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AllPowers 372Wh Portable Solar Generator: All to Know About the 300W Solar Power Station

AllPowers is a leading vendor of portable solar power solutions. Its series of power stations is very stylish and highly reliable. Here, we have one of the brand’s famous entry-level models, the AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator. It was unveiled in a successful crowdfunding campaign codenamed Monster.

Having a storage capacity of 372Wh and an inverter of 300 watts, it is a brilliant choice for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preppers. Compared to other products of the kind, it has got a notably stylish and handy profile. With its specs, it competes with the models like Rockpals 300, Goal Zero Yeti 200X, and Bluetti AC30S.

The AllPowers power station features a built-in Bluetooth chip that lets you remotely access system info on your mobile phone or tablet via an included app AiPower App. This is a feature that commonly appears with high-end power stations. Thus, it turns out to be one of the unique selling points of AllPowers Monster.

AllPowers 372Wh Portable Solar Generator

Coming to specs, it is a 372Wh (100,500mAh) solar power station that is cable of powering up an iPhone around 40 times and running a small 20L refrigerator for 12 hours. As said above, it equips a 300-watt continuous pure sine wave inverter that can surge up to 500 watts through its dual full-size AC sockets.

Of course, its stylish form factor and the strong and long carrying handle are two other attractive features. The included wireless charger and dual LED lights are other lovely things. Moreover, as you see, its body is mostly made of metal for increased durability. Check out its latest price on the link below.

AllPowers Portable Solar Generator Review

For charging options, apart from dual 110V AC sockets, the device incorporates three fast-charging 5V 3A USB ports, a Type-C 5-20V (60W max) PD port, a 12V DC socket @5A, and a regular 12V cigarette lighter charger @10A. Meanwhile, the included wireless charger is a 5V, 2.1A unit.

Like all similar products, there are multiple ways to charge it. For solar charging, it has an Anderson Power Pole port of 12V-22V/3.2A (max). It is when the AC input is a 110V/60Hz 2A unit and the brand offers an adapter for the best experience. Meanwhile, you can charge it from your car via its 12V-22V/ 3.2A port.

Compatible Solar Charger

AllPowers offers a range of portable solar chargers. Most of its PV chargers are compatible with the power station. Of course, the brand doesn’t recommend a particular model, but it is always good to get one that is more portable and lightweight. Thus, we would like to recommend to you its 100W folding solar charger.

The AllPowers solar charger, a 15-layered mono unit, is foldable to a very small, backpack-friendly unit. It is indeed a highly efficient charger that you can use to power up the device in a matter of time. Thanks to its built-in MPPT controller, the device can pull in solar power smartly. Check out its latest price below.

Coming to specs, it is made of SunPower’s highly efficient mono solar cells that can convert up to 23.5%. It has a very slim and powerful design, which makes it 1/3 lighter than a silicon alternative. So, you can easily handle the solar charger in the wild along with the power station for access to unlimited off-grid power.

It is actually a 3-in-1 solar charger that incorporates dual USB ports and an 18V DC socket. So, apart from charging the power station, it can also be used to juice up your handsets or other USB gadgets right under the sun. Thanks to the integrated iSolar technology, it can offer a safe flow of the current to your gadgets.

Notable Features

1. Highly Advanced Solar Generator

As its maker claims, it is an advanced solar generator. Once connected to a PV panel of up to 100W, it can store a good amount of energy from the sun. So, you can ensure backup of green energy during an outing or an emergency. Further, as stated above, AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator enjoys several advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, wireless chargers, and a stylish form factor.

2. Serious Challenger to All Rivaling Products

The AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator is indeed a big threat to all its competitors. In its segment, there are a wide variety of products. Rockpals 300W, Suaoki S370, Anker Powerhouse 400, and Jackery Explorer 240 are only a few to name. The new AllPowers power station is certainly a serious contender to all, thanks to its state-of-the-art features and compact profile.

3. Decently Powerful Power Station

The AllPowers is, of course, a decently powerful solar power solution of its kind. Coming to specs, it packs a 100,500mAh high-capacity battery that can offer 372 watts hours of power. That is quite enough to run a 55-in LCD TV for around three hours and a lot of other devices for a long time.

