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AllPowers Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow: The Best Solar Power Stations for Off-Grid and Emergency Power

AllPowers is a notable vendor of portable solar energy products. It has been offering a wide range of portable power stations and solar panels. With its product portfolio, it strongly competes with the bigger names in the industry such as Jackery and EcoFlow. And so, we would like to have our take on AllPowers Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow here.

The band offers as many as ten various solar power stations in different power categories. It also features an amazing collection of folding solar panels, trickle chargers, mini solar panels, and other solar accessories like charge controllers.

If you are looking at buying an AllPowers solar power station, it is the best place for you to have a glance at all the models, their features, specs, and small comparisons of them against their nearest alternatives from the brands like Jackery and EcoFlow.


AllPowers Monster X Pro Solar Generator

  • 1500Wh Compact Portable Power Station.
  • 2400W Inverter with a Surge of 4000 Watts.
  • Four AC Outlets, Multiple USB and DC Ports.
  • Strong and Solid Design with Dual Handles.
  • Two 100W Folding Solar Panels.

Jackery Explorer 1500 Solar Generator

Jackery Explorer 1500 Solar Generator


  • 1534Wh Portable Solar Power Station.
  • Compact and Stylish Mid-Range Power Station.
  • 1800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 3600W Surge. 
  • Three AC Outlets, Multiple USB and DC Ports.
  • Four SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Power Station

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Power Station

  • Massive 3.6-25kWh Home Battery Backup System. 
  • Powerful 3600-7200W Inverter with Five AC Outlets.
  • Highly Expandable and Modular Power Station.
  • 1800W AC Charging and 1200W Solar Charging Options.

AllPowers Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow Solar Power Stations

AllPowers competes with Jackery and EcoFlow with power stations in different price ranges and power options. Ranging from a 154Wh entry-level model to a high-end 1500Wh Monster X Pro, it offers nearly ten variants of solar power stations. The models in between them include 606Wh and 288Wh units.

By the way, the brand has recently launched a pair of heavy-duty home power backup systems called AllPowers Monster Pro solar generators in an Indiegogo campaign in April 2022. The 3500Wh and 5000W expandable power stations will be competing with EcoFlow’s much-touted biggie Delta Pro. Anyway, let us have a look at the all AllPowers power stations below.

AllPowers Monster X Portable Power Stations

Monster X is one of AllPowers’ leading solar power stations. It is a high-capacity 2000W solar power station and it also turns up in a 2400W variant called Monster X Pro. Both pack 1500Wh lithium-ion battery packs.

These two machines are AllPowers’ entries into the growing market of large-size solar power stations.

With its specs, power, and features, the AllPowers Monster solar power stations are direct competitors to Bluetti AC200P, Goal Zero Yeti 1500X, EcoFlow Delta Max, and Jackery Explorer 1500.

Check out the Monster X on the link below for the latest price and other details.

AllPowers Monster X Solar Power Station

Though bigger powerhouses, AllPowers has crafted Monster X models with enhanced portability. The compact and lightweight devices have the same outer shells with dual strong and sturdy handles. So you can easily take them in your RVs, campervans, trailers, and boats for off-grid and portable power.

AllPowers Monster X and X Pro – Specs and Features

As you see, other than the inverter power, Monster X and Monster X Pro do have not much difference in specs. They are exactly the same 1500Wh power stations with identical charging outlets and input options.

The Monster Xes are powerful backup systems that can power up anything that you can imagine whether it is a laptop, power tool, fridge, or even a Tesla. Both the devices can run as many as 11 devices at the same time, thanks to the multiple charging points, which include four AC outlets. Check out Monster X Pro on the link below.

Coming to the specs, they carry highly reliable 3C high-rate lithium battery packs that can ensure enough storage capacity to back up a variety of your electronics for a pretty long period. The batteries have a life of over 3000 charging cycles.

Most notably, they are four standard full-size AC sockets, four regular fast-charging USB ports (two USB-A QC @ 28W max and two USB-A @12W max.), and two 60W PD USB-C ports, apart from a 12V carport.

For charging, they feature 200W DC ports, 400W AC inputs, and 200W solar charging points with advanced MPPT controllers under the hood.  With compatible solar panels, you can charge the power stations in nearly six hours under a bright sun.

Compatible Solar Charger

When it comes to solar panels, you can use any solar panel from any brand to recharge Monster X power stations. As they come up with a solar input of 200 watts capacity, so you can recharge them in six hours under an optimal sun. AllPowers itself offers a two-fold 100W mono solar charger.

