Preparing your backpack for hiking? Hope you don’t miss to include a cool solar charger. The simplest, and the most reliable way to juice your gadgets during hiking is solar. Amazingly, it makes you no longer disconnected to the rest of world even if you hike tough terrains and wilderness. Wherever you hike it lets you stay plugged into the sun for energy. Well, here we introduce you to a list of the best backpacking solar chargers so that you could find the most exciting one for your next outing.

Best Backpacking Solar Chargers

Best Backpacking Solar Chargers: 6 Cool Folding Chargers

As a regular hiker, you should go for a folding solar charger. You won’t be able to take along aluminum or glass regular solar panel even if it is very small. So, it is ideal to go for a folding panel, which you can quickly rug up to your backpack and suspend in a way sun hits the panel all the time you wander around. Moreover, a folding solar charger is not going to add much weight to your backpack, but what you get is a superb source for green energy. If you got a power bank you are rather lucky to store some power for evenings, by the way.

1. Poweradd 100W Folding Solar Charger

I am sure this Poweradd solar charger would be exactly what you were looking for. If you got a camper or RV with 12V battery this 100W solar charger would come an ideal pick. Well, you can run lights and even a small fridge if you smartly use it with a 12V battery. Well, you can easily set up the solar charger, and go on camping while it charges the battery. And, in the evening, you have enough power to boost up your laps, phones, tabs and other appliances.

Plus, it becomes a cool companion of you in case of emergency. You can keep the folding solar charger in car or home to face emergency scenarios. Yes, connected to a power bank you could harvest good volume of sun energy all the time around. And, in case of emergency, you can stay confident having enough power to get by and make communications with rescue crew and neighbors.

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You can simply unfold the panel to let the sun hit the cells. Compared to similar models on market, Poweradd solar charger offers good efficiency – 22% to 25%. What’s more, it comes with a plethora of charging adapters known to man! You can ensure safety of your gadget by putting it in the included pocket and keep it charged while you roam around. Poweradd solar charger lets you connect a pair of USB devices to recharge at the rate of 5V/2.8A. Along with it has an 18V DC port at 18V/6.3A to charge your lap and other 18V appliances.

2. BZBRLZ 100W Portable Folding Solar Charger

Though not from a famed maker, this SunPower-based 100W solar charger would surely be a good choice for backpacking. The first thing that would excite you about this solar charger is its weight. Wouldn’t you prefer a light and thin solar charger for backpacking? This model, along with offering standard efficiency of 22%-25%, is just 0.4 in thick and 4.4 lbs light, making it nice for all your outings if it’s camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing.

You will have nothing to worry about your outings if you go for this solar charger. It is a two-leaf folding one, and so is highly portable. Just rug it up to your backpack as you walk around or ride on your bike. All the time, it will keep charging your gizmos. Don’t worry about the safety of your gizmos as well, because you have a well-protected fabric pocket sewn into the unit for them to rest as you move around.

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When you rest during hiking, you can attach the solar charger to your camp tent or anything else with a rope, thanks to four hooks at the edges of the panel. Of course, they also let you fasten the unit in the finest angle to better absorb sunlight. After use, just fold down the panels and carry it on its handle. You can connect all your handsets to the unit via USB ports. And if you got a power bank, you could store some power for later use.

3. Aukey 28W Portable Solar Charger

Are you looking for the best backpacking solar chargers on a budget? Don’t worry, this Aukey 28W folding solar charger is the finest choice out there, and is also the cheapest in our list. However, it is well-stitched and solid enough to get by rough outdoor conditions you might be hiking through.

Being waterproof, you won’t need to tuck in it in your backpack if it rains. Just go ahead, but see it wouldn’t be producing power during rain, though. When you store it after use, you could fold it down to a tiny unit and press together with its built-in velcro lock.