Coupled with its 300-watt pure sine wave inverter, you can certainly rely on its backup to run most of your essential household appliances, camping gear, medical equipment, and more in an emergency. Well, it has got dual AC sockets and a range of other charging outlets.

4. Rich Number of Charging Points and LED Lights

As you know, AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator touts a host of rich output ports. Overall, you have eight various output ports and a Qi wireless charger. Specifically, they include a pair of 120V AC sockets at 400W maximum. Plus, you have three USB-A ports at 15W max, a PD USB-C port at 60W, a DC socket at 60W, and a carport at 120W. Above all, you have a 10W wireless charger.

Further, the device becomes an ideal camper and emergency companion with its integration of three LED lights. Moreover, you have separate switches for the LED lights, AC and DC ports, and wireless chargers. So it comes out to be very cool to manage various ports and the LEDs.

5. Lightweight and Highly Portable Profile

The AllPowers has a handy and lightweight profile. It is smaller and lighter compared to many of its rivaling products. Sharply, it weighs just 8.6 lbs and it has got the size of 6.7 x 4.3 x 8.1 inches. Apart from that, its highly portable profile with a durable handle makes it fine for outdoor and emergency applications.

AllPowers Monster Solar Generator Review

AllPowers Vs Suaoki S370

Suaoki S370, a 322Wh solar power station, looks like one of the cool opponents to Monster X. Though looking different in design, they are nearly identical in specs. Clearly speaking, both are 300W power stations with highly portable profiles. So, we would like to compare the AllPowers against the Suaoki power station.

Coming to detailed specs, Suaoki S370 is a 322Wh/300W power station with a surge capacity of 600 watts. Its lithium battery is capable of supporting your emergency appliances and gadgets in an off-grid situation. But it simply outdoes the AllPowers in the number of charging ports, including AC outlets.

Well, it has fourteen charging options in total. And they include four 110V AC outlets with two full-size and as many two-pronged units. It is when the AllPowers has only two AC sockets, and a total of nine charging points, including a wireless one. But both integrate two LED flashlights.

For charging from a solar panel, the Suoaki device integrates an MPPT charge controller like the AllPowers, and it is capable of pulling in 14V~32V max voltage from the solar input. Like its competitor, you can also recharge it from other sources like a carport, and a wall AC socket, by the way.

Finally, when it comes to the design, both are looking really awesome though they have different outlooks in shapes. The AllPowers has a boxy form, while its Suaoki competitor is a rectangular one. Meanwhile, both equip strong carrying handles for you to take them along easily anywhere.

AllPowers Vs Rockpals 300

Rockpals is another incredible brand that offers a series of solar power stations. Its 300W variant looks to be another leading competitor to the AllPowers Monster X power station. The Rockpals is a 280Wh lithium power pack with a 300W inverter that can surge up to 600 watts.

Design-wise, it has a traditional boxy form factor compared to the AllPowers stylishly designed Monster X as well as Suaoki S370. Anyway, you get a brilliant solar backup solution with a number of charging ports, including one full-size AC socket. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station


Besides the AC socket, the Rockpals features as many as five DC outlets of 16A/96W max, and there are a pair of USB 2.1A ports and USB 3.0 Quick Charge ports. Plus, there is a 12V cigarette lighter charger to run car-powered gadgets. Overall, it has got 11 charging options, but it misses out on multiple AC sockets.

Like all similar products, you can recharge it in multiple ways. With a compatible solar panel of 60 watts to 100 watts, you can charge it in around nine hours under an optimal sun. Via an AC socket or a carport, it can be charged fully in around six to seven hours.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the new AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator. It is a modern, simple, and pleasing power station with a number of incredible features. Compared to most of its rivaling models, it clearly has an edge in several aspects.

If you are looking at buying a reliable portable solar power station, this becomes a really good choice, for sure. Its stylish and ultra-portable design along with the advanced features make it one of the best of its kind on the market. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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