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Best Emergency Solar Kits: 7 Emergency Solar Kits to Survive an Emergency or Off-Grid Life

Solar is indeed an outstanding way to face an emergency or an off-grid situation. Of course, we are familiar with several solar-based solutions, such as solar generators, solar power stations, solar chargers, solar kits, and more. They are all capable of perfectly meeting your emergency and off-grid power needs.

Most of those popular solar-based emergency solutions on the market are individual products. Then, what about a complete solar generator kit? Here we have a list of the best emergency solar kits. Well, they are complete in the sense that you wouldn’t need to buy anything extra to make them operational.

Several brands including the big players like Renogy and Eco-Worthy offer such complete emergency solar kits. Yes, you get them in the form of solar generators, solar lighting solutions, solar panel kits, and more. We would like to invite your attention to some such ready-to-use solar kits.

Best Emergency Solar Kits

Clearly, a solar emergency kit is any solar-based system that could facilitate your survival in an emergency or off-grid situation. These days, people are largely looking for various solar-based solutions to make their outdoor and emergency life powered, connected, and enjoyable.

Evidently, you have those out-of-the-box complete solar kits to meet a variety of your basic requirements. Well, they typically contain portable power, portable lighting, outdoor cooking, and more.

Stay tuned with us to have a look at the best emergency solar kits that could help you stay alive and active anywhere there you would have no option for traditional power.

Sure, we have a number of the best emergency solar kits out there. From regular solar generators to small solar kits, everything is really an emergency solar kit in a sense. Here we would like to take your notice at some of the most affordable and portable solar-based emergency kits for off-grid and emergency life.

1. HKYH Solar Panel Lighting Kit

We would like to start the list with HKYH’s popular solar home lighting kit. This is simply a solar DC system with a 30-watt solar panel and multiple LED bulbs. Of course, the included solar DC system also highlights multiple USB ports to let you charge your handsets and other devices in an emergency situation.

These features certainly make it one of the best emergency solar kits you could buy at an affordable price. You get both portable lighting and portable power with a single product. Follow the button below to check out the latest price of the HKYH solar panel lighting kit.

As you see, this emergency solar kit mainly packs up a 30W folding solar panel, a solar DC system, a pair of 2W LED bulbs and as many 3W LED bulbs. Plus, you get multiple phone charging cords and adapters.

The highlight is that the included PV panel is ultra-portable and flexible so you could mount it comfortably on the top of your RV, trailer, camper, boat, or camping tent. The unit is made with the waterproof-grade materials so you wouldn’t need to worry about using it roughly out in the wilderness.

Moreover, the solar DC system sports four USB ports as said above. Plus, it has got a strong and durable carrying handle and a stylish design as well. The included 5V 2A output port is a universal charging port that you could use to quickly juice up your phones, power banks, and other USB devices.

Thanks to multiple outlets, you could light up multiple LEDs and recharge your phone at the same time. By the way, the kit weighs only around 10 lbs, making it ultra-portable and easy-to-use for an emergency.

Why Should You Buy

  • Complete DC Solar System with a Solar Panel.
  • 30W Foldable Solar Panel with Kickstand.
  • Multiple LED Lights, Phone Chargers and Adapters.
  • Multiple USB Outlets to Run Multiple Devices at Once.
  • Perfect Solar Emergency Kit for Emergency Situations.

2. Yinghao Solar Lighting Kit

The next one on our list of the best emergency solar kits is again a complete solar lighting kit. It is from a brand called Yinghao, which also sells more variants of similar solar lighting kits. This solar mobile lighting system comes with two LED bulbs that have individually controllable switches.

The solar lighting kit features a controller box that integrates a charge controller and multiple USB ports to back up the bulbs, phones, and other USB devices. Well, the controller box has a 3.7 V/ 8000mAh lithium battery to store the power generated by the included PV panels. Check out the link for its latest price.

The solar panel included in the bundle is a folding 6W unit. Under the direct sunlight, it could fully recharge its battery in around 5 to 6 hours. Meanwhile, the included bulbs are two 2W super-bright LED units with good brightness. It has got one 5V/2A and two 3.7V/2A USB ports to power the bulbs and your phones.

The Yinghao is an easy-to-use emergency solar kit. You could set it up in a matter of time anywhere in the wild and start enjoying off-grid power to charge your phone and light up the bulbs. You just have to put the solar panel in the sun to recharge its battery. It could ensure lightning for several hours.

Why Should You Buy

  • Perfect Emergency Solar Kit for Lighting and Portable Power.
  • Controler Box with an 8000mAh Lithium Battery.
  • Multiple USB Ports for the Bulbs and Phone Charging. 
  • Two 2-Watt High-Bright LED Bulbs with Individual Switches. 
  • Good Quality 6W Poly Foldable Solar Panel.
  • Complete Emergency Solar Light Kit for Preppers and Campers. 

3. AcoPower 70W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

Next, we have AcoPower’s famous foldable solar kit. It becomes a complete emergency solar kit as it packs up all the essentials to recharge your battery packs and power stations and run small DC and USB gadgets. So, if you are looking for a small solar power solution for your trips, it is one of the nice choices, for sure.

This is actually a 70W solar panel kit that you could set up anywhere to charge a 12V battery including the ones in your camper, RV, trailer, boats, and more. The included solar panel is a pair of 35W mono panels and the kit also packs up a 5A charge controller to ensure a stable flow of solar energy.

The solar panel is made of SunPower’s high-efficiency solar modules that deliver a high conversion rate of up to 25%. You could easily fold down the panel after the use and store it in a small room in your backpack. That is what makes it one of the best emergency solar kits for off-grid and emergency life.

You could use the AcoPower solar charger to juice up any 12-volt lithium and lead-acid batteries using the bundled controller and MC4 connectors. But you could remove the charge controller and use it to directly charge a power station or any other device that has got a built-in regulator.

Obviously, it is an extremely portable solar panel. With a weight of just 56 lbs and an ultra-compact size of 22.05 x 17.32 x 0.79 in, you could easily handle it in any survival and off-grid situation. The overall set-up is made of durable and weather-resistant materials so you could use it roughly in all weather conditions.

Why Should You Buy

  • 70W Folding 12V Battery Charging Solar Charger Kit.
  • Complete Solar Solution with a 5A Charge Controller.
  • MC4 Connectors, Battery Cables, and Etc. Included.
  • Perfect for Solar Generators, Power Banks, and Gadgets.
  • Highly Portable and Ultra-Lightweight Solar Kit.

4. WindyNation 200-Watt Solar Panel Kit

A complete solar panel kit is another best emergency solar kit. It packs up everything to set up a complete off-grid solar power solution right anywhere. Of course, such a bundle is a superb way you could realize a solar power system in your RV, camper, trailer, boat, home, apartment, flat, and etc.

Anyway, here we have WindyNation’s popular 200W solar kit. It packs two pieces of 100W solar panels, a unit of a charge controller, a 1500-watt inverter, and more. You could use it to set up an ideal off-grid solar power system and charge your backup batteries.

Thanks to the included connectors and mounting brackets, you could easily fix it anywhere to meet an emergency. Use the button below to check out the latest price of the WindyNation kit.

Coming to the specs, the included solar panels are 100W polycrystalline units. You could mount the panels over your household, RV, camper, or camp tent as well. The kit further packs a unit of 30A solar charge controller that features an LCD display with the user-adjustable settings.

Meanwhile, the power inverter is a 1500W VertaMax unit with a surge power of 3000 watts. Further, the bundle includes all essential MC4 connectors, battery cables, and mounting brackets.

The WindyNation solar kit becomes a perfect emergency power kit as you could easily assemble and set it up anywhere, anytime. Once there is an emergency situation, you could set up the solar kit to charge your 12V batteries – home inverter battery, car battery, or anything else.

That is how you could ensure better lighting and portable power in an emergency situation. And make sure you are safe from the calamity with access to unlimited solar power.

Why Should You Buy

  • Complete Solar Panel Kit Except for Battery. 
  • 200-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panels.
  • 1500W VertaMax Solar Power Inverter.
  • 30Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for RVs, Trailers, and Households. 

5. Rockpals Foldable 60W Solar Panel Charger Kit

Next, we have a folding solar charger from Rockpals. With the included all-in-one kit of DC adapters, this comes out to be a complete solar panel solution for charging your portable power stations and any other DC gadgets. Also, its multiple USB ports help juice up your handsets and other USB gadgets.

It is a 60W four-fold solar panel with high-quality solar cells and durable build. You could easily carry the folding solar panel in your backpack and charge your power stations and gadgets. As said above, you get it with the required adapters for various power stations from brands like Suaoki, Webetop, and Rockpals.

Apart from the 18V DC socket, it highlights three USB ports with built-in smart IC chips to help identify the connected devices intelligently. So, you could charge all your USB-based gadgets including phones, tablets, power banks, and cameras just under the sunlight right anywhere.

Overall, with the facilities for both DC and USB charging of your electronics, the Rockpals product is indeed one of the best emergency solar kits on the market.

The Rockpals is highly durable and water-resistant as it is made of quality Oxford cloth and other premium materials. So, you could use it even in tough outdoor conditions with no worry, at all. Thanks to its foldable design, you could take it anywhere quite hassle-free.

Why Should You Buy

  • 60-Watt Complete Folding Solar Charger.
  • Highly Efficient Four-Fold Solar Charger.
  • 10-in-1 DC Adapter Kit for Different Power Stations.
  • Three USB Ports with Smart IC Chips for Safe Charging.
  • Perfect for Direct Charging of Phones, and Tablets.

6. Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven

The next item on our list of the best emergency solar kits is a solar cooker. As you see, it has nothing to do with a solar panel, but you get a chance to cook your favorite dishes outdoors, thanks to the sunlight. Yes, a solar cooker works by utilizing heat from the sun, unlike PV panels converting sunlight to electricity.

There are a lot of solar ovens and cookers on the market. But here we have a famous and best-seller model from the brand, Sunflair. This is, in fact, an ultra-lightweight and easy-to-manage solar oven. Check out the link below for the latest price of the Sunflair product and buying a unit.

Clearly, a solar oven operates by concentrating the solar heat at a certain angle. That is where you should place the included cookware filled in with the dishes to be prepared. Well, this solar cooker comes with a number of suitable accessories like a silicone pot, handy stuff bag, thermometer, trivet and more.

Thanks to its lightweight and foldable design, you could easily manage it on the move. You could just pack it in your backpack or store in your car’s trunk comfortably. And prepare your dishes quite smoothly out in the wild to make your outings and survival life rather enjoyable.

Why Should You Buy

  • Highly Lightweight and Foldable Solar Cooker.
  • Ideal Solar Cooking Solution for Campers.
  • Perfect for Cooking in an Off-Grid or Survival Situation.
  • Maximum Temperate of Up to 285 F.
  • Oven Foldable to 2 x 11 x 13 Inches. 

7. Eco-Worthy 240W Complete Solar Panel Kit

This is a comprehensive solar kit from Eco-Worthy. As you see, the 240W solar power solution is perfect for setting up an alternative energy source in your household, apartment, or an outdoor event. In the case of an emergency or continuous power blackout, it would be an ideal solar emergency solution.

Coming to specs, you have the kit with all the major components for a complete solar power solution. First, it packs up two pieces of 120W high-efficiency PV panels to hit a total of 240 watts output. Plus, you have it with the required charge controller, inverter, and even batteries. Check out the link for its latest price.

Well, the included charge controller is a 20A LCD PWM unit that could ensure a better solar performance. Meanwhile, it packs up a 1000W pure sine wave inverter with an LCD display to convert the DC power in the batteries to AC for running your emergency appliances.

Above all, making it one of the best emergency solar kits, the Eco-Worthy features two pieces of 100Ah 12V lead-acid deep cycle AGM batteries. Plus, it packs up the basic cables, adapters, connectors, and even mounting brackets for the PV panels. Overall, you get an outstanding piece of solar solution in a kit.

Why Should You Buy

  • 240-Watt Comprehensive Solar Panel Kit. 
  • 1000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter.
  • Dual 100Ah 12V Lead Acid Deep Cycle AGM Batteries. 
  • 20A LCD PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • All the Basic Accessories Included. 
  • Multiple Power Variants Available.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best emergency solar kits. There is, in fact, no specific form or design for what a solar emergency kit should be. Anything that could enable you to survive an off-grid survival situation is an emergency solar solution. Thus, we have had a look at some of the interesting pick above. We hope you could find a kit that could ideally meet your requirements out in the wild or in a survival situation.

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