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Simultaneously you could charge two gadgets from it, ideally a phone and power bank. Thus, you get enough juice in your phone to help connect you to the rest of the world as you hike in the wild. And the power bank lets you keep enough juice for evening. Both the USB ports offer up to 2.4A output under bright sunlight. That doesn’t mean you will be getting the same efficiency afternoon or on a cloudy day. An intelligent chip helps it automatically identify the gadget you have connected to it and send power at the fastest speed possible.

4. Goal Zero Nomad 100 Solar Panel

I think you will be wondering why Goal Zero’s 100W solar panel is hugely priced. We already talked about two 100W solar panels above. Both are priced below $200, but you should throw in a sum of $750 for this Nomad flagship. Simply, a customer who left a review on Amazon on Nomad 100, has well explained the scenario, and why people would widely prefer Goal Zero to their rivaling products despite big variation in prices.

First, Goal Zero sells only quality product. Truly, Nomad 100 is very durable, rugged, and highly efficient too. Another customer has testified that Nomad 100 was delivering up to 62W of power at peak. And even getting around 13W inside the apartment with the sunlight through windows. Second, you get awesome American support. Being an American firm, you can access them easily and get good support. Most other solar chargers come from China, and though that is nothing wrong, customer support is often delayed unfortunately.

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You got a Goal Zero Yeti 400 or 1250? If so, Nomad 100 is the best solar charger to juice up your power pack. Depending on sun, you could charge Yeti 400 in around 8 hours and Yeti 1250 in 24 hours with Nomad 100. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a Yeti power pack. You can run any other power pack or battery with Nomad 100 as it features an MC4 standard connector to link the panel to third-party charge controllers. After use, you could just fold down the huge panel to a very compact 20 x 15 x 2 in for stunning portability.

5. AcoPower 70W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

It is another exciting model you could choose from our list of the best backpacking solar chargers. Though it lacks customer reviews on Amazon, you can trust it because it also employs SunPower solar cells. Further, it becomes much friendly for your backpacking needs as it touts a pair of folding 35W solar panels.

Make your way ahead in the wild by hanging it on your backpack, and connecting the devices to be charged. Certainly, it works quite fast in powering your phone as it renders good USB output. It also works with 12V batteries.

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In this list of the best backpacking solar chargers, it is the only complete solar kit. That is, you can just connect it to a 12V battery right out of the box. And if you want to use it to juice up a power bank you could remove the 10A PWM charge controller. So, you make it just a solar charger to boost the power bank. Also, if you got some handsets during hiking this model is one of the best options to power them up through powerful 5V USBs.

6. Poweradd 60W Solar Charger

Looking for a small, but powerful solar charger? The final one in our list of the best backpacking solar chargers from Poweradd is the right one. As you see, it offers 60W of solar energy, but after use you can fold it down to a tiny unit, thanks to nine layers of solar cells and a top flap.

If you go on a camping or hiking with a laptop and a host of handsets this could be one of the best picks. See, you could store it hassle-free and spread out the panels to produce a good volume of energy to power a wide range of gadgets including lap.

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The Poweradd folding solar charger has all essential ports to charge your gadgets. First, it touts 5.5V USB to charge 5V powered devices, and second you have an 18V DC output at 18V/3.3A to juice up your laptop or batteries. Don’t worry that the solar charger would damage your gadgets, because it delivers stable voltage and current. You can also go into tough terrains with the solar charger as it features LET laminated solar cells sewn into high-wear PVC fabric.

Final Thoughts

Today, we have just scratched the surface of some best backpacking solar chargers. Of course, you can find many similar models that are good for charging your gadgets as you hike the wilderness. Solar technology, being the excellent way to power up your life outdoors, gifts you brilliant products every day. You could find the best fitting one for your backpacking needs and stay tuned with us for more similar articles and listicles. Solar ChargersPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PanelsPortable Solar PowerBest Backpacking Solar ChargerPreparing your backpack for hiking? Hope you don’t miss to include a cool solar charger. The simplest, and the most reliable way to juice your gadgets during hiking is solar. Amazingly, it makes you no longer disconnected to the rest of world even if you hike tough terrains and...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |