It is never a tough job to create a DIY solar generator. From scratch itself, you could build up one in a matter of time. You don’t need to be an expert technician for that. However, we have another cool way to let you build a solar generator yourself. Indeed, that is more easier for you to put together things. It is simple. Just make use of the below ten best DIY solar generator kits with your creativity. Sure, they are ready-to-install kits that lets you realize DIY solar generators with awesome customized features and capabilities.

Best DIY Solar Generator Kits

A solar generator kit should naturally include all parts required for setting up a system. But we don’t claim all the best DIY solar generators kits in our list are complete ones. Some kits pack only basic things. In that case, you will need to buy extra parts to build a solar generator from scratch. Anyway, if you are a DIY lover and looking to design your own solar generator for a cheap price, these solar generators kits fit you the best.

10 Best DIY Solar Generator Kits

For regular camping and hiking use, you get a wide range of ready-to-use and plug-n-play solar generators on market. But a person usually needs to build own solar generator when it is required for heavy use like in RV, home, remote cabin etc. Therefore, in this listicle, we indeed focus on the best DIY solar generator kits that are ideal for building heavy-duty off-grid solar systems. That is why most of the kits carry a price around $2000.

1. Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500 Watts

We begin with a popular DIY solar generator from Be Prepared Solar. It is, in fact, not a full kit, but a plug-and-play system. But what you get are a pair of 150W solar panels and a huge box of other components including battery. Well, the box sports a 2500W pure sine wave inverter that can offer 5000 watts at surge.

Plus, it packs two 100Ah AGM deep cycle batteries. Its maker also sells customized variants of this solar generator kit regarding battery capacity, solar panels, and etc. Buy this unit of Be Prepared Solar generator 2500W using the below link.

Check Price and Buy @ Be Prepared Solar Generator 2500W

Further, the Be Prepared Solar generator features 250A ANL Fuse for safety, a 30A charge controller and 30-feet solar cables. That is, you need to do some DIY work to set up the large solar generator. Connect the solar panels to the system and place them somewhere with good sunshine. Moreover, if you need to expand output, you can make modifications to the system by adding more panels as well as battery.

2. Grape Solar 400W Off-grid Solar Kit

Second pick in our list of the best DIY solar generator kits comes from Grape Solar. As you see, it is a full DIY solar kit except battery. Clearly, you get four units of 100W polycrystalline panels, a 35A Xantrex solar charge controller, a 2000-watt Xantrex pure sine wave inverter and cables and wires.

That is, you need to put together all the components and connect to an existing battery unit in your home, RV or boat. Or if you want to make a full-fledged DIY solar generator with the Grape Solar kit, you can buy a 12V deep cycle battery and a case to mount all the components inside. Then, you get a complete off-grid solar system.

Check Price and Buy @ Grape Solar 400W Off-grid Solar Kit

By the way, the included solar panel is a high efficiency unit that features a 2-diode junction box for enhanced performance. The power inverter sports a pair of 110V AC outlets and a USB port so that you can even charge your small handsets also. Buy a unit of the solar panel kit using the link above.

3. Ensupra 1000-watt Solar Power Generator Kit

It is one of small picks in our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. As you see in the title, it is a 1000-watt solar panel kit with a 240W solar output. At peak, it can produce up to 2000W surge power. Simply, this solar panel kits contains a unit of 240W solar panel, a 1000W power inverter, 20A charge controller, cables, and mounting brackets.

As a DIY enthusiast, you can certainly use the components to build a DIY solar generator for regular home, RV, and camping use. As you see, it is never a complete DIY solar kit. It packs only a solar panel and a power inverter. You must buy solar charge controller, batteries, and other components in addition to realize your dream off-grid power solution.

Check Price and Buy @ Ensupra 1000W Solar Generator Kit

As put it above, the included power inverter is a 1000W unit that can handle sufficient power for your daily needs, indeed. But the solar panel only puts out 250 watts at peak. So you should also think of adding more panels if you want to set up a highly reliable off-grid power solution with this kit.

4. OG Solar Power Generator 4000 Watts

Here is another self-contained DIY solar generator kit. It is basically a plug and play system, but not an all-in-one product. You get it with a solid and rugged case that sports all the electric parts of the machine, including power inverter and charge controller. It offers 4000W surge power and there is a 135Ah battery inside.

Plus, you get a pair of 100W solar panels to total a solar output of 200 watts. This machine is quite enough to supply unlimited solar energy in your home, RV, boat, etc. OG Solar has been there for while with this type of DIY solar generators. It is actually a perfect kit that packs everything required to set up your own DIY solar generator everywhere.

Check Price and Buy @ OG Solar Power Generator 4000W

Of course, it is one of the top sellers of its kind on market. We checked the product on various retail sites and came to know that it has received good customer response everywhere. Hence, it looks yet another best DIY solar generator kits you could try. Buy a unit of the solar generator kit using the link above.

5. Ensupra 1000W Solar Generator DIY Kit

We have yet another Ensupra in our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. It is a typical DIY solar generator kit. Well, you get a 1000-watt (2000W peak) kit with a 100-watt solar panel. You need to just add 12V batteries to build a brilliant DIY solar generator for your home, RV, boat etc.

Anyway, the power inverter integrates a 20A PWM solar charge controller and it can surely provide up to 100 watts of solar energy a day. The kit also packs a 25-feet solar cables and mounting brackets.

