That is indeed a great way you can access the complete information about the power backup solution from anywhere, anytime.

Why Should You Buy

  • 372Wh 105000mAh Portable Power Generator.
  • 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 500W Surge.
  • Two Full-Size 110V AC Sockets.
  • Three Regular USB Ports and One Type-C PD Port.
  • One 12V DC Outlet and a Cigarette Lighter Charger.
  • Qi Wireless Charger for Wireless Charging Phones. 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity and AiPower Mobile App.
  • Ultra-Portable and Lightweight Machine.

AllPowers 1700Wh Portable Power Station

Next, we have the most powerful solar generator in the AllPowers front. As you see, it is a 1700Wh device, which is codenamed, Monster X. It is equipped with a powerful 2000W pure sine wave power inverter that can surge up to 3300W, and four full-size AC sockets to support most of your AC appliances.

Like its young sibling, Monster, AllPowers realized Monster X also through a very successful crowdfunding campaign. It could grab as much as 3.5 million USD from around 3600 backers. Thanks to its high storage capacity and inverter power, Monster X is indeed the top-end model of the series and is a serious challenge to the big players like Yeti 3000 Lithium, Maxoak Bluetti 1700Wh, and Titan solar generator.


Besides the AC sockets, the machine features four fast-charging USB ports and two 60W PD USB-C ports. Plus, there is a regular 12V cigarette lighter charger to support your car-powered devices. Overall, you get the AllPowers with an option to power or charge as many as 11 devices at the same time.

There is indeed something special for you with its battery packs. The brand has made use of a 3C high-rate lithium pack that can even charge your Tesla car and electric scooters and power other large appliances.

You can power up the AllPowers via three options; 200W DC, 200W solar, or 400W AC. The amazing thing is that you can charge it via all the ways at once to take its charge up to 80% in just one and a half hours and to the full in around two hours.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1700Wh 105000mAh Portable Power Generator.
  • 200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 3300W Surge.
  • Four Full-Size AC Sockets for Your AC Appliances. 
  • Multiple Fast Charging and Type C USB Outlets. 
  • Faster Charging Times with a Reliable MPPT.

AllPowers Solar Chargers

Different from Jackery and Goal Zero, AllPowers offers a wide collection of folding solar chargers. They are ideal for both the AllPowers portable power stations and other third-party applications. So, we would like to list out some of the best AllPowers solar panels and chargers that are deal for the above power stations.

AllPowers 60W Foldable Solar Panel

It is a super cool three-fold 60W mono solar panel. With an increased solar conversion rate by up to 21%, it is capable of offering enough power to support your power stations and other electronics. Yes, it comes up with a USB port and an 18V DC socket to charge a variety of your devices, including the AllPowers solar generator systems. Use the button below to check out its current price and order a unit.

For the safety of your electronics, it touts an exclusive iSolar technology. By the way, when it comes to the design, you can just fold the panel down into a small suitcase-style form after the use. Well, it is lighter than most of its competitors with a weight of just 4.3 lbs.

This is also a highly durable and waterproof solar charger and it equips four hooks for easy hanging. By the way, thanks to the built-in safety features, it can ideally keep your devices safe from the short-circuit and other voltage issues. In the kit, you get battery clips, charging cables, and USB cable with the charger.

Why Should You Buy

  • 60W Three-Fold Mono Solar Charger.
  • Made of Highly Efficient Solar Cells.
  • Highly Durable and Waterproof.
  • Dual 5V USB + 18V DC Output Outlets. 
  • Handy and Foldable Like a Suitcase.

AllPowers 60W Folding Solar Charger

This is another variant of AllPowers’ 60W solar chargers. It is a rather efficient 60W SunPower solar panel that can convert up to 23.5% efficiency. More notably, it is a 9-fold solar charger so that it would be more fun to handle it out in the wild. You can fold it down to a small pocket-friendly unit after the use.

