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Anzene EnergyBlock: 300Wh Rugged, Explosion-Proof, Outdoor-Optitmized Solar Power Station

For a while, we have been mostly talking about big-size power stations. Brands like Bluetti and EcoFlow have lately realized some magical products with heavy storage capacities. Here, we have an amazingly compact and small power station for portable power. It is called Anzene EnergyBlock.

The EnergyBlock is an incredible product with a 300Wh storage capacity and an ultra-portable design in a strong and durable aluminum casing. Along with being a smaller, and lightweight power station, it is also hyped as one of the toughest power stations with its shock-proof and fireproof profile.

The handy power station can offer you safe and reliable portable power to juice up multiple handhelds at the same time. The lovely thing about the Anzene EnergyBlock is its combination of small size and portable design. With a weight of just 2kg, you can simply keep it in one hand and manage to output up to 500 watts to charge most of your handhelds and an AC device in an emergency.

Anzene EnergyBlock Power Station


  • 300Wh Compact Solar Power Station.
  • Fast Recharging in Two Hours.
  • 500W Peak AC Power.
  • AC and DC Outlets.
  • Modular Design.
  • IP67 Waterproof.
  • Explosion Proof and Fire-Proof. 
  • Durable Aluminum Casing.

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