Check Price and Buy @ Ensupra 1000W Solar Generator DIY Kit

This solar kit could produce 500Wh power a day under a bright sun. Of course, its productivity depends on the intensity of sunlight in your place. With that power, you could run a variety of electronics like computers, fans, TVs, lights, coffee maker, and etc. Use the Amazon banner above to buy a unit of the Ensupra 1000W solar kit.

6. Eco-Worthy Wind Solar Generator 720 Watts

It is the only solar wind hybrid off-grid power system in our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. This Eco-Worthy product is much popular because you get two reliable options of alternative power in a single product. This maker sells a large variety of similar hybrid and solar DIY power solutions.  

Well, this kit mainly includes a unit of 400W wind turbine, three units of 160-watt monocrystalline solar panels, a 1000W power inverter and other accessories including cables. Interesting thing is you can run both solar and wind turbines to generate more power from the natural sources.

Check Price and Buy @ Eco-Worthy Wind Solar Generator 720W

The included wind turbine is of high quality build. Eco-Worthy has made it with good quality nylon fiber. So, it becomes perfect for both marine and land use. Being a hybrid off-grid power kit, it looks ideal for DIY set-up on top of your home, remote cabin, or work site. Yes, it doesn’t make much sense to use a wind turbine for portable use. The best way is to mount it permanently somewhere along with the included solar panels.

7. PluggedSolar 1.74 KW Solar Power Generator

PluggedSolar is a massive 1.74 KW solar kit that can produce an average 3000 kWh of power a year, letting you save up to 50% of your electric bill. It is, in fact, a grid-tie kit, not a full DIY solar generator kit. You could just add this to an existing off-grid solar system.

If you are tired of paying grid bills get this big solar kit to install in your house. Get it with a power inverter and battery to produce energy for whole your home. Buy a unit of the cool solar generator solution from the link below.

Check Price and Buy @ PluggedSolar 1.74 KW Solar Generator

The company highlights its patent-pending PluggedSolar technology with this product. That, according to the maker, lets users put the racking in a matter of time and plug in the system to an existing electrical outlet for solar power. Well, it is a simple process. You don’t need to hire a professional. You could yourself set it up and enjoy unlimited access to sun power in your home.

8. Renogy 800 Watt Solar Generator Kit

This Renogy is a complete kit in our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. With a solar output of 800 watts, this huge kit packs up a 2000-watt pure sine inverter. That said, the kit has eight units of 100W mono panels.

And the most attractive thing is the kit bundles up a 200Ah gel battery so that you don’t need anything else to set up a full DIY solar generator if you go for this Renogy kit. Order a unit of this highly powerful solar panel kit using the below link.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy 800W Solar Generator Kit

By the way, the included charge controller is Renogy’s Commander unit. That is equipped with multiple electric protections to make sure your storage units are safe from overcharging, overload and short-circuits. The solar panels, according Renogy, offer high solar cell efficiency of 20.2%. And the aluminum frame of the panels are corrosion-resistant so that they will last long in your home.

9. Go Power Solar Extreme Complete Solar Kit

Go Power’s Solar Extreme kit is yet another top-selling huge DIY solar generator kit. It bundles up everything except battery. The solar output of the kit is 480 watts, with three units of 160W monocrystalline panels. Plus, you have a 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter to power up a wide range of your appliances and gizmos.

Other components of the Go Power DIY solar kit include a unit of 30A PWM solar controller, 75A smart battery charger, 30A pre-wired transfer switch and accessors like cables and wires. Buy a unit of the Go Power solar kit from the below link.

Check Price and Buy @ Go Power Solar Extreme Solar Kit

This large solar kit is, of course, ideal for powering up a line of your regularly used appliances like oven, fridge, music systems, computers, tablets, and phones. As a DIY project, you can build the kit to set up complete off-grid power solution for your home, RV, boat, and worksite. You need a 400A battery unit to store the power from the solar charging system.

10. Eco-Worthy 1200W Grid Tie Mono Solar Panel Kit

The final item in our list of the best DIY solar generator kits comes from Eco-Worthy. It is large solar panel kit with MPPT charge controller. That is, you will have to buy power inverter and other components separately to build a DIY solar generator.

Coming to specs, it packs eight units of 160W mono solar panels with an overall output over 1200W. This system, according to Eco-Worthy, can offer a daily output of 6KWh depending on sunlight. All the panels are pre-installed with by-pass diodes an IP-65 rated junction box adds more value.

Check Price and Buy @ Eco-Worthy 1200W Grid Tie Solar Kit

Asa said above, Eco-Worthy has made use of an updated 1200W MPPT (24V) grid-tie charge controller with the kit. As you know, it would help the system safeguard itself from all possible voltage-related issues. Well, your system won’t get damaged by overload, low and high voltage, over current and reverse flow. With this, our list of the best DIY solar generator kits comes to an end. Make your comments about the list below. SwanDIY Portable Solar PowerPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar PowerBest DIY Solar Generator,Best DIY Solar Generator Kits: 10 Top Selling DIY Solar Power Generator KitsIt is never a tough job to create a DIY solar generator. From scratch itself, you could build up one in a matter of time. You don’t need to be an expert technician for that. However, we have another cool way to let you build a solar generator yourself....Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks