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Best DIY Solar Generator Kits: 12 Brilliant DIY Portable Solar Panel and Generator Kits

It is easy to set up a DIY solar generator if you have a ready-to-use solar generator kit. You do not need the help of a technician, because all the best DIY solar generator kits turn up with all the essential components required for your projects. You just need to put them together to build your DIY solar generator.

Fine, a DIY solar generator kit is typically a full package of essential components that let you put together a solar generator yourself with customized features and capabilities. Clearly, a solar generator kit typically features components like solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers, and basic accessories.

With that being said, you will mostly have to buy battery packs in addition to build a solar power solution. But a few models of DIY solar kits also pack up batteries. Otherwise, you could go for a kit without battery to use it in your RV, camper, trailer, boat, or remote home, where you already have battery packs.

Also, all the solar kits on the market are not complete solutions. Some pack only the basic components, and some are full-blown. As per your needs, you shall have to add extra items to realize a great DIY solar power generator. Anyway, we would like to check out some of the best DIY solar generators kits below.

Best DIY Solar Generator Kits

Fine, if you are looking for a portable plug-n-play solar generator, you have several options on the market to go with. We have already covered multiple lists of the best solar generators for portable use here. They will indeed help you power up your electronics during an outdoor or a survival situation.

Also, check out our list of the best portable solar generators and the best solar generators for camping.

But here we have a list of the best DIY solar generator kits. They are for DIY enthusiasts who would like to set up their own portable solar power systems. There is actually a wide variety of such DIY kits. We would like to invite your attention to some of the best to let you find a model that suits your needs and budget.

1. Go Power Weekender Solar Kit

We would like to start the list with this popular DIY solar kit from Go Power. The Weekender solar kit is, in fact, the base model of its line of heavy DIY solar panel kits on the market. Specs-wise, this is a 160W solar kit with a brilliant power inverter that is capable of producing 1500W of energy for your 12V batteries.

This Go Power Weekender solar kit has been doing well on the market for a pretty long time. Thus, it has grabbed a lot of takers. Follow the link below to check out its latest price and buy a unit.

As you see, it is a complete solar kit. Except for the battery, it has all the key components required to set up a typical solar power system right anywhere in a matter of time.

Besides the large 160-watt single-sheet mono solar panel, the kit mainly packs up a 1500W Go Power pure sine wave inverter, a 30Amp PWM solar charge regulator, and a 30Amp pre-wired transfer switch. Plus, it features an inverter remote, basic cables and wires, and mounting accessories.

Our Analysis

Ideally, this Go Power Weekender solar kit is an excellent pick for setting up a solar power solution in your RVs, trailers, boats, and cabins. So, thanks to its large output, you could use it to power up a variety of your appliances and gadgets in the wilderness or in a survival situation.

At the same time, you could also use the Weekender solar kit to set up a powerful emergency solar backup system in your household, flat, or office. That is how you could ensure you and your family would stay safe in a survival situation or an unexpected blackout due to an emergency.

Why We Like it

  • Powerful 1500-Watt Complete Solar Panel Kit.
  • Perfect Pick For Rvs, Trailers, Campers, And Cabins.
  • The Largest Single Module Solar Panel Of 160 Watts.
  • Highly Reliable 1500-Watt Power Inverter.
  • Reliable Charge Controller and Other Accessories.

2. Grape Solar 400W Off-Grid Solar Kit

The next pick on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits is from Grape Solar. This is a DIY solar panel kit with the basic components other than the battery and with an output of 400 watts only. But it is enough to set up a decently powerful portable solar power station in your RV, camper, trailer, and more.

Well, the Grape Solar kit packs four units of 100W polycrystalline solar panels, a 35A Xantrex solar charge controller, a 1800W Grape Solar PurePower inverter with a USB port, and other accessories like cables and wires. So what all you need is a battery pack to realize an ideal off-grid solar power system quickly.

The included solar panels are high-efficiency units with each featuring a dual-diode junction box for the enhanced performance. Meanwhile, the power inverter, apart from the USB port, highlights a pair of 110V AC outlets so that you could run AC appliances up to 1800 watts quite comfortably.

The solar charge controller is a PWM unit that is compatible with 24V and 12V battery packs. Moreover, the controller would help you expand the solar power system with one more 100-watt solar panel to take the overall output to 500 watts. Check out the link above for the latest price of the solar kit.

Our Analysis

This is another cool DIY solar panel kit for your RVs, trailers, and boats. Also, you could use the kit to set up a small solar power system in your home or worksite to meet an emergency or survival situation. Overall, with an output of 400W, you could power up your emergency battery packs in a few hours under the sun.

As you see, the kit doesn’t feature batteries. So, it would be nice to put together the components of the kit if you already have a battery pack or an RV or camper with a battery. Or you should spend a little more to add the battery packs to the system so that you could realize a complete off-grid solar power solution.

Why We Like It

  • Powerful 1800-Watt Power Inverter Included.
  • 400-Watt DIY Solar Panel Kit with Four Poly Solar Panels.
  • Power Inverter With Dual AC Sockets And One USB Port.
  • 35Amp Xantrex Solar Charge Controller.
  • Ideal Pick For Off-Grid And Emergency Power Needs.

3. WindyNation 400-Watt Solar Kit

Fine, we have already come across two best DIY solar generator kits. This WindyNation solar kit is another nice product that you could use to set up a DIY solar generator quickly. But it stands out from the above models as it is available in some variants that pack compatible batteries also.

Clearly, you get the WindyNation 400-watt solar kit in around three variants as of writing this. The two of them are available with multiple units of 100Ah AGM deep cycle batteries. Check out the below link to see the latest price of its high-end option with more batteries.

As you see, the WindyNation 400-watt solar kit features four units of 100Ah batteries. Apart from that, it highlights a unit of VertaMax 1500W DC to AC power inverter that could peak up to 3000 watts.

Hence, you could use the bundle to easily set up a large DIY solar generator to power up your household AC appliances. Further, it contains a unit of 30A P30L charge controller with an LCD display, AWG cables, MC4 connectors, and mounting hardware.

Our Analysis

Absolutely, the WindyNation product is a complete DIY solar generator kit. You don’t need to buy anything extra to utilize it for your purpose. Fine, you can start fixing the solar panel kit just out-of-the-box. Ideally, it is a good choice for your RVs, boats, trailers, campers, and cabins.

Also, the solar kit is a wonderful solution to easily set up an emergency solar backup in your living space. Certainly, a 1500W inverter with such a huge battery backup can power most of your electronics neatly.

Why We Like It

  • Complete DIY Solar Generator Kit Even With Batteries.
  • 1500-Watt High-Quality AC To DC Power Inverter.
  • Multiple Variants Available With And Without Batteries.
  • Highly Recommended For Rvs, Boats, Trailers, And Campers.
  • The Coolest Choice For Emergency Solar Power Backup.

4. OG Solar 110V Solar Power Generator

The OG Solar product is, in fact, a DIY solar generator kit. Unlike the above models, this is a self-contained system with both the solar panels and the powerhouse in a single unit. You can use the plug-and-play solar power generator to run your AC appliances off-the-grid and in an emergency.

Fine, the powerhouse part of the OG Solar device comes up in a rugged and portable case. By the way, you get a pair of 100W solar panels in the kit. Check out the latest price of it on the link below.

Well, this machine is quite enough to supply a good amount of solar energy to your home, RV, boat, etc. Though not a typical DIY solar panel kit, you can use it to easily set up a highly reliable off-grid power solution in your vehicles or home. Of course, this is one of the top sellers of its kind on the market. So you can buy a unit of the OG Solar product with no worry at all.

Our Analysis

The notable thing about the OG Solar is that it is a self-contained easy-to-use solar power solution. Even without any assembly, you can start using the system to produce solar energy and run your electronics.

At the same time, you could consider it as a solar kit and use it to set up a DIY emergency solar power backup solution right anywhere. By the way, thanks to the solid and durable case, it is really a nice pick to make your outings rather exciting and enjoyable.

Why We Like It

  • Self-Contained Ready To Use Solar Generator Kit.
  • Ideal Pick For Rvs, Campers, Trailers, And Boats.
  • All-in-One DIY Solar Solution Even Including The Batteries.
  • The Rugged And Durable Case To Offer A Longer Life.