Being a top vendor of solar panels, AllPowers has designed a good-quality 100W folding solar panel. You can pair two units of the panels to achieve the power required for the Monster power stations. Check out the 100W AllPowers folding solar panel on the link below for the latest price.

With a higher conversion rate of 22%, the lightweight solar charger can produce enough power to juice the power stations. It has a folded size of 20 x 25.6 x 1.2 in and a weight of just 7.9lb.

The AllPowers solar panel is highly durable and waterproof. As it is made of durable nylon and other quality materials, it can last longer in offering you solar power out in the wild.

You can take it anywhere comfortably and use it to recharge your power stations. It comes up with a variety of adapters such as DC 5.5 * 2.1mm DC, and Anderson to support different solar power stations, including the AllPowers Monster series.

Notable Features

Of course, there are several special things with the AllPowers Monster X solar generators. We have already had a look at the main specs of the devices and below is our run-through of their unique features.

1. High-Capacity Solar Power Generators

With the 1500Wh lithium-ion battery packs inside, the Monster X is capable of running most of your essential appliances. Whether it is a coffee maker, electric saw, fridge, or ice cooler, you can run it smoothly by connecting to Monster X. The devices have got ideal backup capacities for outdoor adventures or emergencies.

2. Integrated MPPT Technology

AllPowers Monster X power stations integrate advanced MPPT technology for fast and smart solar charging. As you know, the MPPT technology uses algorithms and control circuits to look for the maximum power point, letting the systems collect the maximum power from the connected solar panels.

3. Strong and Rigid Structure

Making them perfect for rough outdoors, the Monster Xes enjoy stronger and rigid battery packs and overall body structure. They are made of long-lasting aluminum alloy shells to reinforce the battery packs under the hood. They also get additional protection from ABS+ plastic.

AllPowers 300W Portable Power Station

AllPowers is a leading vendor of portable solar power solutions. Its series of power stations is very stylish and highly reliable. Here, we have one of the brand’s famous entry-level models, the AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator. It was unveiled in a successful crowdfunding campaign codenamed Monster.

Having a storage capacity of 372Wh and an inverter of 300 watts, it is a brilliant choice for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preppers. Compared to other products of the kind, it has got a notably stylish and handy profile. With its specs, it competes with the models like Rockpals 300, Goal Zero Yeti 200X, and Bluetti AC30S.

AllPowers Portable Solar Generator Review

The AllPowers power station features a built-in Bluetooth chip that lets you remotely access system info on your mobile phone or tablet via an included app AiPower App. This is a feature that commonly appears with high-end power stations. Thus, it turns out to be one of the unique selling points of AllPowers Monster.

AllPowers 300W Specs and Features

Coming to specs, it is a 372Wh (100,500mAh) solar power station that is cable of powering up an iPhone around 40 times and running a small 20L refrigerator for 12 hours. As said above, it equips a 300-watt continuous pure sine wave inverter that can surge up to 500 watts through its dual full-size AC sockets.

Of course, its stylish form factor and the strong and long carrying handle are two other attractive features. The included wireless charger and dual LED lights are other lovely things. Moreover, as you see, its body is mostly made of metal for increased durability.

For charging options, apart from dual 110V AC sockets, the device incorporates three fast-charging 5V 3A USB ports, a Type-C 5-20V (60W max) PD port, a 12V DC socket @5A, and a regular 12V cigarette lighter charger @10A. Meanwhile, the included wireless charger is a 5V, 2.1A unit.

Like all similar products, there are multiple ways to charge it. For solar charging, it has an Anderson Power Pole port of 12V-22V/3.2A (max). It is when the AC input is a 110V/60Hz 2A unit and the brand offers an adapter for the best experience. Meanwhile, you can charge it from your car via its 12V-22V/ 3.2A port.

Compatible Solar Charger

AllPowers offers a range of portable solar chargers. Most of its PV chargers are compatible with the power station. Of course, the brand doesn’t recommend a particular model, but it is always good to get one that is more portable and lightweight. Thus, we would like to recommend to you its 100W folding solar charger.

The AllPowers solar charger, a 15-layered mono unit, is foldable to a very small, backpack-friendly unit. It is indeed a highly efficient charger that you can use to power up the device in a matter of time. Thanks to its built-in MPPT controller, the device can pull in solar power smartly. Check out its latest price below.

Coming to specs, it is made of SunPower’s highly efficient mono solar cells that can convert up to 23.5%. It has a very slim and powerful design, which makes it 1/3 lighter than a silicon alternative. So, you can easily handle the solar charger in the wild along with the power station for access to unlimited off-grid power.

It is actually a 3-in-1 solar charger that incorporates dual USB ports and an 18V DC socket. So, apart from charging the power station, it can also be used to juice up your handsets or other USB gadgets right under the sun. Thanks to the integrated iSolar technology, it can offer a safe flow of the current to your gadgets.

Notable Features

1. Highly Advanced Solar Generator

As its maker claims, it is an advanced solar generator. Once connected to a PV panel of up to 100W, it can store a good amount of energy from the sun. So, you can ensure backup of green energy during an outing or an emergency. Further, as stated above, AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator enjoys several advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, wireless chargers, and a stylish form factor.

2. Serious Challenger to All Rivaling Products

The AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator is indeed a big threat to all its competitors. In its segment, there are a wide variety of products. Rockpals 300W, Suaoki S370, Anker Powerhouse 400, and Jackery Explorer 240 are only a few to name. The new AllPowers power station is certainly a serious contender to all, thanks to its state-of-the-art features and compact profile.

3. Decently Powerful Power Station

The AllPowers is, of course, a decently powerful solar power solution of its kind. Coming to specs, it packs a 100,500mAh high-capacity battery that can offer 372 watts hours of power. That is quite enough to run a 55-in LCD TV for around three hours and a lot of other devices for a long time.

Coupled with its 300-watt pure sine wave inverter, you can certainly rely on its backup to run most of your essential household appliances, camping gear, medical equipment, and more in an emergency. Well, it has got dual AC sockets and a range of other charging outlets.

4. Rich Number of Charging Points and LED Lights

As you know, AllPowers 372Wh portable solar generator touts a host of rich output ports. Overall, you have eight various output ports and a Qi wireless charger. Specifically, they include a pair of 120V AC sockets at 400W maximum. Plus, you have three USB-A ports at 15W max, a PD USB-C port at 60W, a DC socket at 60W, and a carport at 120W. Above all, you have a 10W wireless charger.

Further, the device becomes an ideal camper and emergency companion with its integration of three LED lights. Moreover, you have separate switches for the LED lights, AC and DC ports, and wireless chargers. So it comes out to be very cool to manage various ports and the LEDs.

5. Lightweight and Highly Portable Profile

The AllPowers has a handy and lightweight profile. It is smaller and lighter compared to many of its rivaling products. Sharply, it weighs just 8.6 lbs and it has got a size of 6.7 x 4.3 x 8.1 inches. Apart from that, its highly portable profile with a durable handle makes it fine for outdoor and emergency applications.

AllPowers Vs Rockpals 300

Rockpals is another incredible brand that offers a series of solar power stations. Its 300W variant looks to be another leading competitor to the AllPowers Monster X power station. The Rockpals is a 280Wh lithium power pack with a 300W inverter that can surge up to 600 watts.

Design-wise, it has a traditional boxy form factor compared to the AllPowers stylishly designed Monster X as well as Suaoki S370. Anyway, you get a brilliant solar backup solution with a number of charging ports, including one full-size AC socket. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station


Besides the AC socket, the Rockpals features as many as five DC outlets of 16A/96W max, and there are a pair of USB 2.1A ports and USB 3.0 Quick Charge ports. Plus, there is a 12V cigarette lighter charger to run car-powered gadgets. Overall, it has got 11 charging options, but it misses out on multiple AC sockets.

Like all similar products, you can recharge it in multiple ways. With a compatible solar panel of 60W to 100W, you can charge it in around nine hours under an optimal sun. Via an AC socket or a carport, it can be charged fully in around six to seven hours.

AllPowers 500W Portable Power Station

It is AllPowers’ compact solar power station. With a 606Wh battery pack under the hood and a 500-watt inverter of 1000W surge power, it competes with the models like Jackery Explorer 500 and EcoFlow River Pro.

The ultra-portable backup station can power as many as nine devices at a time. It features two AC ports of 500W power, one USB-C port, three USB regular ports, one DC car socket, and a pair of regular DC ports.

Overall, it can power up a variety of your devices and appliances out in the wild and you can take it along anywhere with not much hassle. Yes, having a lightweight and compact profile, you can easily handle it in the wild.

You have multiple ways to juice up the power station. You can use an AC wall socket to charge at a speed of 100 watts using the included apart from a 50W car socket and USB-C port of 60 watts.

When it comes to solar charging, it features a 100W input and an MPPT controller to ensure quick and reliable charging. You can buy the power station with a solar panel, which the brand also offers in a bundle or separately.

The AllPowers has a size of 10.4 x 5.5 x 7 in and it weighs just 5.3 kgs.

AllPowers Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow – What to Buy

AllPowers features reliable models in almost all segments that the two other top brands have their products.

With the launch of its home battery backup system, Monster Pro, AllPowers will definitely be an undeniable player in the market of portable solar power systems.

With multiple mid-range power stations, a stylish compact power station, and a couple of entry-level models, AllPowers can be a perfect choice for you to get a portable backup solution for off-grid power.

Quality-wise, AllPowers has certainly crafted its devices with premium-quality materials like aluminum alloy and ABS plastic. Its models also feature solid and strong carrying handles so that you can easily manage them out in the wild.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Vs AllPowers Monster Pro and Pro Plus


AllPowers has got a new series of solar-based home backup power stations in competition to the EcoFlow Delta Pro and Bluetti EP500 series. In this part of the article, we would like to compare the new AllPowers Monster Pro series against its alternative in the EcoFlow line-up. It will make you find the best choice of the EcoFlow Vs AllPowers.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Power Station

  • Massive 3.6-25kWh Home Battery Backup System. 
  • Powerful 3600-7200W Inverter with Five AC Outlets.
  • Highly Expandable and Modular Power Station.
  • 1800W AC Charging and 1200W Solar Charging Options.
  • 11 Charging Outlets, Including Two 100W USB-C PD Ports.
  • Strong and Durable Wheels for Easy Transporation.
  • Smart Home Panel for Household Backup Power.

As you see, EcoFlow Delta Pro is a huge-capacity household-friendly power station for backup power with mobility features.

It packs up a 3.6Wh LifePO4 battery inside, and you can expand it up to 25kWh using the brand’s smart extra batteries, smart gas generator, and via pairing through the Smart Home Panel.

Coming to the power, it sports a 3600W inverter with a surge power of 7200 watts and it equips five AC outlets, including a 30A high-power socket.

You can charge Delta Pro quite faster from a solar array or wall socket at a speed of 1200 watts and 1800 watts respectively.

AllPowers Monster Pro Power Stations



  • 3500Wh and 5000Wh Solar Home Battery Ecosystems.
  • Powerful 3500W-7000W Inverters with Five AC Outlets. 
  • Expandable up to 80kWh and 56kWh Capacities.  
  • 2000W Solar and 2000W AC Inputs for Fast Charging. 
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wired Battery Backup Systems.
  • 11 Charging Outlets with Multiple AC Sockets.
  • Smart Home Panel, Solar Pad, And Extra Batteries.
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled with Voice Control and OTA Upgrade.  

AllPowers certainly raises a big competition to the Delta Pro with its new Monster Pro series.

You get the Monster Pro in two variants of Monster Pro and Monster Pro Plus respectively with built-in batteries of 3500Wh and 5000Wh and incredible storage expansion possibilities.

You have the same 3500W inverter with 7000W peak power in both the Monster Pro variants and they sport five AC sockets each, including one 30A RV power outlet. When it comes to the inverter power, the Monster Pro series has almost the same potential as the EcoFlow alternative.

But you have the AllPowers biggies with better storage capacities.

Apart from a 3.5kWh variant, it also has got a heavy-duty 5kWh variant. What’s more, you can expand these models to unrivaled capacities of 56kWh and 80kWh capacities, thanks to the brand’s smart external modules and home panel.

Moreover, the Monster Pros stand out from the EcoFlows in terms of charging speeds. Both the variants feature 2000W solar and 2000W AC inputs for fast and efficient charging outdoors and indoors.

Delta Pro Vs Monster Pro Price and Availability

Delta Pro is currently available on the EcoFlow website or retail sites like Amazon. It has a price of around $3500 for a single unit. You need to spend extra on the additional batteries, smart panels, smart gas generator, and other accessories.

The AllPowers Monster Pro alternative is, of course, quite cheaper, but the models are only available for pre-order on the Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

You can pre-order the 3500W base variant of Monster Pro at a price under $3000, while the 5000W bigger model arrives at around $3500, thanks to the early bird offerings.

The products will be hitting the public stores by late this year. We are not sure what will be their prices at that time. Most likely, the AllPowers will be rather cheaper considering the current pricing and other factors.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the AllPowers Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow solar power stations. We have tried out best to get through all the models of the brand and to compare them against their nearest rivals from the competition.

Share your thoughts about the products and let us know what is your choice for your next adventure.

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