Apart from the included 18V DC outlet, it also features dual USB ports. Fine, they make it suitable for direct charging of your handsets and other USB devices under the sun. Meanwhile, you can use the 18V port to power up all the AllPowers solar generator systems. Use the button below to check out its latest price.

Well, the included iSolar technology helps safeguard your electronics from overcharging, discharging, short circuits, and more. It is actually a strong competitor to Suaoki’s much-touted 60W solar chargers.

Meanwhile, it is a very much lighter solar charger with its weight of just below 3 lbs. The included eyeholes help you easily rug it up to a bike, camping tent, or anywhere else for easy outdoor and indoor use.

Why Should You Buy

  • 60W Nine-Fold Mono Solar Charger.
  • Featuring Highly Efficient SunPower Solar Cells.
  • Highly Durable and Waterproof Solar Charger. 
  • Dual 5V USB Ports and One 18V DC Output.
  • Handy and Foldable Like a Suitcase.

Suaoki 80W Folding Solar Charger

What about an 80W variant of the above solar charger. That is what it is. Fine, it is an 80W 12-fold high-efficiency SunPower solar charger. It also features dual USB ports and one DC socket so that you can use it to power up all the AllPowers portable power stations and any USB devices directly.

Well, the USB ports are secured with the brand’s much-touted iSolar technology. So, you can charge your 5V gadgets with no worry of unstable power flow. Meanwhile, its handy and portable design makes it an easily movable piece of the solar charger. Check out its latest price on the button below.

It is also a simple and easy-to-use solar charger. You can quickly attach it to a backpack, bike, or camp tent using the included eyeholes. That is what makes it an ideal solar charger for both indoor and outdoor uses. In the kit, you get a 10-in-1 adapter kit, a DC cable, USB cables, a cigarette lighter plug, and more.

After the use, you can simply fold it down and turn it into a briefcase-style form. That naturally helps you easily move it along on your trips, travels, and explorations into the wild. Overall, you get yet another cool and ultra-portable solar charger for the AllPowers series of portable power stations.

Why Should You Buy

  • 80W 12-Array Mono Solar Charger.
  • Featuring Highly Efficient SunPower Solar Cells.
  • Dual 5V USB Ports and One 18V DC Output.
  • Highly Durable and Waterproof Solar Charger. 
  • Ultra-Portable and Briefcase -Style Design.

AllPowers 100W Foldable Solar Panel

This is the high-end model of the AllPowers folding solar chargers. That is, you get a 100W high efficiency folding solar charger with 15 arrays of mono solar panels. Along with the 18V DC socket, it also highlights dual 5V USB ports with the integrated iSolar technology for safe charging of your 5V devices.

As said above, the solar charger features good quality SunPower solar cells to ensure a conversion rate of up to 23.5%. Thus, you can ensure endless juice for the entire AllPowers solar generator systems above and other electronics including laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

By the way, this is also a slim and ultra-portable solar charger. Though a powerful one, you can easily fold it down to a pocket-friendly suitcase-style form after the use and take anywhere quite hassle-free. Compared to other panels in the segment, it is one-third lighter, as per AllPowers.

Moreover, it features built-in eyeholes for you to easily attach it to your backpack, bike, or camping tent. The bundle of solar charger includes some basic accessories as well. They include a 10-in-1 laptop adapter kit, a cigarette lighter plug, carabiners, and some other USB and DC charging cables.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100W 15-Array Mono Solar Charger.
  • Featuring Highly Efficient SunPower Solar Cells.
  • Dual 5V USB Ports and One 18V DC Output.
  • Highly Durable and Waterproof Solar Charger. 
  • Foldable Like a Suitcase for Easy Moving.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on AllPowers portable solar power stations and solar chargers. We have had only a look at a handful of power stations from the brand. They are the models available in the US, but the brand offers more impressive solar power stations in some other markets.

Well, all the models interestingly feature the design of the Monster power station. We are not sure if the brand will anytime launch those products in the US market. Anyway, we will keep you updated with the latest products from the brand. Share your thoughts in the comments, by the way.

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