5. Renogy 400-Watt Solar Panel Kit

Next, we have Renogy’s 400W solar panel kit on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. It is another cool kit you can use to set up your own off-grid solar power solution. As its title says, it is a 400W system that features a set of four 100-watt mono solar panels.

Further, you get a charge controller. Yes, depending on the type of the charge controller – Renogy Rover 40 or Wanderer – you get two variants of the kits currently. Follow the link below to check out the latest price and other details of both the Renogy variants.

Further, both the Renogy solar kits feature the other essential accessories like MC4 adaptors, Tray Cable, and Z-brackets for easy mounting. Well, the key difference between the kits is that you get two different Renogy solar charge controllers with each.

Anyway, both the solar kits are perfect choices for various off-grid applications, such as RVs, campers, trailers, boats, and cabins. You can quickly set up a solar power solution to charge your 12V battery packs for unlimited solar energy.

Our Analysis

There is actually a variety of similar best DIY solar generator kits on the market. This Renogy model is highly recommended for mounting over an RV, boat, or trailer and charging its in-house battery.

So you get enough energy to power your essential electronics outdoors. Of course, the Renogy kits are not complete ones. You need to buy other components separately to build full-fledged systems.

Why We Like It

  • Two Variants With Different Renogy Solar Charge Controllers.
  • Renogy PWM 30A Wanderer Charge Controller.
  • Renogy MPPT 40A Rover 40 Charge Controller.
  • Decently Powerful DIY Solar Generator Kits.
  • Highly Suitable Solar Kits For Rvs, Boats, Trailers, And Etc.

6. Eco-Worthy 1400W Wind Solar Panel Kit

The next is a cool wind-solar hybrid off-grid power system on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. The Eco-worthy product is simply a 1400W off-grid power system that packs eight pieces of 120W high-efficiency mono solar panels and a 400-watt wind turbine generator.

Along with it, you get a 3500W 24V-110V off-grid power inverter and a 20Amp PWM waterproof hybrid charge controller. That said, you could easily set up a high-powered hybrid off-grid power solution right anywhere for unlimited green energy. Check out its latest price on the link below.

The included wind turbine is a good-quality product. It features high-performance nylon fiber blades and other durable materials. That turbine is a famous one from Eco-Worthy, which avails the same one in all its hybrid solar and wind power kits. It is certainly a good choice for both marine and land uses.

Anyway, being a powerful hybrid off-grid power kit, it looks like an ideal DIY kit to mount over your home, apartment, or a cabin. Thanks to the wind and solar options, it could make green energy all the time. The solar works in the day only, but the turbine works anytime if there are winds.

Our Analysis

The great part about the Eco-worthy hybrid power kit is that it comes in various power options. We have talked about the top-end 1400-watt variant above. At the same time, you get it in several small options such as 900W, 600W, 500W, and etc.

Some kits also have the mono solar panel options, by the way, but all of them feature the same wind turbine. So it is all about choosing the right model for your power needs. You get a brilliant product to ensure a reliable green energy source to power up your off-grid appliances round the clock.

Why We Like it

  • 1400W Complete Wind-Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Power Kit.
  • 3500W Off-Grid Inverter and 20A Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • Multiple Variants Available Based On The Total Output.
  • Compatible To Both Marine And Land Applications.
  • Perfect Off-Grid Power Solution For All-Time Green Energy.

7. Xinpuguang 400W Flexible Solar Kit

This is the first flexible solar kit on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits today. A flexible solar panel is nice for an off-grid solar solution as you can mount it conveniently. Thanks to its bendable design, you can easily place it over uneven surfaces, such as an RV roof, boat deck, or camping tent.

Anyway, this Xinpuguang solar kit is a 400-watt unit, which means you get four units of the brand’s popular 100W flexible solar panels. Follow the link below to buy a unit of the Xinpuguang solar kit.

Apart from the solar panels, the kit features only some basic components. First off, they include a unit of Xinpuguang’s 40A battery charge controller that helps you charge more than one battery at once.

Plus, the kit touts MC4 adaptor kits, solar extension cables, and other connectors. Evidently, it is another cool solar kit that you can install in your RV, camper, or trailer to charge the backups. Or you can use it to set up a DIY solar generator by adding a battery into the kit.

Our Analysis

The flexible panels are indeed the notable attraction of the Xinpuguang solar kit. You can neatly mount the panels on uneven surfaces and use the most out of the sun.

By the way, Xinpuguang avails this DIY solar kit in some small variants also. So, as per your needs, you can make an ideal pick and enjoy green energy to run all your essential gadgets and appliances.

Why We Like It

  • Powerful Flexible DIY Solar Panel Kit.
  • Perfectly Suitable For Mounting Over Rvs, Boats, And Etc.
  • Multiple Variants Are Available Based On The Output.
  • Dual Battery Charge Controller.

8. Renogy 600-Watt Solar Kit

This is the second Renogy solar panel kit on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. It is, in fact, a 600W variant of a series of Renogy DIY solar panel kits with its Commander charge controllers.

Well, this kit packs six units of 100W solar panels apart from Commander 60 regulator. If you are looking to set up a perfect off-grid solar system, this kit is a great choice as it touts highly efficient components. You just need to put together the items to power up your backups.

Absolutely, the Renogy solar kit is ideal for ground mount installation in a campsite, RV, trailer, or a cabin. The solar charge controller included is a powerful MPPT unit that offers enhanced efficiency.

By the way, apart from the panels and controller, you get a number of accessories in the kit, such as MC4 adaptor kits, Tray cables, and Z brackets. Follow the link above to buy a unit of the solar kit.

Our Analysis

Certainly, it is another great DIY solar kit from Renogy. Like all similar products, you get different variants of the product, starting from 100W to 800W.

Based on the output, different kits have different solar charge controller variants, such as Commander 20, Commander 40, and Commander 60. That gives you a chance to pick an ideal model to charge your off-grid and emergency backups.

Why We Like It

  • Highly Powerful DIY Solar Generator Kit.
  • Multiple Variants Based On The Total Solar Output.
  • Perfect Choice For Campsites And Emergency Power Needs.
  • Different Variants Of Commander Solar Charge Controllers.

9. Go Power Solar Extreme Kit

We have already talked about Go Power’s Weekender solar kit above. Here is the top-end model of the series on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. This is Go Power Solar Extreme kit. It is, in fact, a 480W solar kit that packs up a 3000W pure sine wave inverter.

Well, the kit actually packs three units of Go Power’s famous Outlander single largest solar module, as you see in the pic below. So, you get a massive solar output to run your large AC appliances off-the-grid and in an emergency. Use the link below to check out its latest price.

Apart from the panels and inverter, you get many other interesting components in it. First off, you have a 30A PWM charge regulator. Then, you have a 75Amp battery charger, a 30Amp pre-wired transfer switch, an inverter remote, and other accessories like MC4 cables and mounting hardware.

Overall, what you get is a really huge solar kit to charge your RV, trailer, camper, or other backup batteries from the sun. Follow the link above to order a unit of Extreme solar kit.

Our Analysis

It is actually one of the largest DIY solar kits out there. Of course, on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits, this Go Power is the most powerful one. Along with three high-powered solar panels, you get a huge power inverter to produce enough green energy to run your electronics off-the-grid.

Also, the Extreme kit packs nearly everything except for the battery to build an ideal off-grid solar solution. So, you can surely buy this kit to set up a highly reliable solar system anywhere.

Why We Like It

  • Massively Powerful All-In-One DIY Solar Panel Kit.
  • Complete Solar Panel Kit Other Than The Battery.
  • Highly Preferable For Homes, Apartments, And Cabins.
  • Three Units Of The Largest Single Module Solar Panels.
  • High-Powered 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

10. Dokio 220-Watt Solar Panel Kit

We have a folding solar charger as the next pick on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. This Dokio 200W solar charger is indeed one of the largest of the foldable solar chargers on the market. Along with a small solar charge controller, you can use the system to set up a decently powerful DIY solar generator.

The charge controller also features a pair of USB sockets so you can charge your handsets from it directly under the sun. Meanwhile, with the included battery cable, you can use the charger to power up your 12V batteries. Follow the link below to check out its latest price.

Specs-wise, this is a four-fold solar charger with an overall capacity of 200W. The great attraction is the 0.2-inch thickness of the charger, which weighs just 10.5 lbs. So you can easily fold it down to a small unit that features a strong fabric handle and a pocket.

