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EnerPlex Solar Generator: All to Know About Ascent Solar’s 1200W Solar Generator

Ascent Solar’s EnerPlex solar generator, branded as Y1200, is another cool portable solar generator. You would certainly have come across a lot of solar generators on our blog before. But this colorful and stylish solar power station is really something you should take a look at.

A generator is typically a machine that could generate power by burning fuel. As per this theory, the EnerPlex solar generator is not a generator, but only a power station with solar charging capability. In that sense, the term ‘solar generator’ is a misnomer, but it is so such devices are known today.

We certainly have the entire Goal Zero Yeti in the same style. Basically, they are all power stations that you could power from either a wall socket or a carport. Besides, they all support solar charging. So, you could get a suitable solar charger to make these devices complete solar generators.

By the way, a lovely thing with EnerPlex solar generator is its stylish design. With a resemblance to the Goal Zero Yeti series in design, this is very nice in the overall look and feel, and its gray-orange shade further adds to its charm. In addition, it has got strong handles to easily carry it anywhere.

EnerPlex Solar Generator – All to Know About

The EnerPlex solar generator is a 1231Wh lithium power station, which is capable of powering up all your electronics and recharging your gadgets multiple times. Clearly, a fully-charged EnerPlex could juice up a smartphone nearly 100 times, a laptop around 20 times, and a tablet about 50 times.

Apart from its stylish design, the EnerPlex has also got a very lightweight profile as another notable feature. Well, compared to most of its rivaling products out there, it is more than 50% lighter. Yes, its overall weight goes only around 40 lbs, making it easy-to-carry anywhere on your trips.

Meanwhile, the versatile solar generator features a range of charging options to support a variety of your electronics. Specifically, it sports one 110V AC outlet, two 5V USB ports, and one each 12V and 19V DC ports. That is how it comes out to be a perfect choice for all your electronics out there.

Compatible Solar Charger

When it comes to a suitable solar charger, Ascent Solar offers you some models. They include the brand’s patented 12-layered 45W folding solar charger called Commander 45. This highly portable charger is indeed a good pick you could use to charge your Enerplex solar generator. Check out its latest price of the charger on the button below and stay for more details after. 

As you see, it is a lightweight and flexible solar panel. You could use it to charge medium and small devices like phones, tablets, and laptops after from the power stations like EnerPlex solar generator. Moreover, it is a low-light performer so even under cloudy skies it could provide you enough power.

Above all, the rugged and water-resistant attributes make it friendly in tough outdoor conditions. Drops, shocks, and even small punctures won’t kill the solar efficiency of the Commander charger. Made in the USA, the thin-film solar charger is indeed one of the best of its kind out there.

Why Should You Buy

1. Great for Off-Grid Power Requirements

The EnerPlex solar generator integrates a powerful battery. That makes it friendly for a range of applications during camping, hiking, and emergency. Well, thanks to its 1231Wh battery, it could store a good amount of energy that will be quite enough to boost up a wide number of gadgets and appliances like phones, tablets, laptops, small ovens and etc…

2. Less Weight and Cool Design

At 42 lbs, EnerPlex claims that its product is lighter than many of its competitions. Yes, Goal Zero Yeti 1250, for example, is weighing over 100 pounds. That means with such a big power output, you get a cool product that is lightweight and stylish in design. At the end of the day, taking it along on your trips will never burden you for two reasons; an easy-to-carry design and a lightweight profile.

3. Different Output Options

EnerPlex solar generator features a variety of output charging options. Along with the AC socket, it carries multiple DC and USB ports to support a variety of your electronics. Thus, you could rely on it to charge or power up different devices out in the wild or in an emergency.

4. Multiple Charging Inputs

EnerPlex solar generator offers multiple options for charging like most of its rivals like Goal Zero Yeti. You could power it up from a wall outlet or a car charger, besides solar panel. Well, EnerPlex Commander line of solar panels are compatible with the product, hence you could quickly generate solar energy anywhere under sun and store the same in its built-in battery.


What You Won’t Like

Though it has been there for a long time, the EnerPlex solar generator is still not a popular one. It doesn’t look to have attracted a lot of takers compared to its Goal Zero alternatives and the other models in spite of its lightweight and stylish design.

Moreover, the brand doesn’t offer high-powered solar chargers to make it run from the sun faster. You get only some low-powered options below 50W, but I think you could certainly use third party solar panels to charge it, by the way.

Final Thoughts

EnerPlex solar generator is a wonderful alternative to fuel power generators. With multiple options for charging other than solar, you get a completely harmless and eco-friendly power source. Sure, EnerPlex causes no harm to nature or human beings if you make use of the solar panel to charge it instead of the grid or car power.

Moreover, you could find it as a great way to store the grid power for an emergency backup, thanks to its huge battery capacity. And in the wild, just top it up from the sun to keep it charged always. Overall, the EnerPlex solar generator, with its stylish and portable design, is indeed a great device for all your off-grid and emergency power needs.

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