Thus, you can easily carry the Dokio solar charger for ideal use in your camping, hiking, and picnics. Also, you can use it to set up a cool solar generator in your home to face an emergency situation.

Our Analysis

If you are looking for a DIY solar generator kit only for outdoor use, this is the finest choice with 200 watts. Thanks to its fabric profile, you can easily handle it in the wilderness. Thus, it turns out to be one of the handiest products on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits here.

You can buy the solar charger at a great price and enjoy the best results under the sun during your off-grid or survival life. With a 12V battery, you can simply set up a DIY solar generator with the Dokio charger.

Why We Like It

  • Large Folding DIY Solar Panel Kit.
  • Highly Portable With A Thin And Lightweight Profile.
  • Ideal Choice For Campers And Hikers.
  • Charge Controller With Built-In USB Ports.

11. Lion Energy Emergency Preparedness Solar Kit

The next is an exclusive emergency prep kit from Lion Energy. It packs up different solar panels and power stations, and a number of highly useful accessories. They include bulbs, jump starter, and air compressor.

Lion Energy is a recognized vendor of exclusive solar power kits. It offers a collection of customized solar kits for different applications like an emergency, disaster, camping, tailgating, and more.

The famous emergency prep kit is indeed a highly reliable solution. The bundle mainly includes the brand’s popular 100W folding solar panel and 500-watt portable solar power station called Lion Safari LT. Check out the link below to buy a unit of the bundle. Our link offers you a 15% discount. 

Lion Energy Emergency Preparedness Kit

Buy from LionEnergy

Lion Safari LT is a powerful machine. It equips a 500W inverter with dual full-size AC sockets, multiple USB ports, and DC sockets. It weighs 11 lbs and its compact and durable profile makes it a brilliant outdoor solar power solution. Along with the included 100W solar panel, you get a complete solar generator, of course.

The lovely thing with the Lion Energy solar kit is that it contains yet another power station and solar panel. That is a small 150W solar power unit with AC, USB, and 12V outputs. Called Lion Cub Go, it is a 3lbs device that you can possibly carry in your pocket. To power it up, it comes with a small 20W solar panel.

The bundle includes the brand’s famous Lion Cub JC jump starter, which also integrates an air compressor. Further, you get a hand crank generator, a set of three LED bulbs, and 25-inch Anderson solar cable.

Our Analysis 

As you see, the Lion kit is a complete emergency solution. From a hand-crank generator to a medium-size solar power station, it has nearly everything to let you survive an emergency.

An emergency may happen anytime. Life never goes smoother always. A portable power solution may not be enough to meet any emergency and that is why Lion has packed other accessories in its bundle.

With the kit, you are lucky to collect and store enough power to run your basic gadgets and electronics. It has two power stations in two sizes with the required solar panels. Moreover, you have a hand-crank generator that can still charge your power station for an emergency if the sun is not out for a day.

What is more, if you get your truck or campervan in trouble, you have a jump starter and air compressor to make it run. With the bulbs, you can ensure better lighting in your living spaces if there is a long blackout. Therefore, it will be amazing to keep a unit of the Lion Energy emergency prep kit in your home or truck.

Why We Like It

  • Comprehensive Emergency Solar Power Bundle. 
  • Two Power Stations and Two Solar Panels. 
  • Lion LT 500W Medium-Size Power Station. 
  • 100W Highly Efficiency Folding Solar Panel. 
  • Jump Starter and Air Compressor Included. 
  • LED Bulbs and Hand Crank Generator. 

12. Lion Energy Beginner DIY Solar Power Kit

Here is another Lion Energy solar power kit. As its name suggests, it is a beginner solar bundle. In place of the above kit’s power station, it has a battery and related products like charge controller and inverter.

That means, you can use this Lion Energy kit to set up a small DIY solar power system in your home, RV, camper, shed, campsite, and more. It can perfectly harness the power of the sun and store it in the battery. Check out its latest price below and get a 15% discount with our link.

Lion Energy Beginner DIY Solar Power Kit

Buy from LionEnergy

Of course, the beginner DIY solar kit is a quick and easy way to set up a solar power system. You have it with all the necessary items like a solar panel, battery, controller, inverter, cables, and connectors.

To be specific, the solar panel is the same 100W folding panel of the above Lion Energy kit. Meanwhile, the battery is the brand’s famous Safari UT 250, a 20Ah 12.8V advanced lithium battery. The charge controller is known as Savanna CC and inverter is a 400W unit called Savanna IV.

The stylish Lion inverter integrates dual AC sockets and four USB ports to power up your electronics. The included 25-inch Anderson solar cable is another attraction of the solar kit.

Our Analysis

The Lion beginner kit is, in fact, an ideal DIY solar power kit. Though a smaller bundle, it has everything to set up a 400W solar power solution. That can smoothly run your lights, tools, and gadgets in your camp tent, home, remote cabin, or RV.

It is indeed an easy-to-set-up system. There is no complex process in its installation. You can just fix the ready-to-use components and build your power station right anywhere. Well, thanks to dual AC sockets and multiple USB ports, it can support all your essential electronics, for sure.

Why We Like It

  • 400-Watt Ideal DIY Solar Power Kit. 
  • 20Ah Safari UT 250 Lithium Battery. 
  • 100W Highly Efficiency Folding Solar Panel. 
  • Stylish Inverter with Multiple Charging Options. 
  • Highly Efficient Lion Solar Charge Controller.

Why DIY Solar Generator Kits

Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. Here we check why you should buy such a kit and how you could use it to build your own off-grid solar power system.

It is very easy to go for a ready-made solar generator kit instead of buying individual pieces suitable for an off-grid power system. In a kit, you have everything ready-to-use. So, what you have to do is to just put together the components to set up a cool solar power system in your home or office.

1. Ready-to-Use DIY Solar Kits

Of course, the first thing is first. What you get with all the best DIY solar generator kits above are simple, ready-to-use systems. After unboxing, you could just put the items together to design your solar generator or an off-grid power system of any kind.

If you bought each part from a different vendor, it would not be that easy for a beginner. Only an expert could collect suitable components from different vendors and make a power solution. When it comes to the DIY solar kits, you get everything ready-to-use.

2. Large Collections Available

Further, you have a large number of DIY solar generator kits on the market. Currently, all the leading makers in the portable solar power industry have their products, which would ideally match your needs. Therefore, it is all about finding a model that suits your needs. You could quickly set up a complete DIY solar power solution to power up your off-grid or emergency life.

3. Different Capacities Available

Amazingly, this great number of DIY solar generator kits falls into different power and output options. So, you could easily find a model that matches your requirements the best. From small DIY solar kits for small homes to heavy-duty solar power systems for large-scale use, you get a large variety of options out there.

4. Completely Eco-Friendly

You might be looking for an off-grid solar power system because it comes out to be an ideal eco-friendly power solution. Certainly, we would like to highlight that point since we have been excited to support these cool solar power solutions for a long time.

Going by solar for off-grid power, you certainly do a big favor to nature. As you consume the otherwise-wasted sunlight, you reduce a considerable share in your carbon emissions. That would certainly help make this world more green, fresh, and eco-friendly.

How to Use DIY Solar Generator Kits

Since you have come across our list of the best solar generator kits, you would have seen them all as quite easy-to-use. There is no complex thing in setting up a DIY solar generator kit.

Most of the solar kits do not have batteries in the bundle. So, you could use the kits to charge your existing batteries from the sun. Or if you are to make a new system, you should buy the required batteries.

After you could just mount the solar panels somewhere, you would get proper exposure to the sun. Then, you have to wire the parts to connect the batteries with the included or a separate charge controller.

By the way, to make use of the stored power in the battery, you would need to attach a powerful off-grid power inverter to the system. Some of the bundles above feature the inverter, though. If not, you could buy an off-grid power inverter from a third-party vendor.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best DIY solar generator kits. Hope you have enjoyed it. We have tried our best to list all the best DIY solar generator kits from different categories. Actually, it is not easy to find a perfect solar generator kit for your needs.

We have an amazing variety of products with different power outputs, sizes, and capacities. So, make your own research on the web and find a model that meets your needs perfectly well. Make your comments on our list of the best DIY solar generator kits below, by the way.

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